True Heroism

"True Heroism"
Campaign 3 episode
"True Heroism" (3x91) thumbnail featuring Taliesin Jaffe, Sam Riegel, and Ashley Johnson.
Episode no.Episode 91
AirdateApril 11, 2024 19:00 PT
Running time4:42:55
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"True Heroism" (3x91) is the 91st episode of the third campaign of Critical Role. Chaos reigns as Bells Hells attempt to find each other and leave Kreviris, but an old enemy complicates their attempted escape...

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Part I[edit | edit source]

Imogen, Laudna, Chetney, and Orym begin to head away from the Colloquium of Candescence as Imogen realizes the voice is Liliana's. Laudna sends out Pâté to scout invisibly. With Chetney leading the way due to his ability to see the others, Imogen gives Evoroa a healing potion as they try to escape Vaterra Kreviris. As they reach the edge of the most central part of the city, they notice things have become somewhat chaotic due to the explosions. Laudna checks the tracker orb and sees that Otohan is somewhere within the city.

Meanwhile, Ashton, Fearne, and FCG reunite and FCG begins to heal himself. Fearne notices Gloamglut overhead, with Zathuda riding him. She also sees a number of reilora mystics arranging themselves around the Prime Pillar and beginning to focus on it. It begins to glow more brightly than normal before it unleashes a mass wave of Dispel Magic similar to the effects Bells Hells saw at the Malleus Key. Telepathic Bond, Invisibility, and Seeming all are gone; the three of them try to hide but are noticed by Gloamglut, who begins to approach. Fearne tries to cast Charm Monster, but it fails. Ashton uses their hammer to smash a hole in the wall of the building they are trying to hide by, and they run through it. Gloamglut briefly falls, put off balance by their unexpected move. Ashton continues to break holes in walls for them to run through, and they pass some reiloran youths before he hits the pillar of another building, intending to misdirect Gloamglut but accidentally collapsing the building. The three of them run back through the holes Ashton had previously made. Gloamglut uses its Dark Fire Gaze, which FCG dodges. Fearne and Ashton take damage but are able to continue on.

The infiltration team continues through the city, Evoroa directing them as best she can. Imogen casts Invisibility on everyone but herself, and puts her hood up, and despite Evoroa's limited knowledge of the region, they are able to evade detection.

As Fearne, FCG, and Ashton run, Zathuda calls out for Fearne, asking if she had been present at the Sablecast Grounds when the Malleus Key in the Fey Realm was destroyed. He tells her he is both proud of her but also hates her. Ashton casts Pass without Trace as this is happening, and the three of them manage to hide successfully among the buildings until Zathuda and Gloamglut leave. Fearne notices the path back to the entrance they used from the Volition hideout, and after showing Ashton where it is, casts Polymorph to turn herself and FCG into slithers, and the three of them make for the exit.

The infiltration team reaches a city square, but suddenly become surrounded by rising stone barriers, which Orym realizes are only around them. Liliana appears above and asks Imogen, the only person visible, if she had known about the assassination attempt. Imogen lies and acts confused by the question. Liliana references the fact that she will be serving as a vessel on behalf of the Ruby Vanguard, and asks Imogen to join her. Imogen instead pulls out the locket Relvin had given her, and pleads with Liliana to leave with them rather than continue working with Ludinus, and Liliana appears shaken in response. She tells Imogen that she will find her later, and drops the spell, leaving them. However, before they can move, five extremely old mystics appear before them, and take control of Chetney, alluding to their past control of his lycanthropy through Ruidus. The group realizes this is likely the Weave Mind, though they can't tell if they are physically present or illusions. They also address Laudna's connection with Delilah as two souls within one vessel. When they come to Orym, he quietly whispers to Morri that he needs her help. After the Weave Mind welcomes Imogen home and tells her to find them, they disappear, and Laudna, noticing more mystics and soldiers appearing, urges the group towards an exit to the surface.

Ashton, FCG, and Fearne circle back to find the others, and see them being addressed by the Weave Mind before running towards a spiraling tunnel towards the surface. They follow, catching up on the way, and the reunited party discusses what to do as they continue forward. Imogen casts Sending to Rashinna to let her know they had Evoroa and to ask what to do. Rashinna tells the group that the safe house has been abandoned and that they should find someplace to rest and to take Evoroa with them. As the party talks about whether they should exit into Caeluma Kreviris or if they should have Ashton, in his shard of Ka'Mort form, tunnel when they are closer to the surface, they notice a shadow following them. Laudna pulls out the tracker ball and notices Otohan moving towards them. Ashton collapses the tunnel behind them, but Otohan continues to pursue; one of her shadows runs towards the group and Otohan teleports into it, next to the group.

