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"4-Sided Dive: Wildemount Things"
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Episode no.Episode 12
AirdateMay 16, 2023 19:00 PT
Running time1:44:59
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"4-Sided Dive: Wildemount Things" (4SDx12) is the twelfth episode of 4-Sided Dive, discussing up to "Escape From The Past" (3x58) with guests Aabria Iyengar, Christian Navarro, Sam Riegel, and Travis Willingham. Travis was the host, and after the break they played Super Smash Bros.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Cold open[edit | edit source]

Travis becomes the tavern keeper and gives a shout-out to producer Kyle Shire who is out sick, then attempts ventriloquism.

What the fuck is up with that?[edit | edit source]

On splitting the party and bringing in guests: Aabria and Christian joke that they can't really answer that, but Sam answers that it was great! It's fun to have new dynamics and interact with new people. Travis agrees, especially since Deanna and FRIDA saved the party during their initial entrance, and both Aabria and Christian got to try new things, plus Aabria got to play an ex-partner again. (We also learn that the cast met Aabria after she starred in Pirates of Leviathan with Matt and Marisha, and that Christian met Sam by sliding into his DMs on Twitter.) Aabria and Christian met during a Session Zero and hit it off well and wanted to play characters who knew each other.

Who came up with their character first? Christian came up with the idea for FRIDA first, and then after Aabria knew she wanted her character and Christian's to be friends, she had the idea for Deanna as a caretaker-like figure. The two also discuss how they didn't originally know which half of the main cast they'd be with, so they tried to incorporate things in their builds to connect to everyone in Bells Hells. Once Aabria decided to make Deanna Chetney's ex, that decided that they'd be with Travis. Similarly, Christian did always want to build an aeormaton as a thank you to Sam, and was interested in both gunslinger and rogue based on FRIDA's backstory, but the cleric level came from playing off of Aabria's build of Deanna. Sam also comments that Deanna was the most healing-focused cleric they've ever had. Aabria mentions that it was very deliberate - Deanna had only a few offensive spells, and she was also considered encumbered so she had very little movement.

Why the Dawnfather? Aabria wanted to engage with the gods given where the party was with the story and with their views on Predathos, but also wanted to have a character with complex feelings about the gods, and the Dawnfather is a relatively rigid figure so it made that relationship more interesting (and in contrast with FCG's relationship with the Changebringer).

Why did Aabria come for Travis like that? Travis took a bit to realize what was happening - Deanna and Frudel were names invented by Matt as part of the flashback in Bassuras and not specifically in Travis's original backstory. Meanwhile, Aabria had taken her inspiration from that, but Travis had sent Matt more backstory as a response to the party being transported near Uthodurn and said Deanna had only been a fling, so she had to adjust shortly before filming. Everyone then talks a bit about Chetney's arc, and about Oltgar and Drixlitch Ovana and how Travis no longer could have Chetney stab Oltgar again given that he was remorseful.

On Ludinus: (Travis brings up the god stuff but Dani reminds him that's in the tankard questions) Travis is interested in the weird armor and Ludinus's long game. Aabria really hopes that Fearne eventually puts the magic-funnel armor on. Ludinus is confirmed to have done something irreparable to Molaesmyr as part of his plans with Ruidus and against the gods, and then founded the Cerberus Assembly, and perhaps has drawn inspiration from the Factorum Malleus that FRIDA once guarded.

On Molaesmyr and character reveals: Everyone agrees the Savalirwood has Annihilation vibes with all the mutated creatures. Everyone also enjoyed the Rexxentrum Toy Authority reveal. Travis says Chetney was a founding member, but left because there were some sketchy deals occurring. Meanwhile, Matt and Sam had discussed "Faithful Care-giver" as a possibility for FCG, but Sam still doesn't know who FCG had been ordered to kill. However, FCG is now more focused on the Changebringer and his relationship with FRIDA.

On Deanna's death: (Dani has given up on maintaining the separation from the tankard questions) Deanna's death was built more to play off the themes of Orym, Ashton, and Laudna, of having died and come back; she played a role not unlike Will did for Orym when Orym died, constantly pushing her husband, Dustyl, back into life. Aabria shouts out D&D: Honor Among Thieves for covering a very similar trope.

On Molaesmyr (again) and the Savalirwood: The Mighty Nein never went other than their brief time in Shady Creek Run and to the Blooming Grove because there wasn't really a reason. Dani points out that Lucien and the Tombtakers spent time there and that's how they first built their relationship with Vess DeRogna. Everyone liked the weird animals like the fish that Fearne talked to. The group returns to this question later and talks about the one-eyed flying creature, and also the horrors visited upon the flot goat mounts.

