The Tombtakers
Official art of the Tombtakers, by Robson Michel.[art 1]
Organizational information
TypeMercenary group
BaseShadycreek Run
Established~829 PD
Disbanded833 PD
Reformed836 PD
Total members7
LeaderLucien Tavelle
Notable members
Associated class
EnemiesVess DeRogna (past employer, one time ally)[1]
The Mighty Nein

The Tombtakers[2] are a small group of mercenaries, defectors from the Claret Orders, who are based out of Shadycreek Run and led by Lucien Tavelle.

Description[edit | edit source]

Lucien is the "Nonagon", a title bestowed upon him by the Somnovem or Eyes of Nine,[3] and the Tombtakers support him in his goals. The members of the group are psychically linked in some way; when this happens, their eyes turn red, and they all speak in unison. When questioned whether he was controlling the others at those times, Lucien responded that they were just "well-connected." Otis Brunkel, the halfling member, in their voice then said, "We've been through a lot, and we understand what needs to be done," and Cree added, "That is why we fight forward, to bring the Nonagon to his destined precipice."[4]

Members[edit | edit source]

Affiliations[edit | edit source]

  • Vess DeRogna: Contracted by the Tombtakers to perform a ritual for them, which she intentionally failed, causing Lucien's apparent death. Killed by Lucien after he was revived.

History[edit | edit source]

Before Campaign 2[edit | edit source]

At some point in or before 831 PD,[10] Cree, Lucien, and the other Tombtakers had been part of a disparate collective called the Claret Orders. Some of them had grown up together, and some of them just had like-minded interests.[11] Lucien believed that the order was clouded in their thinking and wanted to seek a different path. Breaking off, he took a splinter group north to Shadycreek Run and started the Tombtakers.[12]

Records of the Cobalt Soul inferred that the Tombtakers were studying the hemocraft used by Lucien, which had been known to temporarily enchant weapons, augment physiology, and been linked to some forms of lycanthropy.[13] They were also doing mercenary work, unlawful acquisitions of things, thieving, and some bodyguarding. They were hired for a number of expeditions into the ruins of Molaesmyr, among other places,[14] and worked at some point for Vess DeRogna.

In 833 PD, Lucien found a tome with the ritual spell required to reach a mysterious city.[15] The group contacted Vess DeRogna in Rexxentrum, who came to oversee and perform the ritual for him.[16]. During the process, something went wrong and Lucien appeared to die, while in reality his soul had been scattered. They buried Lucien in the woods outside of a hideout the group had been using. Lady DeRogna took the book and left.[17] Following Lucien's previous instructions, the group scattered and vanished, waiting for his return.[18]

Campaign 2: The Mighty Nein[edit | edit source]

At some point between Cree learning that Lucien's body was no longer hosting Mollymauk and 2 Brussendar 836 PD,[19] the Tombtakers reunited and put Lucien's soul back together, then headed north.

The Mighty Nein later caught up with them at some Aeorian ruins in Eiselcross known as "A5", witnessing them kill another party wearing Kryn Dynasty clothing who were simply in the way, before the Nein questioned Lucien. They learned that the Tombtakers were heading to Aeor and planned to stay on this sliver of reality "and perhaps a bit beyond."[20] Lucien claimed to aim to be both a public figure and hidden, and that the last person to hold the title of Nonagon disappeared a long time ago. The Mighty Nein were told they might meet those who gave Lucien his title, if they were looking for work.[21] Referring to those entities, Lucien said he regarded himself as their student and entrusted representative.[22] The Tombtakers had been at the ruins to recover a fragment of threshold crest, and Lucien told the Mighty Nein they were welcome to follow them on their journey, as the Tombtakers had a couple of other things to pick up.[23]

The Mighty Nein ambushed the Tombtakers near an entrance to the main ruins of Aeor and killed three members—Zoran, Otis, and Tyffial—without a fight.[24] The Nein followed the remaining members, Lucien and Cree, through a portal to Cognouza,[25] where they killed Cree[26] and then Lucien.[27]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In Matt's notes on "Harvest Close" (2x17) it is spelled "Tombtakers".[7] In episode transcripts, both before and long after that episode, the spelling is "Tomb Takers".[28][29][30]

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