Vox Moronica

Vox Moronica
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TypeAdventuring Party
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Vox Moronica, also known as The Good, The Rad, and The Nubbly, are a team of adventurers formed by Snugglelord to aid him in his quest. They are the protagonists of "Dungeons & Dragons Campaign Tips" (1x12) and "Critical Trolls for Extra Life" (OSx01).

History[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

Originally, the group formed when Snugglelord hired everyone to act as his bodyguards as they made their way to Roch Mar to find "The Chat Room", a temple which holds the secrets of how to enter the realm of the Overlord. Secretly, Snugglelord knows it is actually one of the Overlord's vaults.

Arrival at Roch Mar[edit | edit source]

Upon arrival at Roch Mar, they discover the "city" appears to be empty. Once the party gets towards the center of the town, they discover the village population is actually surrounding a well. As the group approaches, the villagers scatter. Ulfgar discovers while looking at the well that it is in fact filled with an acid-like substance.

After successfully taking money out of the well without much difficulty, the group notices a door on one of the houses shuts suddenly. With a couple of failed attempts to get through, the group manages to set the house on fire, during which time Ulfgar dismounts Snugglelord by knocking his horse unconscious. Due to the fact that Salty Pete's lock picking kit accidentally jammed the door, Ulfgar has to head butt the door to dislodge the broken lock picks.

From within the house, a malnourished female Halfling, Lilly, breaks out. After Snugglelord convinces her that he is a friend, she tells them how her people came to this village to seek food and aid, but they found the place abandoned. Every attempt to leave the village seems to be futile as something draws the person back to a presentation platform in the center of town. Snugglelord manages to convince her to take him and his party to this platform.

After she introduces them to her people's leader and her father, Serling, he explains the them that his people have been trapped here for 2 weeks, and he believes the evil in the town has taken root in the water, the earth, and even their dreams. He offers the group a small reward in exchange for their help in ridding the town of the curse.

Beneath Roch Mar[edit | edit source]

Serling leads the group over to a tunnel that descends from the broken platform deep into the ground. While Salty Pete attempts to examine the tunnel, he begins to get sucked up by the sand surrounding the platform. Ulfgar attempts to save him but also is pulled down, and eventually Snugglelord jumps in after them. The group ends up falling for a couple dozen feet until they land on sand.

After recovering, they notice there is a ringing sound in the air that is emanating from a collapsed stone chamber deeper in the cave. After closer inspection, they discover a blue orb in the center of the chamber where the sound is coming from that is surrounded by the same liquid that was in the well. Ulfgar decides to check for traps using a piece of rope, which in so doing activates a Golem. Figuring out that the orb is powering the automaton, Ulfgar manages to damage the orb but loses it in the acid in the process. Salty Pete successfully pulls it from the acid, but it manages to petrify him while he is holding it. Snugglelord finally destroys the orb by swinging his axe at it, but in so doing cuts off Salty Pete's fingers at the knuckles. Ulfgar manages to recover two of the fingers, and during this time the acid-like substance turns into clear water.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

After being hauled up to the surface by the townspeople, the group gets paid for their efforts and Salty Pete convinces the leader to let an elderly woman who plays the violin travel with them, much to Snugglelord's dismay.

Members[edit | edit source]

Because the group is made up of mercenaries, the only reason they have remained banded together is because of the coin Snugglelord provides.

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