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Character names in episode infoboxes[edit source]

What is the standard for adding character surnames? I'm going through the pages for different reasons, but I see inconsistencies like characters being referred to as "Nott the Brave" v. "Nott", and "Beauregard Lionett" v. "Beauregard". Is it supposed to be based on when their surnames/epithets were first revealed, or is it accidental and needs amending? User:Caeliat

@Caeliat: That's all carried over and inherited from the Fandom wiki, and I truly don't know what the guidelines were there. But! We're actually slowly moving toward not including "Starring" for sustained camapign episodes since that information is on the campaign pages and generally static in an attempt to have infoboxes that are more concise and provide information actually being looked for (see Fire and Ruin and Campaign 3 Episode 27 as examples vs. "A Familiar Problem: Sprinkle's Incredible Journey" (OSx48)), so hopefully that will resolve the inconsistency. It's more similar to Wikipedia style (WP:Wine and Roses, WP:Happy Ending (Schitt's Creek)) and some other actual play wikis (wikia:dimension20:The Beginning Begins, wikia:dimension20:Party of Seven). Also sort of trusting the intelligence of our readership a little, I suppose.
I also wanted to say, but since you beat me to the punch here: I'm VERY grateful for your edits removing curly quotes / apostrophes, fixing up links, and other small work. It might be small, but it's still important, and they're definitely appreciated. —CaptainOfTheTidesBreath (aye, captain!) 20:29, July 15, 2022 (UTC)

Copyright that could have been diluted[edit source]

Hi! If I find some the more solid edits of mine on CR FANDOM, can I use them on this wiki. According to the FANDOM copyright, the editor has an unprecedented ownership of copyrighted work they contributed to FANDOM and can share it under CC BY-SA license. But similar to Theseus' ship — how much of the edit is considered mine: another editor fix a typo, added a narrative detail, added a couple of cosmetic phrases, clarity, etc. Should I use my original edit to be safe and hope I have no memory of later revisions by other users, also focusing on the older ones that were obscured by time a little bit? Good day! - Michael 07:28, July 23, 2022 (UTC)

@FurryOctopi: I'm very glad to see you here! The copyrights for these wikis actually makes it very simple. Since you're not using the import tool, you can simply repeat the edits at the relevant article and put in your edit summary text copied from [[wikia:criticalrole:ARTICLE NAME HERE]] - see that article's history for full attribution to properly attribute to satisfy the attribution clause. Since FANDOM is on a CC-BY-SA 3.0 and we here at Miraheze are on a CC-BY-SA 4.0, there is nothing beyond that attribution required to transfer edits from FANDOM to here. Our license is compatible with theirs (though theirs is not compatible with ours because it's older, they'd need to update their license before edits can be transferred from here to FANDOM).
To help ease some of the searching, vast majority of edits made on FANDOM before ExU Calamity started airing have been imported over using the import tool (which automatically properly attributes), and Calamity coverage here has been rather robust. —CaptainOfTheTidesBreath (aye, captain!) 16:01, July 23, 2022 (UTC)
Thanks, I will start integrating then, beginning with TM episodes and edits connected with C3. - Michael (talk) 18:42, July 23, 2022 (UTC)

page whu deleted?[edit source]

muntasir billah mahdi page deleted why?