Trinket's Honey Heist

"Trinket's Honey Heist"
One-shot episode
The thumbnail for "Trinket's Honey Heist" (OSx18), featuring Sam Riegel, Matthew Mercer, Brian Wayne Foster, Taliesin Jaffe, Liam O'Brien and Marisha Ray.
Episode no.Episode 18
AirdateNovember 9, 2017 19:00 PST
Running time3:43:26
Game systemHoney Heist
Brian Wayne Foster as Liam Las Vegas
Taliesin Jaffe as Waffle
Liam O'Brien as Cookie
Matthew Mercer as Trinket
Sam Riegel as Peddy Tuxpin
Marisha Ray as the Game Master
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"Trinket's Honey Heist" (OSx18), also called "Marisha's Honey Heist", is the eighteenth one-shot episode of Critical Role. It has a sequel episode—"Honey Heist 2: Electric Beargaloo" (OSx22).

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Announcements[edit | edit source]

  • Sam ran a "generic" ad using old recordings and just inserted "Marvel Puzzle Quest" into the announcement.
  • Liam and Taliesin showed off the new artbooks.
  • Brian was wearing a new t-shirt available from the shop.

Part I[edit | edit source]

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Around 813 PD, in autumn two years after the fall of the Chroma Conclave the people of Westruun celebrate the annual Hazel Festival. Vex pulls Trinket (played by Matthew Mercer) away from the town to the edge of the Bramblewood, promising treats, if he'll wait for her here. Slayer's Cake takes part in the honey festival's competition, and Trinket is not allowed due to his honey stealing proclivity. Once Vex leaves, Trinket walks in the direction of the festival and meets several other bears and a honey badger:

Honey search[edit | edit source]

After a brief discussion, the group decide to steal the honey from the festival, violently robbing hats and cloaks from a passing salesman to disguise themselves and scarring of the local patrolling guards (Shields of the Plain) in the process. Entering the town undetected, the group smells honey, when Peddy also smells bamboo honey spoons laying discarded on the ground. They also see an old couple (the Jamesons) looking for their lost cows, as well as Pike wandering around offering samples of Slayer's Cake honey to festival visitors. The party wanted to attack and deprive her from honey, but Trinket cut them off, fully aware of how badly such an attack would go for them. They also happen upon Amelia offering free samples of her competition honey. Trinket accepts some and passes it to Waffle and Cookie, so they can use it to track to the source. Noticing the third and final entrant into the honey competition, Victor, the black powder merchant, Trinket recognizes the smell of his honey has black powder, connecting it with the smell from Percy's boom boom tube. Waffle, meanwhile, persuades Victor to fill his fez with gunpowder honey.

At this point, a carnival barker announces the arrival of the Fire Ashari cultural dance troupe of fire breathers and dancers with lit fire staffs. Looking around, Trinket notices a wandering chicken who is eating scraps of Victor's honey and suddenly hit with a small spark from the fire dancers and explodes in a puff of feathers. Trinket realizes the danger of holding a fez full of gunpowder honey in the proximity of this fiery performance and leads the group away in the direction of honey stash, guided by Waffle who catches its smell. Before moving on, Trinket temporary removes his disguise to frighten the crowd away from the Victor's table. Once the crowd have been scared away, Trinket let's the fire spinners know he is impressed by their performance and steals one of the fire staffs.

On their way, Vegas steals a small cart to carry their future honey. This takes some time as he wanted one that looked like the A-Team van, eventually finding a metallic cart that had been forged by the de Rolo family. Trinket warns the gang of the dangerous twist of the honey sold by Victor. At that time, they hear Mrs. Jamison shouting for her husband, when the party stumbles upon two Blue Ribbon cows with hats, trying to pass as civilians, as well. They accost the gang attempting to intimidate the bears holding sticks, if they are tommy guns. The cows introduce themselves as Bonnie & Cow, and contest the right to obtain honey, explaining that they are already sick of grass and hay. Peddy squares up to them and throws himself down on the one of the cow's sticks (thinking they are made of bamboo), but couldn't snap it as the stick is magical. When Peddy grabs the magical stick, and Cookie throws Vegas onto Cow's back, who then shreds Cow's throat. Trinket roars at Bonnie scaring her away and recognizes the cows the Jamisons are searching for. Peddy uses the stick to hit Bonnie & Cow, not realizing that it has an ability to turn into a tree trunk, and accidentally kills both of them with a trunk.

They continue following the smell trail, and Waffle steals a cigar and smokes it to enhance his disguise. As the gang travels through the now deserted streets, they happen across a small boy bullied by two older boys. Vegas slaps one of the bully's on the back of the head, but the boys are unperturbed, seeing a "ferret" and grabbing him. The other bully starts beating Cookie with a play sword. The fight is soon over and the bullies are frightened away. As a thank you, the youngster gives them the code to gain entry to the honey vault and sends them to the Sunkissed Tavern and Inn, letting them know how to get into the building. It turns out that his father is the head of security there.

