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Episode no.Episode 22
AirdateApril 9, 2024 19:00 PT
Running time2:23:31 [fn 1]
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"4-Sided Dive: Witch Sesh" (4SDx22) is the 22nd episode of 4-Sided Dive, discussing up to "Mission Improbable" (3x90) and "Critical Role plays Daggerheart" (OSx57) with Laura Bailey, Ashley Johnson, Liam O'Brien, and Marisha Ray. Laura was the host, and the guests played Ravensburger party games including That's Not A Hat, Pinata Blast, and Strike!.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Cold open[edit | edit source]

Laura provides some legally obligated disclaimers regarding the return of the bits and the nature of the show while indicating that Moppo is indeed very real and still potentially at large.

What the fuck is up with that?[edit | edit source]

Moon city: how do you feel about Kreviris? Marisha is the first to bring it up, but everyone enjoys the ancient elven ruins they saw on the outskirts. They enjoy the complicated tunnel system a lot. They speculate on the Prime Pillar and whether it is an outcropping of Predathos, and Marisha also notes that she's glad they split the party because it allows them to experience more of the city as a group. Everyone discusses Gloamglut's appearance and what they know of Predathos, specifically whether the different races of Ruidus were created by it wholesale or are part of bioengineering from Exandrian races.

Dani provides some lore help after Laura speculates on whether the Weave Mind were once Calamity=era wizards; Ruidus was created during the Founding, prior to the Calamity and indeed prior to the Schism. A lot of this campaign is exploring what we don't know of history and what might have been elided or retold.

On the Volition Everyone liked Gaz Tomo and hope he's not dead from Liliana's explosion. It's difficult to put together the faction politics of Kreviris, between the Weave Mind/Kreviris Imperium, Ruby Vanguard, and Volition. The sense Laura and Liam got was that the Volition don't really care about Predathos, and only care about the Vanguard in that they are allied with the Weave Mind - it is not related to the larger plans and entirely related to the political leadership. However, by aiding the Volition, Bells Hells will also strike blows against Ludinus and the Vanguard. Ashley notes that the Volition has been around a long time and the sense she got was that when Bells Hells tried to provide them with the larger plot, they were brushed off in part because they were newcomers.

On the mission Ira Wendagoth seems to be primarily motivated by vengeance and chaos rather than a larger political goal. FCG and Ashton both got very close to death, but the danger is part of the fun. The party split is however not advantageous for healing; Laudna can do a very limited amount of healing but that's it. They do think that the choice to split also probably helped them as if they'd all been in the tunnel for the excavation explosion, some of them likely would have died. Marisha confirms that Matt was worried everyone would have fun and they all tell her that the switching back and forth was very engaging and a lot of fun.

Later, Marisha brings up the bioengineering of Reilora again and everyone discusses how similar projects were common during the Age of Arcanum, such as Halas's work and the Aeorian creatures. They wonder if the connection is the Aeorian tech that Ludinus has brought, or if they learned this through dreams. As they talk through what Ludinus has brought, they also joke about how much of a loser he is for not knowing about the Ria'Doin entrance, and discuss some of the portals from late game Mighty Nein in Aeor.

Who is calling Imogen? This came up in discussing how they'll leave the moon and whether Liliana was referring to her with "Did she know?" At first they bring up the idea that it's clearly Imogen, since Imogen had told her to run in her dream. She didn't betray the Volition's plans; she just gave a general threat/warning to Liliana and also warned the Volition that Liliana was more powerful than she seems and would be difficult to kill, so no one should be surprised. Dani brings up a theory that it was in fact Rashinna asking "Did she know?" in which case Bells Hells would have to flee the moon very quickly.

Let's talk about Daggerheart! Before coming up with the name The Menagerie they had come up with a different one (The Grymmwardens) but have since gone with what happened organically. The world is Lochspire; everyone loves Oppy. Laura mentions that she could have made Sweetpea a ribbit as well so they were more typical siblings but everyone agrees it's funnier this way and Laura likes fungrils. Everyone talks about how much work has gone into Daggerheart, and how glad they are that the open beta went well. Liam talks about making characters more on a whim for the session zero and how fun that was. Marisha notes that while they don't film all session zeroes, they do plan for the main campaigns as well, though the session zeroes for those are more like screen tests.

The Tower of Inquiry: Round 1[edit | edit source]

Knight of Rohan: If Bells Hells met The Menagerie, which members would they get along with the most? — pulled by Liam, 45:10

Frangus: Matt has eluded to an underwater society on Exandria before, with possibly more hidden. What would be your dream hidden society to visit in a campaign? — pulled by Ashley, 47:43

  • Marisha and Liam: Sub Ubi in Lochspire
  • Laura and Ashley: The underwater society in Exandria!

The Deep Dive[edit | edit source]

Ashley: Please give us an interesting and unknown fact about Oppy of the Menagerie!53:32 Ashley has a secret idea she can't share, and also she wants to one day learn about the magical cigarillo he uses.

Liam: Please give us an interesting and unknown fact about Xarlo of the Menagerie!55:19 He is something of a den mother and cares for the others in the group, and also he likes to foster and place dogs with new homes.

Marisha: Why did Laudna choose to sacrifice The Willmaster to Delilah?56:18 She doesn't know! Laudna isn't lying, but she's a little in denial about what she's doing. She does know that Delilah is a source of power that she wants to invest in, and out of game, she wants more "stuff" outside of leveling up. (Liam points out that Orym has limited options as compared to Caleb.)

Laura and Ashley: What has it been like for Fearne and Imogen to experience being Ruidusborn on Ruidus itself?59:07 The flares have been really fun and cool, as has the ability to share sorcery points and spells. Laura wants to have Imogen take spells or abilities from someone else other than just Fearne. She doesn't think that reilora can do this. The cast speculates on Predathos.

