Favorite pages[edit source]

  • Exandria: On Fandom I originally put my fan made maps on this page, and it remains a favorite of mine. I also created the Celestial Body infobox for this page.
  • Whitestone Rebellion: On Fandom I cleaned up this page to create an overall summary of the Whitestone Arc.
  • Chroma Crisis: Inspired by the above, I originally created this page on Fandom to give an overall summary of the Chroma Conclave arc, specifically the parts having to do directly with fighting the dragons.
  • Quest for Vestiges: Companion page to Chroma Crisis, covers Vox Machina's concurrent quest to find the Vestiges.
  • Cuisine of Exandria: A page covering all meals and other food and drink in Exandria that doesn't warrant its own page.
  • Angel of Irons conspiracy: Covers the Mighty Nein's quest to defeat Obann and the Angel of Irons cult and free Yasha.

Sandbox pages[edit source]

Current projects[edit source]

Wildemount adventures[edit source]

Create pages for each of the starter adventures in Explorer's Guide to Wildemount, as well as pages for the NPCs, locations, and items in them.