The team now starts planning how to continue...

Break[edit | edit source]

  • Advertisement for the sponsor, Marvel Puzzle Quest.
  • Weekly giveaway with Brian Foster.
  • Jason Charles Miller introduces his new show, Starter Kit: Seventh Sea, designed to help novice players learn how to play and enjoy D&D.
  • Thrashtopia segment with Whitney Moore.
  • Learn how to play The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31 with Becca Scott.
  • Critters' art montage.

Part II[edit | edit source]

Cookie leads the gang to the Sun Kissed Tavern, but they briefly has to stop on the way as their cart gained a loud, squeaky wheel. Cookie solved the problem by urinating on the wheel to lubricate the axle. Just before they arrived at the tavern, they hear the cries connected with the discovery of the Jameson's lost cows.

Briefly discussing their approach, Cookie notices a protruding pipe near the front door, and Waffle uses it to "hack the mainframe", paints the picture of the interior of the tavern and a small alley in the back, but is halted by the firewall. Sneaking into the alley they discovered a nondescript, iron door which is partially open. Peddy interrupts them starting an argument about pros and cons of veganism and trying to convince the group to forget the honey and join him in the joys of bamboo, but Waffle points out that they are hungry. Vegas decides the open door is a trap and instead attempts to climb an external pipe up to the second floor of the security building, but to no avail. He gets irritated with the other members of the group who are ragging on him for his failed attempt. Peddy places his magical stick into the ground sprouting an oak tree and allowing Vegas to climb it into the second floor balcony. Once he is up, he urinates on the others. Then they lay in wait for the head of security, Buford T. Justice, stationed in one of the suites, so Vegas could jump onto him.

Trinket knocks on the metal door, assuming a role of a door-to-door preacher. The guard isn't fooled, and just assuming the bears is rabid, warns other guards via his earpiece. Peddy surprises the guard by slamming the door into his face, while Vegas leaps on his back aiming for the guard's throat. The guard fights back focusing on Vegas. Waffle joins the attack, and Trinket warns the gang to leave the guard alive. The commotion raises the suspicions of other guards, but Vegas tricks saying into the earpiece that he (Buford) simply has been drinking. Trinket intimidates the head of security into giving them a piece of parchment with a clue into the means of access to the honey vault. Then they intend to lock him in his room, but the guard makes too much noise, so Peddy is forced to knock him out. Trinket drinks guard's bottle of mead. Guard's security room has several scrying mirrors (video cameras) for town square, tavern, cellar room one, and cellar room two. Waffle discovers the best route to the vault as well as the hazards that lay between the gang and the booty, including two people asleep in the corridor, and finally inside the main vault where three large honey barrels are stored. He hacks them to run a looped footage, and gets a new ability.

Once they are done, Cookie pushes Peddy out of the window onto a patrolling guard, and the rest of the gang climb back down the tree, hiding the body of the unconscious guard and entering the front door of the tavern. They come to the entrance to the pantry cellar, guarded by a goliath, whom Trinket recognizes as a Grog Strongjaw, fortunately for them, he is passed out drunk in his chair. Peddy thinks Grog is a hairless panda.

Meanwhile, Vegas runs outside looking for a suitable getaway vehicle and finds an unattended horse and a cart. He also comes across another guard approaching the security room, ripping the guard's throat out, killing him. Then he moves the cart to the tavern's main entrance. Waffle throws a cup into the pantry behind Grog, and Waffle then focuses on it and teleports to the cup. The cup does not disturb Grog's sleep, and the gang come closer to the cellar door to pick the lock. Passing the Grog, Peddy notices a pair of shades perched on Grog's nose, tempted to steal them. When he does, Grog, drunk and confused, starts wrestling with him. Peddy wins the bout and makes friends with overly emotional Grog mistaking Peddy for a Grand Pooh Bah, whereas Peddy believes Grog is a panda due to his tattoos. Grog passes out again at this point. Peddy puts the glasses on and finds out that he can now see through walls into the cellar, discovering several trip wires on their way attached to an alarm system.

At this point, the party are surprised by the entrance of a dwarven woman. She, Tova the werebear, challenges their intentions of stealing honey, explaining that she represents the High Bear Nation, a secret organization dedicated to protect bears across Tal'Dorei and share stolen honey with those who need it the most. The gang offers her a cut on the heist, but she threatens to call the guard unless they give her the lion's share of the honey to distribute to needy bears, allowing them to keep only a hogshead of honey each. As she was part of the team that set up the security in the cellar, she advices them on how to deal with the trip wires and also impressed that they had already taken out the scrying mirrors. Trinket, being the thief of the gang, successfully disarms the first trip wire, the second wire is different and is hacked by Waffle. The final wire again is disarmed by Trinket.

