Hello! I'm CaptainOfTheTidesBreath, not to be confused with the captain of the Tide's Breath. I'm an administrator on this wiki, so if you need any administrative tasks done, you can contact me on my talk page or start a discussion at the administrators' noticeboard.

I'm glad to help you with non-administrative tasks as well, such as helping you with editing, and I also have access to semi-automated tools like JWB to make a large number of tedious tasks. I also create and maintain a lot of our templates—and attempt to do the same with our Lua modules.

I edited the Fandom wiki under the handle FreckledMcCree, so any imported edits under that name was me as well.

Issues to investigate[edit source]

  • Sidebar links patch for MobileFrontEnd is not working in non-Firefox mobile browsers
  • Border issue in mobile Infoboxes - minor cosmetic issue

Articles I'm proud of![edit source]

To do[edit source]

  • Sailing ships
  • Year articles
  • Timelines
  • Party of NPCs
  • {{Infobox Person}}: automatically format social media presence links
  • {{Infobox Character}}: why is the "needing type" not categorizing correctly?
  • {{Infobox season}} implementation
  • Sort official images by source
    • Sort comic images by series
    • Properly categorize photographs
  • Michael Schmidt
  • {{DatedStatement}}: complete
  • Consider turns with AOE spells to highest damage
  • Additional referencing at Cloven Crystal
  • {{Nav-TalksMachina}}: selected property
  • Consider picking up project on combat logs
  • Improve UnDeadwood coverage
  • Categorize redirects
    • Redirects from misspellings (to track what's going through here, include mis-punctuation and mis-capitalization?)
    • Redirects to sections (to ensure they're still going to the right place)
    • Redirects with article possibility (just to keep an eye on these)