On the Staff of Dark Odyssey and other items: Sam wanted Fearne to have it because most of the spells other that Teleport are spells Imogen already has, but we'll see how it gets moved around later. The armor upgrade from Jaquoby Macyl was nice, but the Coin of the Changebringer is also very exciting - FCG can use it to have the Changebringer answer a question once per day, can throw it at people, or can use it as a luck point. Aabria and Sam then cover Deanna and FCG's messages from the gods - they sounded very serious in their demands - and how not having Revivify is a very real fear (and nerfed Deanna somewhat).

On the lack of resurrection: While there were some close calls, notably Fearne and Imogen, Deanna is still a formidable healer and casts Death Ward, and FRIDA is a decent tank. Everyone compliments Christian on the choice to go after Chetney while Chetney was in werewolf form.

The Tower of Inquiry: Round 1[edit | edit source]

Alex Rodriquez: What is your favorite encounter so far in Campaign 3 and why? — pulled by Aabria, 40:15

  • Travis: The big Ludinus showdown at the Tishtan site.
  • Sam: The fight against Otohan in Bassuras. Aabria also liked this one, and may have texted Matt to see if she could play Otohan as a guest PC. (He said no).
  • Christian: The Twilight Mirror Museum heist.

@thevanmanran: How is your character handling the dynamics, and potential risks, of being a part of a larger group after operating in much cozier duo/trio situations? — pulled by Christian, 43:49

  • Travis: Chetney was working alone already before Bells Hells...and there's always wood.
  • Sam: FCG had been part of the Division of Public Benefit prior, before killing most of them, so group situations do carry some pressure. (Christian notes that FRIDA and FCG's relationship does indeed have some red flags.) As a side note, FCG had gotten very close to the breaking point in Molaesmyr; also, he can roll a d4 to reduce stress each long rest but Sam doesn't do it on days that are mostly just travel because then it would wipe out too much stress at once. This also leads to a sidebar about Travis's d100 mechanic to see if Chetney lives through the night - he will die on a 100.
  • Christian and Aabria: It was fun coming in as a duo, and Deanna's a team player who enjoyed it.

The Deep Dive[edit | edit source]

Sam: How did it feel to have the power of friendship save the day when handling Umudara the Sentinel Beast?48:37 Great! It was a joke, and it turned out to be real. The cast all agrees that as with Oltgar, Matt made Umudara immediately sympathetic.

Travis: How long have you been sitting on the Rexxentrum Toy Authority reveal?50:01 A while, but also, Chetney does legitimately believe in the debunked alpha wolfpack structure (Travis does not). Chetney's been almost everywhere except Issylra.

Christian: How is FRIDA handling the potential that they might be turning into a werewolf? Is there an excitement to the idea, or is it too early for that?51:55 Christian thinks it's extremely cool. FRIDA is nervous, but also is intrigued by the freedom Chetney displayed when in wolf form. Matt is not telling what might happen to FRIDA, although he did clarify lycanthropy is a curse and not a disease.

Aabria and Christian: How has FRIDA and Deanna's friendship evolved over these sessions? Do they feel closer or do they feel like they're pulling apart?54:21 Deanna is really torn up about FRIDA refusing her hug. They're still close, but now they have other people who are perhaps more able to relate to them, and so it's a re-assessment which is a little painful.

Sam: FCG chose to tell FRIDA that the Changebringer said they'd be together for a long time. How does he feel about her answer, that the future is uncertain?56:51 It's scary to not know, in an uncertain world, what might happen to his partner, and out of character Sam had a great time with Christian and hopes he can be on the show some more. The cast then discusses sharing clothing with similarly-sized partners and if FCG could borrow FRIDA's legs.

Travis: What was it like to have Aabria come in as Chetney's surprise ex and how did you enjoy that dynamic?1:02:01 Travis did not realize it for a while, and it was a slowly mounting panic as he did because the backstory wasn't fleshed out beyond that it was a fling.

Christian and Sam: What was it like to be robots in love? How did the romance come about behind the scenes and how was it to play?1:03:53 It happened organically - Christian's intent with FRIDA was to play off how the characters felt about the gods, and he and Aabria had actually discussed if FRIDA and Deanna would develop a romance, but the aeormatons hit it off.