At the vault door, they find a pedestal bearing a puzzle key to unlock the vault. Tova activates the magic lock which involves holographic fish that need to be placed in specific baskets and the guard's written note explains it. They pass through the vault and find the barrels of honey, separated by sections belonging to the three competition entrants. The honey belonging to Amelia and Pike looks inviting and delicious, whereas Victor's honey looks and smells suspiciously explosive. He also brought so much that it spilled out of the barrels and covered a lot of the floor around the table. One of the torches mounted on the wall above the danger honey looks flimsy and on the verge of falling. The group begins loading the good honey into the hand cart, and Trinket takes Cookie's top hat and places it on Victor's honey under the loose torch. Suddenly, Peddy notices with his x-ray glasses two shadowy figures in the room above and warns the group. Two ninja bears land through the ceiling and two more appear in the doorway. Tova shouts, "Oh shit! It's the Bearakuda!"

The attack causes one of the torch sconces swing loose. While the rest are fighting, Trinket runs around urinating on the fire, but accidentally knocks more of Victor's honey covering the floor. Cookie mauls one of the ninjas, and Waffle throws the fez full of danger honey at another one who then catches fire. When the ninja falls, the fire rapidly spreads. Everyone attempts to flee the room. Waffle and Peddy make it through the door. Cookie pushes the last ninja into the fire band, then he and Tova are pushed from the room by Trinket who is caught in the sudden blast of the explosion and thrown through the doorway.

The rest of the gang make it to safety, but see no sign of Trinket, they look back down the corridor and see a badly injured and unconscious Trinket on the floor. Peddy drags Trinket out into the street and gives him aggressive snout to snout resuscitation. Vegas spots a group of guards running towards the sound of the explosion and a disorientated Grog stumbling through what's left of the front door. Tova and the gang with loot climb on cart prepared by Vegas, but Trinket decides to stay behind with his family, and watches them escape. Vex arrives distraught with Trinket's injuries. She berates Grog, assuming he is responsible for the explosion, and comforts Trinket.

Featured characters[edit | edit source]

Official art of Honey Heist bears, by Joana Carvalho.[art 1]

Player characters[edit | edit source]

Returning[edit | edit source]

These characters previously appeared in another Critical Role work.

New[edit | edit source]

These characters have not previously appeared in another Critical Role work, though they may have been previously mentioned.

  • Buford T. Justice, head of security in Westruun
  • Glennen, O'Donnell - town's guards
  • Gerald, a farmer attended the festival
  • Theobold the Bold, hat shop shopkeeper
  • Bonnie and Cow, Blue Ribbon cows
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jamison, cows' owners

Mentioned[edit | edit source]

Inventory[edit | edit source]

  • A variety of hats
  • Fez full of explosive honey - Destroyed
  • Pimped out hand cart
  • Fire staff - Destroyed
  • Wand of tree trunkness
  • X-Ray sunglasses

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

  • Marisha mostly railroaded the story, as most one-shots do. She did not anticipated the bears could terrorize the town so quickly.[1]
  • Although Marisha didn't ask Matt, if Tova survived after "Deals in the Dark" (1x92), it didn't contradict Matt's plans. At the end of the campaign episode, Matt has already decided Tova would survive, thanks to the ring of invisibility.[2]
  • The cows were the same cows VM saved in "The Rematch" (1x23). Trinket recognized the branding on the cows.[3]
  • Around half of the hats brought out for the one-shot belonged to Taliesin.[4]
  • All guards in the episode had names of the linebackers of the Chicago Bears.[5]

Quotations[edit | edit source]

  • Marisha: Hi everyone and welcome to tonight's episode of Critical Role, Trinket's Honey Heist. Oh my god, I would like to start off by saying this is terrifying... Aah... And that's it![6]
  • Waffle: Alright, here's the question; how do you spell Sun Kissed? And I can't read.[7]
  • Liam Las Vegas: I'm not a ferret, you piece of shit! Get away from him![8]
  • Cookie: (referring to Pike) We eat the gnome, then we get the honey.
    Trinket: Nobody is eating the gnome!
    Peddy: But she's so little.
    Cookie: Look at her, she's covered in honey.
    Trinket: She will destroy you, trust me.
    Liam: Is she poisonous if we bite into her?
    Trinket: Sure... We'll go with that.[9]
  • Trinket: (reading the code from Buford) Green, pink, orange and yellow, not every fish is a friendly fellow, green is mean and pink stinks, yellow is mellow but orange is... Orange is... Screw it! That Hazel Festival committee woman can go to Hell, I'm not a riddle writer. Here's the code; Orange is the best color, so put one orange fish in each basket, except for two in the pink, heh, that one was my idea. Then the stupid, expensive door should open... I don't know why we're spending this much to lock up a few barrels of honey anyway. Signed Buford T. Justice, Head of Security.[10]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Marisha does a remarkable impersonation of Vex.[11]

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