Vampires are undead shapechangers who hunger for blood.[2]

Description[edit | edit source]

Vampires are extremely rare and were thought largely abolished close to 200 years before 810 PD. In few cases, there were murmurs about them. However, as soon as the rumors spread, large mobs gathered, and those afflicted with vampirism were hunted down and killed. Most of the well-known methods of killing a vampire proved to have no effect on them. However, some superstitious ways do make a vampire easier to slay:

  • Direct sunlight prevents them from rapid regeneration and ultimately destroys them and turns them to ash, should they be brought to the brink of death in the presence of sunlight.
  • Also, very quickly and consistently rushing water has a similar weakening impact.
  • When they are in their resting place, within their coffin and/or the dirt that is considered their resting location, they can be staked in the heart, paralyzing them.[3]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Vampires appear in undeath much as they did in life, but have sharp fangs.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

The following is drawn from the Monster Manual:[1]

  • Resistant to necrotic damage and physical damage from non-magical weapons
  • Vulnerable to running water and sunlight. They also cannot enter residences unless invited in by an occupant, and if staked through the heart in their resting place, they become paralyzed.


  • Shapechanger: Vampires are able to change into either the form of a bat or a cloud of mist. A vampire will also automatically shapeshift into a mist when dropped to 0 HP. In any corporeal form, vampires can climb vertical and upside-down surfaces without difficulty.
  • Regeneration: Vampires can automatically regain some health on their turn if they are not in sunlight and if they did not take radiant damage nor damage from holy water on their turn.
  • If a vampire kills a humanoid with their bite, and that creature is then buried in the ground, the creature will become a vampire spawn, controlled by the vampire.

In other games (e.g., Vampire: The Masquerade), vampires have different abilities, although they typically share the thirst for blood.

Known vampires[edit | edit source]

Sylas Briarwood[4] and Count Tylieri[5] were both vampires that Vox Machina encountered and fought in Whitestone, along with many vampire spawn.

In the Thursday By Night One-shots, the Critical Role cast (other than Taliesin, who is the GM) play themselves as vampires using a modified version of the Vampire: The Masquerade TTRPG.[6]

Ixrattu Khar has claimed and consumed hundreds of innocents during her killing spree that spanned from Kymal to Emon,[7] making her "Tal'Dorei's foulest mass murderer".[8] At some point, she was convicted and sent to the Black Bastille prison in Emon but managed to escape during the Chroma Conclave's attack.[9] As of 836 PD, she possesses the Vestige of Divergence known as Condemner.

The Explorer's Guide to Wildemount sourcebook includes four adventure hooks involving vampires across the continent. In "Blood Diamonds", a vampire named Pillia Ravenosa plants diamonds in the Othemoor in order to lure in prey who come seeking riches.[10] For "Blood Pact," the Myriad sends solitary travelers through Yrrosa to vampire Velima Shanglian in exchange for her assistance with certain tasks.[11] The "Cold as Ice" adventure in Balenpost centers around a human woman named Mera Vacross, who was turned into a vampire due to Korberta Horswell's experimentation and now lives just outside of the settlement.[12] In the settlement of New Haxon, a pair of unnamed vampires lead a cult to summon an Elder Evil named Shothotugg in the "Eater of Worlds" hook.[13]

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