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We found create a page![edit source]

It DOES exist here, and it's been enabled: Special:CreatePage. There's also a shiny new link in the sidebar for it on desktop. There's also a similar Special:CreateRedirect under Tools in the sidebar. Thought I'd let you know since you were inquiring about it. Very exciting to find it after all. :D —CaptainOfTheTidesBreath (aye, captain!) 14:51, July 12, 2022 (UTC)

I noticed! Thanks so much for adding it once you found that you could! OccidentalAvian (talk) 18:16, July 12, 2022 (UTC)

Infobox City widths[edit source]

I just pinged you real quick on Discord, but just so you don't have to keep going through every article: I had made the maps smaller by default on purpose to try to de-emphasize them in comparison with the cityscape image in Infobox City, but I could make them the same size if that seems to be the better play. —CaptainOfTheTidesBreath (aye, captain!) 20:05, August 16, 2022 (UTC)

Ah I didn't know that was done on purpose! I think it looks a lot better having a uniform width, even if the map is bigger than the cityscape. When it's smaller it just looks a bit, I dunno, messier? If you're willing to, yes I think making them the same size would be better. OccidentalAvian (talk) 20:10, August 16, 2022 (UTC)
That's fair, that's fair! It was a bit of an experiment that I completely forgot about. I'll adjust it. —CaptainOfTheTidesBreath (aye, captain!)