Aabria: What was it like for you to come in as a PC and interact with Fearne, a character that you had previously DMed for Exandria Unlimited?1:06:06 Very cool! Fearne and Orym were created with the idea that they might be in Campaign 3 as well, so Aabria enjoyed getting to see it into fruition. And to have Deanna sleep with Fearne, which was very fun. She really loved seeing Little Mister, since she'd played him when she was DM.

The Tower of Inquiry: Round 2[edit | edit source]

Beastman: What boardgame do you think your character would be most into? — pulled by Christian, 1:08:38

  • Travis: Chutes and Ladders because of all the wood
  • Aabria: Pandemic because she is a Life cleric
  • Sam: Operation because of the frequency with which they've been opened up. Aabria suggested Ricochet Robots but nobody else knew the game. Sam also took the opportunity to advertise Till the Last Gasp.
  • Christian: Risk

Questions during Super Smash Brothers[edit | edit source]

After four rounds, the score was tied between Sam and Christian, who played a round between themselves to determine the winner. Christian ultimately won and was award a copy of March of the Penguins for the Game Boy Advance.

Travis: How was it confronting Oltgar and experiencing that aspect of Chetney's backstory? Thanks to you, Exandria now has a Santa Claus. Does Chetney still hope to exact revenge on Drixlitch?1:19:41 Travis had expected Oltgar to be more villainous, so it was a surprise that he was portrayed as apologetic, but Chetney does still want to take revenge on Drixlitch, and the Brand of Castigation lasts until dispelled so he can still track him.

Aabria: How does Deanna feel about the vision she had of the Dawnfather and his threat to remove her gifts if she didn't help him?1:21:36 It feels bad, but also on-brand for the Dawnfather. It is why she gave her Ring of Temporal Salvation to Chetney, since she doesn't want it to be wasted if a god decides to take her life.

Sam: How has FCG felt being able to truly communicate with the Changebringer and what was it like for him to have his assistance be demanded by her?1:23:29 It's been good! FCG is still very new to the god aspects of being a cleric, but Sam likes the Changebringer's message and is interested in seeing more.

Christian: Do you know the identity of the child that FRIDA once protected? Or is that in Matt's hands? Do you have any theories, if so?1:24:47 He does not. The only thing Christian gave Matt was the dream in which he saw the child's legs. He wonders if FRIDA once belonged to Ludinus.

Travis: What does Chetney think about the gods? How does he feel about faith?1:27:16 Chetney's got something of his own god complex.

Christian: FRIDA seemed shaken to know that they were fighting fellow Aeorians to protect the Factorum Malleus. How are they dealing with this revelation, even after their friends attempted to comfort them?1:28:15 Chetney's gift and FCG's support as a romantic partner both helped a lot, but they may struggle with it when parted from FCG.

Aabria: Can you tell us more about Deanna's philosophy on the gods and how it came about for her and for you?1:29:09 It came out of how Deanna would feel about the afterlife, and as a result she feels that the gods are somewhat arbitrary - that something would take their place if they were absent.

Sam: How do you and FCG feel about their name being 'Faithful Care-Giver'? Was that revelation a complete surprise?1:31:37 It was not - after FRIDA's name was revealed, Sam texted Matt to ask if FCG had something similar. Matt was cryptic, but threw out a few ideas of what FCG could stand for. Christian notes that he chose the name FRIDA but didn't know what it stood for, and his friend helped him figure it out.

Travis: Chetney lost control during the Solstice's full moon, How is he handling that event and the fact that he bit FRIDA? What was that experience like for you in game?1:33:37 It was great - this was the first time he's transformed due to Catha. He liked that he ran away to protect everyone and FRIDA followed him anyway.

Aabria: What inspired your decision to have Deanna be Chetney's ex? How would you compare her and Laerryn in terms of their divorcee energy?1:35:25 It's very different since Laerryn and Loquatius were planned beforehand, whereas Deanna was a surprise to Travis. Playing an ex in RP is fun because you have a pre-existing intimacy with the character, but there's also conflict. It also was designed to cut through some of the existing romantic tension in Bells Hells by having someone who'd already dated a party member.

Everyone: Where do you think the other half of the party is?1:41:11 Not sure! Sam wonders if they're on Marquet, but they truly have no idea.

Outro[edit | edit source]

Sam appears to have been sucked into a copy of Tusk Love.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The drink special on the chalkboard during the Twitch countdown was "The Frisky Full Moon" and was a three-for-one deal, in reference to the threesome between Chetney, Deanna, and Fearne in "Escape From The Past" (3x58).

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