Wendy Sullivan

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Wendy Sullivan
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Full nameWendy Sullivan
Also known asWendy Sullivan Green
Critical Role Productions work
Biographical information
ResidenceLos Angeles
ProfessionStory artist
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Wendy Sullivan is an official artist for Critical Role, working on several projects, including "The Story of Vox Machina" (Mx04) episode and the Winter's Crest Festival webcomic (as Wendy Sullivan Green). She started watching Campaign 1: Vox Machina since the very first episodes, which she learned about from her partner Ryan Green who worked at Geek & Sundry.[1]

Wendy drew Talks Machina's opening and title cards, as well as the cards for GIF, fanart,[2] and cosplay[3] of the week. Her work was also featured on some official Critical Role merchandise. Wendy joined the Q&A on "Q&A and Battle Royale" (OSx03) and "Talks Machina #36: Free-For-All" (TMx36).

Wendy drew D&D campaign characters for Liam O'Brien's daughter, his son, and their friends.[4][5]

Through Critical Role, Wendy learned about D&D and started playing in a Curse of Strahd home game that included fellow fan artist Megzilla87, where she played a tiefling sorcerer named Fortune who is romancing Meg's character Edwin.[6]

She currently works at Dreamworks as a Story Artist.[7] She previously was a Story Artist on the Tangled series.

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