William Lamborn

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William Lamborn
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William Lamborn is a film and video director based in Los Angeles who works as an editor at Critical Role Productions.[1]

Critical Role production[edit | edit source]

William Lamborn was confirmed to be an editor for All Work No Play,[2] Crit Recap Animated, and an Assistant Editors for the first episode opening of Campaign 3, featuring the song It's Thursday Night. He was also credited as a Post Production Supervisor for the Mini Primetime show.

Other work[edit | edit source]

William produced, shot, and edited the short film Songbird, wrote and directed the short film Out of Nowhere (2010), and co-wrote the script for the film Shot.[3] In addition, he worked in various fields for companies such as: IBM, Disney, Maker Studios, SoulPancake, and National Geographic.[1]

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