General information
TypeWeapon (club / scythe)
Notable properties
  • +2 on attack and damage rolls
  • Can be transformed between a cane and a scythe
  • Deals 1d8 extra thunder damage on a hit
  • Shatter (3rd level)
  • Zone of Truth
Save DC16 or higher
Historical information

Turmoil[1] is a weapon that can be transformed between a cane and a scythe. It was the "trusted weapon" of Ariks Eshteross, who was seen with it at all times throughout Campaign 3. In anticipation of his death, he bequeathed it to Bells Hells, and it passed into their ownership upon his murder.

Description[edit | edit source]

Turmoil is a long,[2] silver,[fn 1] solid metal cane with a heavy ball at the top.[5][4] It can cast Zone of Truth with a DC of at least 16; Eshteross cast the spell by twisting or adjusting the metal ball.[6]

This cane can be used as a bludgeoning weapon.[7][8] When Ariks Eshteross used Turmoil, the cane seemed to act as a quarterstaff; Matt remarked that attacks do less damage when used with one hand, suggesting that it has the versatile property, consistent with a quarterstaff rather than a club.[7] When Bells Hells had it, Matt described the cane as a club.[9]

Turmoil also can be transformed into scythe with the command word "Done";[9] it can be transformed back into a cane using the same command word.[10] When the command word is spoken, the blade appears from the ball at the top with a flash of light.[9][11] The scythe is beautiful and silver with a long, thin, curved blade, and it is unnaturally light for a weapon of its size.[11][3] In this form, Turmoil is mechanically identical to a greatsword.[9] Turmoil has a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls[12] and all attacks with the scythe deal an extra 1d8 thunder damage on a hit.[13]

The wielder can use their action while holding Turmoil to cast Shatter at 3rd level[14] with a DC of 14, at least once per day.[15]

History[edit | edit source]

Ariks Eshteross considered Turmoil his "trusted weapon".[16] He carried it with him at all times[17] and used it as a walking stick.[18] It first appeared in Campaign 3, unnamed, when he wielded it against Bells Hells to test their capability and mettle.[19] He also cast its Zone of Truth spell in his subsequent conversation with them.[6] It was seen with him every time they visited, and it was once involved in disarming a trap on a door in his manor.[20] He was able to bring it with him into the party held by the Chandei Quorum,[21] despite a prohibition on weapons at the event,[22] and used it to attack Olly to help Dorian Storm leave with his brother, Cyrus Wyvernwind.[2]

Eshteross wrote a letter bequeathing Turmoil to Bells Hells in anticipation of his death.[16] He wielded Turmoil against Otohan Thull's Gray Assassins after they infiltrated his manor, ultimately dropping it in the upstairs hallway before dying in his bedroom. Chetney Pock O'Pea nearly tripped over it while searching for Eshteross the next morning.[23] Chetney found and read the letter and, correctly assuming the cane to be Turmoil, picked it up as he left the manor.[16][24] Orym confirmed the presence of a resurrection-preventing toxin in Eshteross' blood on Turmoil.[25] Turmoil went into Chetney's possession;[26] Ashton played with it for a little while but was disinterested in giving up their hammer for it.[27]

Chetney used Turmoil in combat for the first time about a week later, in "Compulsions" (3x40), against a chimera.[26]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. The cane has both been described as "silver"[3] and "silvered".[4] The distinction is that "silver" is ambiguous as to whether it is "silver in color" or "made of silver". "Silvered" suggests that it is plated with silver.

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