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Pronouns: they/them
Edits from User:ByteBard and User:ByteBard-Bot are mine from the Fandom wiki.

Current wiki interests[edit source]

  • Making bot-based tools to assist in wiki maintenance (e.g., checking articles for plagiarism or every transclusion of an infobox for invalid parameters)
  • Writing and updating modules in Lua
  • LGBTQ+ maintenance: Keeping cast members' names and pronouns up-to-date to affirm trans, non-binary & genderfluid identities; ensuring that characters have their pronoun fields filled out
  • Real-world CR media timeline
  • Exandrian calendar timeline (including for printed material and character age)
  • Integration of CritRoleStats-style data
  • Linking out to the Glossary from article pages
  • Updated prev/next episode navigation

Completed projects[edit source]

Articles I'm proud of[edit source]

Craven Edge's expanded biography. Creating Feast of Legends and its transcript & PC pages was pretty enjoyable.

To do[edit source]

  • Add campaign level maintenance category to episode-level creation
  • Update Module:Ep/YTURLSwitcher/URLs to handle multiple videos
    • Affects templates including {{infobox episode}}, {{ep ref}}
    • Update vod script (can use Midst thumbnail/icon code)
    • Runtime addition math in VOD script
    • Check/update everything that links to that module and Module:Ep/YTURLSwitcher
    • Across all templates, assume part 1
  • Update two column format to {{col-float}} from {{div columns}}
  • Update VOD script to handle Midst (incl appendices and multiple images)
  • Update Midst episode featured characters sections from character pages
  • Standardize featured character sections across episodes
  • Fix TalDorei vs Tal'Dorei in {{print ref}}
  • Infobox Lua sandboxes to live version
  • Why summaries getting suppressed in {{Episode table entry}} for Exandria Unlimited (series)#Related media?
  • make Module:Ep/Info return tables and simplify ep function to for loops
  • revisit sidelined sandboxes e.g. to stop pages from getting categorized as episodes outside of article namespace or using prodCode
  • process and organize templates and their docs
  • Re-run plagiarism detector
  • Remove dupes of character descriptions from C1 episode transcripts?
  • Create redirects from pages with A/The at the beginning (CirrusSearch dupe?)
  • Use Module:Ep/Decoder arc info in {{appearance}} category assignment
  • Displayed vs actual episode codes
  • Template for usage tests table a la /printtests
  • Figure out how to BASEPAGENAME name {{Documentation/preload}} documentation
  • Convert bare Twitter links to {{Twitter}} and add archive links
  • {{Infobox Character}} and subtemplates & mark categories no longer in use
  • Pages to work on/create
  • VOD script
    • Make dupe checking work across languages
    • Docs for creating miraheze family file
    • tkinter/default text doc errors
    • Add functionality to Decoder class in python (incl functions right below it)
    • Read and write {{Appearance}} objects with Python script
    • Check featured characters for missing {{appearance}} on char page
  • QA on wantedfiles file removal (b/c of this). Once infobox tabber is fixed, see what files are unused in Special:Unusedfiles and compare to articles to see where they might have been deleted
  • What else filmed at CR like Founders & Legends Jocks Machina that isn't CR production? Also other works for ttrpg specifically on actor pages
  • maintenance script checking navbox templates for all pages with transclusions being in template and all pages in template having the transclusion, with named exceptions for the edge cases

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