Organizational information
TypeImmortal magick users
GoalsExtend their lifespans
Notable members

The Unabridged are a loose order of immortal beings operating in Hale.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Unabridged are humans who have extended their lives far beyond typical lifespans through the use of magick. They do not age, and cannot die of illness, though they can be killed.[1] They can be identified in that they do not cast shadows. The rituals they use to become immortal are intense and fatal to many aspiring members. While they are an order, and place a great deal of importance on that, they are found in other organizations as well.[2]

The Unabridged have access to a substance called Nighthawk, which prevents sleep. Prolonged use can lead to incurring Bleed, and mortals are more susceptible to its effects than the Unabridged.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

Empress Iomene the Everlasting, while believed by most historians to have been several people sharing the same name, is believed by some to have been Unabridged,[3] and even in her own time was suspected as such by Candela Obscura investigators.[4]

Toren Gevni, also Unabridged, was involved in a number of Halen wars including the Civil War and Last Great War; the Circle of Tide & Bone determined he had been alive since 500 CE, or over 1400 years.[5] He performed a ritual on a ship in 1832 CE that caused Oscar Grimm to become undying, a distinct form of immortality from that of the Unabridged. After he was captured by the circle in conjunction with an investigation of The Great Maw, Oscar, frustrated that Gevni could not fix his undying condition, attacked him with a length of chain. Gevni allowed this to break his neck, rather than be taken to the Fourth Pharos.[6]

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