Campaign 1 Arc 4: The Adventures of Taryon Darrington

The fourth arc of Campaign 1 of Critical Role, fully named as The Adventures of Taryon Darrington, begins after the destruction of the Chroma Conclave. Having taken care of the major threat facing Tal'Dorei and quickly making a new acquaintance, Vox Machina sets out to tie up some loose ends, including the final leg of Keyleth's Aramenté and the ever-present threat of Hotis' return.

Arc 3: The Chroma Conclave / Arc 4: Taryon Darrington / Arc 5: Vecna

Episode summaries[edit | edit source]

No. Title Original airdate Link Runtime
84 "Loose Ends" (1x84) February 2, 2017 VOD / Transcript 3:33:53
In a rare moment of peace, Vox Machina checks on Emon, fulfills a promise, and meets up with an old acquaintance.
85 "A Bard's Lament" (1x85) February 9, 2017 VOD / Transcript 3:27:17
Grog has a one-on-one rematch with Earthbreaker Groon. Vox Machina says farewell to a dear friend, but they meet someone new the very next day.
86 "Daring Days" (1x86) February 16, 2017 VOD / Transcript 3:51:28
Vox Machina takes some time to bond with their new companion before setting sail for their next adventure.
87 "Onward to Vesrah" (1x87) February 23, 2017 VOD / Transcript 3:33:41
Vox Machina sets sail across the Ozmit Sea to the home of the Water Ashari, dealing with scurvy trouble along the way, where upon arrival Keyleth will endeavor to complete her Aramenté... and discover a horrible truth.
88 "Tangled Depths" (1x88) March 2, 2017 VOD / Transcript 5:30:29
Vox Machina journeys into the Elemental Plane of Water for the final trial of Keyleth's Aramenté.
89 "Curious Tides" (1x89) March 9, 2017 VOD / Transcript 3:35:50
Having procured the lodestones, Vox Machina returns to Vesrah with Vax'ildan's life on the line as they hurry to save their fallen companion. Bargains and promises are made, cards are drawn, and new power is unlocked as Keyleth's Aramenté trials come to an end.
90 "Voice of the Tempest" (1x90) March 16, 2017 VOD / Transcript 4:08:37
Vox Machina searches for a means to seal away Opash's book and travels to Zephrah where Keyleth goes to embrace her destiny...
91 "Vox Machina Go to Hell" (1x91) March 23, 2017 VOD / Transcript 4:12:27
Vox Machina descend into the Nine Hells and enter the City of Dis to find and destroy Hotis once and for all.
92 "Deals in the Dark" (1x92) March 30, 2017 VOD / Transcript 3:39:09
After Keyleth scares off her would-be attackers, Vox Machina continues their trek through the City of Dis, and Percy makes a deal with the devil Ipkesh to assassinate Utugash. Their mission takes them to the pit fiend's abode, where they also encounter and rescue a new ally in Tova. Will they fulfill the deal, or will Percy's soul be forfeit?
93 "Bats Out of Hell" (1x93) April 6, 2017 VOD / Transcript 4:29:26
Vox Machina commences their assassination of Utugash with the aid of Tova and get brought to the prison of Mentiri. But will their deal be honored? And will Vox Machina finish off Hotis and escape the Nine Hells? Or will they be lost forever?
94 "Jugs and Rods" (1x94) April 13, 2017 VOD / Transcript 4:23:32
Vox Machina, having barely survived their escape from the Nine Hells, returns to Whitestone for some much-needed rest and respite as Vex'ahlia partakes in the Grey Hunt to truly earn her noble title and place in the city.
95 "One Year Later..." (1x95) April 27, 2017 VOD / Transcript 4:05:35
After a year spent enjoying some downtime and accomplishing some personal goals, Vox Machina reunites for a beach vacation and an unexpected family reunion for a certain someone...
96 "Family Matters" (1x96) May 4, 2017 VOD / Transcript 4:48:48
Vox Machina mobilizes to assist the Trickfoots in purging Pike of the blood curse. However, some things are not as they seem...
97 "Taryon, My Wayward Son" (1x97) May 11, 2017 VOD / Transcript 4:13:22
Having dealt with the Trickfoot clan, Keyleth goes off the deep end and Taryon finds himself on a collision course with a dark secret within his own family. What will he and Vox Machina discover at Deastok?
98 "The Mines of the Many" (1x98) May 18, 2017 VOD / Transcript 4:30:37
Vox Machina inquires with the Myriad in order to alleviate the Darringtons of their debt. But is the light at the end of the tunnel a sign of hope... or imminent death?
99 "Masquerade" (1x99) June 1, 2017 VOD / Transcript 4:01:28
As Vox Machina returns to Deastok to clear the Darrington family of their debt, Taryon has a talk with his family about the future. The party then returns to Whitestone where two strange individuals make themselves known, one of them possibly being more than he seems...