Ashley: Fearne saw Sorrowlord Zathuda, but didn't get a chance to talk to him. Does she wish she had? How does she feel about Ira saying that Zathuda was disappointed with her?1:03:03 Ashley wishes she'd had a chance, but in-universe, Fearne knew it was important given the stakes of the mission to keep quiet and not risk it, which is pretty significant growth for her! Fearne has been really affected by learning how much the lives of people on Ruidus are affected by people on Exandria. As for Zathuda being disappointed, Ashley thinks it's funny, and Fearne understands the fey behavior going on.

Marisha: How does Laudna feel about Liliana? Does she see any hope for her or does she want Imogen to let her go?1:06:08 Laudna doesn't want Imogen to let Liliana go, but she sees how Liliana left and isn't ever clear in her answers, and it feels like Imogen deserves more. Out of game, Marisha sees that perhaps she has a reason to avoid answering directly, and is trying to protect Imogen. The cast discuss how Bells Hells warning to the Volition about Liliana mirrors Liliana's warnings about Ludinus; Liam speculates that Liliana is lying to herself because she's dealing with a sunk cost fallacy.

There is a belated April Fool's joke telling Laura to pull another block from the Tower of Inquiry featuring back and forth between Max Schapiro and Kyle Shire. She ultimately rips it up.

Laura: What does Imogen think about the Volition and their desire to assassinate Liliana? Does she regret not going with them or is she glad she stayed away?1:11:11 She's still struggling about what to do; Imogen wanted to Send to Liliana. She wonders if she could have saved someone else's life had she gone; Marisha thinks someone would have still been offended or died. However, everyone agrees that they'd have gone along, and that it's a tricky situation.

Liam: Orym apologized to Imogen after she spoke to her mother. Where is Orym's head regarding the assassination attempt and Imogen's effort to reach out to Liliana?1:16:18 Orym thinks there's a chance to reach Liliana, but only a small one. He had a great family life growing up, and he wishes Imogen could have this as well.

Ashley: What was it like for Fearne to work with Ira. How does she feel about him and why does she think he saved her with the Wall of Force?1:19:06 She wonders if Ira was saving her or if he was setting her up as an obvious involved person. Laura thinks Ira likes Fearne and Morri and was saving her.

Liam and Laura: Why did Orym push Imogen forward as the leader of Bells Hells? Why did Orym choose Imogen, and how did Imogen feel about that?1:21:36 Orym believes Imogen is good at reading people and as a leader. The cast discusses the leadership within the party; Chetney and Fearne are too erratic and Ashton is very bad at speaking to people. They also talk about how Laura's characters are always pretty good at speaking with people, something true of Laura in real life.

Marisha and Laura: How are Imogen and Laudna feeling after their discussion about their relationship?1:25:11 It's complicated, which Marisha and Ashley both like a lot. Laura wasn't sure where it would go and thought Laudna might ask to break up. It feels tenuous due to Laudna's feelings of inadequacy and being a burden or a dead end; either she'll get past it or she won't, and the fact that Imogen doesn't feel the same. They discuss if Laudna can be made not undead, but they're not sure how to break the Laudna and Delilah connection.

Laura: What was going through Imogen's mind as she attempted to reach her mother in the dream? How does she feel knowing her mother survived the assassination?1:29:22 Answered earlier!

Laura: Please give us an interesting and unknown fact about Sweetpea of the Menagerie!1:29:40 Laura also has some secret ideas, but she can share that she was very inspired by a flowy style of Japanese fashion. The others share some of their inspiration - Marisha had done a Bunnie-like character in a playtest earlier because she'd often thought of doing a dancer bard; she was inspired by both burlesque and Sin City. Liam did an Irish accent and wanted to play a healer.

The Tower of Inquiry: Round 2[edit | edit source]

Vierremuls: Is there anyone, NPC or creature, that you encountered during the game that you wish you'd had a chance to talk to instead of fight? — pulled by Marisha, 1:36:51 Marisha would like to see Ropey again. Laura mentions Zathuda as an option for Fearne, and Ashley agrees.

Sazzle: What cantrip would you most like to have IRL? — pulled by Laura, 1:38:18

  • Laura: Mending
  • Liam: Mage Hand, or possibly Druidcraft.
  • Marisha: Prestidigitation
  • Ashley: Create Water

ashleyedwardscomedy: Do you feel the characters you personally have played would made it out of an escape room together? Would they work as a team? — pulled by Ashley, 1:41:04

  • Laura thinks Imogen and Vex would work well together, but Jester would mess things up.
  • Liam thinks Caleb, Vax, and Orym would do a good job with Keen Mind and the others' dexterity.
  • Marisha thinks Beau would just take over, so they'd get out but it wouldn't be fun.
  • Ashley thinks her characters wouldn't make it. Yasha wouldn't understand this, Fearne would cause problems, and Pike would be irritated.

More-Sided Dive: Ravensburger's Party Game Gauntlet[edit | edit source]

Ashley is crowned the ultimate winner, and gets a medal!

Outro[edit | edit source]

Liam's line of "No one's coming to shoot me right now" is repeated multiple times; Omar gets a gun and shoots it.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The drink special on the chalkboard during the Twitch countdown was Strawberry Daiquir-Heart, a daiquiri pun on Daggerheart.

References[edit | edit source]


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  1. This episode was uploaded in two parts. The first, which covered the question portions, was uploaded as 4-Sided Dive and ran for 1:44:52. The second, which covered the game portion, was uploaded as More-Sided Dive and ran for 0:38:39.