Non-player character
Basic information
Biographical information
Also known asThe Tornado
Age20s (Campaign 2; 835836 PD)
PlacesKamordah, Marrow Valley
PartnerBeauregard Lionett (girlfriend, formerly)
StatusAlive (as of 833 PD)
Mechanical information
Creature typeHumanoid

Tori, nicknamed "The Tornado", is a human woman who managed smuggling operations in Kamordah. She was Beauregard Lionett's girlfriend and the first woman Beau dated.[1] Tori is a little older than Beau,[2] who was 22 or 23 at the start of Campaign 2, in 835 PD.[3] Beau described her as "one tough bitch" and as the first person that she had loved, though she later believed that Tori hated her following Beau's posted bail.[2]

Biography[edit | edit source]

In the early 830s PD, Tori has been a well-known smuggler with a vast network of contacts across the Marrow Valley, operation under the name "the Tornado". When Beauregard Lionett learned about Tori from one of the Kamordah's bartenders, she came to another tavern and told the bartender that she had a business offer for "The Tornado". He didn't believed her, and a bar fight broke out, but Tori intervened and offered the young Lionett help.[4]

Up until 833 PD, when Beau was taken to the Cobalt Soul,[5] the two has been selling the Lionett's wine on the black market for a triple price; since Beau was also doing the accounting on the winery, no one seemed to notice anything. One day, Tori again returned to Kamordah to bring back the money and "stole" Beau for a hike. The two confessed their feelings for each other and started dating.[4][6]

Thoreau Lionett eventually discovered the discrepancies between the records and the actual number of the wine barrels, but Beau convinced him that these missing bottles were used for Clara's personal stash. By then, Beau has collected enough money to prove her father wrong, and just needed one final shipment to earn enough. She discussed the payment shares with Tori, and Tori was baffled that Beauregard just wanted to keep the money in the family. When Beau said she was attracted to the smuggling life, Tori said there was nothing romantic in it—the smugglers are always on the run and always had to look over her shoulder, and that was why, Tori said, she wanted to use the money to buy herself a new life, while she thought Beau already had it all laid out for herself. Beau angrily said that she had to do the grunt work for months to cover Tori, and stormed out.[4]

The two continued arguing as they were stealing the last barrel from the winery and got caught. The next morning Thoreau came to the jail to get Beau out. Tori tried to shield her girlfriend by claiming Beau was actually trying to save her father, when Tori was blackmailing her and threatening to rob the winery. Thoreau didn't buy the lies and offered Tori money so that she'd disappear out of Beau's life. Tori refused and said to Thoreau that women like Beau cannot be caged, and she would soon escape Thoreau's world.[4]

Beau wasn't aware what happened to Tori after, but did not believe she was dead.[2]

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References[edit | edit source]

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