Part II[edit | edit source]

The party enters combat, Laudna casting Mirror Image and FCG Sympathetically Bonding with the others in preparation. Orym begins by attacking Otohan's backpack with his Ruidian glass sword. Laudna summons her hound of ill omen and is able to successfully cast Bane on Otohan. Otohan meanwhile pushes Orym back, and uses her turn to attack Chetney repeatedly even after he falls unconscious, killing him. Ashton rages, getting the Gravity effect, and attacks, the shard of Ka'Mort still active, and collapses a platform onto Otohan. Fearne uses her turn to transform into her elemental form with the spark of Rau'shan. FCG Revivifies Chetney with the party's last diamonds. Otohan is able to easily get out from under the platform and knocks Imogen prone, but Imogen casts Telekinesis and successfully pulls off Otohan's backpack and slams it into the caverns around them, damaging it further. The party realizes they are likely unable to avoid a fight to the death as Orym uses Misty Step and his Bait and Switch ability to stand between Imogen and Otohan, and attacks Otohan, still with the glass weapon, which resists shattering several times. Laudna casts Blight, and Otohan uses her turn to attack multiple party members, telling Imogen that she no longer needs her alive and knocking her unconscious. Orym and Fearne both land attacks of opportunity on Otohan when she goes to attack Laudna, and destroys all her Mirror Images before landing her final attack. Chetney gives Imogen a potion of healing, bringing her back up, and Fearne also casts Blight. FCG casts Mass Cure Wounds, granting everyone but Orym 23 HP, and gives Ashton a bonded blessing. Laudna's hound attacks and misses, and Imogen, now conscious, attacks with a Psychic Lance, against which Otohan saves.

Orym uses his Boots of Striding and Springing to leap and attack Otohan from the air, still with the Ruidian glass, and uses his Second Wind. As he moves back, Otohan lands an attack of opportunity and knocks him prone. Otohan attacks Laudna, hitting her. Laudna then uses Hunger of the Shadow, but misses her attack, and casts Blight again before backing away. Otohan activates her Exaltant powers on her turn. Ashton attacks with a held action, missing her the first time due to the new form, but lands their second hit. Otohan retaliates with several attacks on Ashton, then uses a Psi-powered leap to jump to Imogen, attacking her; FCG takes half the damage of one of the hits, though Imogen falls unconscious on the second hit. Otohan then attacks Chetney, knocking him unconscious, and then attacks FCG. Chetney fails his first death save. Ashton then takes his turn, hitting twice and using a Chaos Burst. Otohan attacks FCG, who remains conscious but badly hurt. Fearne casts Scorching Ray, hitting with three of them. Otohan attacks FCG again, knocking them unconscious. They succeed on their death save. Laudna's hound attacks and misses again, but Imogen comes to consciousness with a natural 20 death save. Orym uses Seedling's vines to pull himself to Ashton so he can attack Otohan, landing two hits. Laudna casts Wither and Bloom, allowing FCG to come to consciousness, and damaging Otohan. She then quickens a spell to cast Eldritch Blast. Otohan attacks Orym repeatedly, then drinks a potion of supreme healing. Chetney makes his death save. Ashton drinks a health potion and lands his attacks, and Fearne casts Aura of Life. FCG flips their Coin of the Changebringer and asks if they should run or stay and fight, but the answer is inconclusive, so they cast Mass Cure Wounds again. He gives Orym a bonded blessing, but also enters his stress-induced rage. Laudna's hound misses again, and Imogen casts Sending to her mother, calling for help. Liliana responds, telling her that she'll try to find them, and Imogen removes her Circlet of the Hidden Eye. She also tries to play dead, in the hopes of avoiding Otohan's attack.

Orym gets up, having been healed, and is able to land one of his three attacks. He also drinks a healing potion. Laudna casts Phantasmal Force on Otohan, using an image of Liliana accusing Otohan of trying to kill Imogen, but Otohan saves and is not fooled by the image. She also casts a quickened Eldritch Blast, dealing damage to Otohan. Otohan then attacks Orym, knocking him unconscious, before turning to Fearne, who is able to block the attack with her Shield. She then attacks Ashton multiple times. They are able to stay up after the first attack that would knock them unconscious, but fall unconscious after the second. She then attacks Imogen, who is able to successfully play dead, and moves over to FCG. Chetney approaches FCG and Otohan, but cannot reach them, and casts Shatter through Turmoil. Ashton makes his death save, and Fearne casts Blight again.

FCG, in their rage, holds out their Coin of the Changebringer and casts Guiding Bolt through it into their chassis, with the intent of triggering their arcane core and causing an explosion to destroy Otohan and save the rest of Bells Hells. The resulting detonation kills both them and Otohan, as FCG thinks of Bertrand, Dorian, and FRIDA and his rage fades in his last moments. The party picks up the pieces of FCG's body, Otohan's backpack and weapons, and bring Orym and Ashton back to consciousness. Evoroa, who had been hiding, comes out, and Liliana reaches the party and apologizes to them as they realize they need to keep moving.

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Inventory[edit | edit source]

Adjustment Count Item Source Destination Notes
Expended Regular Healing Potion Imogem Evoroa
Gifted Locket Imogen Liliana Imogen said Liliana to take it, but it is not fully clear as to whether Liliana did
Expended Potion of Greater Healing Chetney Imogen
Expended Potion of Greater Healing Ashton
Expended Potion of Greater Healing Orym
Expended Potion of Greater Healing Chetney Orym
Expended Potion of Greater Healing Imogen Ashton
Retrieved Coin of the Changebringer Fresh Cut Grass Ashton
Retrieved Remains of FCG's Head FCG Fearne
Retrieved Remains of FCG's Torso FCG Ashton
Looted Otohan Thull's backpack Chetney
Taken Ishta the Summit blade, Scream Needle, Otohan's body Party
Retrieved Grass-blade-marked portion of FCG's chassis FCG Orym

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