To The Skies

"To The Skies"
Campaign 3 episode
"To The Skies" (3x23) thumbnail featuring Marisha Ray and Laura Bailey.
Episode no.Episode 23
AirdateMay 12, 2022 19:00 PDT
Running time4:14:53
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"Promise and Potential" (3x22)
"The Hellcatch Valley" (3x24)
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"Promise and Potential" (3x22)
"The Hellcatch Valley" (3x24)
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"To The Skies" (3x23) is the twenty-third episode of the third campaign of Critical Role. Bells Hells finish their business in Jrusar and take to the skies on The Silver Sun skyship, where wonders and dangers lurk among the clouds…

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Part I[edit | edit source]

In the middle of the night, Chetney sneaks out of the Spire by Fire Inn and breaks into the Prism Emporium via sliding down the chimney. He accosts and terrifies owner Tuyen Otwana about the prices of her wares, eventually transforming into his werewolf form to warn her to charge fairly from now on. He swipes her arm with his claw, exposing bone, and then cauterizes the wound with his flaming claws. Promising to return, he exits invisibly to return to the inn to sleep.[1]

In the morning, the party assigns Fearne to track the items put into their new portable hole. They experiment with the hole, discovering its properties. Orym gives Chetney the Horn of Silent Alarm, since Chetney frequently goes off alone to scout and otherwise. In return, Chetney gives Orym a gift: a wooden box carved with images of flowers and of the moons. They do a little shopping for general supplies and then go to the Eshteross estate, where they pick up their promised cookies and the enchanted bust. Eshteross requests that when they bring back Armand Treshi from Bassuras, hopefully he will be in one piece. Orym and Imogen thank Lord Eshteross for his help, telling him he is a good person.

The party makes their way to the Aerie Spire and the Silver Sun anchored there. First mate Khalil Benes takes them to Captain Xandis when they tell him they were sent by Lord Eshteross. Xandis is initially blunt: the party should do what they tell them to do and they won't throw them overboard. Overall, though, Xandis is affable and friendly, accepting one of Laudna's ginger cookies happily. When Xandis asks who the leader of the group is, FCG volunteers Ashton. Xandis tells them they can go anywhere on the ship except the Captain's quarters. They'll leave as soon as Xandis finishes their sandwich.

Khalil gives the party the basics of running the ship and its weaponry, and they meet the other members of the crew and find their rooms. As the ship pulls out of the skyport, Laudna and Imogen use Prestidigitation to create fireworks to either side, and the city of Jrusar shrinks below them as the ship rises and the sails fill.

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Part II[edit | edit source]

The Silver Sun travels over the jungles of the Serpentwind Peaks near the towns of Evishi and Troll Ferry. As the day progresses, the party catches sight of The Rift marking the border of the badlands of the Hellcatch Valley. Night eventually falls just as they cross The Rift. On deck, Imogen asks Ashton about his past in the region, and he tells her it is a bad place for people.

In the morning, they have left The Rift behind and see the Aggrad Mountains to the north cradling the city of King's Fall. Captain Xandis tells them the weather in this area can be "a lot" and most skyships therefore avoid it. Also, since there's no skyport in Bassuras, they'll have to drop them off there and go somewhere safer until they call to be picked up and returned to Jrusar.

While practicing the Zeph'aeratam on deck, Orym spots a shadow in the sky, followed shortly by a second one. As they approach, the party sees that they are skirath hunters, and they are attacking. The skirath are incredibly fast and can shoot spines at multiple opponents as well as having a slam attack and a vicious poisonous tail barb, but the party is able to give damage as well as taking it. Ashton's rage takes the "Space" form and they are able to open portals to attack the distant creatures as though they were next to them. Fearne attempts to use Speak with Animals to talk to the skirath, but learns they are not beasts and the spell doesn't work on them. FCG is able to blind one, and Laudna Banes both. The party is also able to use the ballistae on the ship, which do significant damage to the flying creatures.

Eventually, Orym kills one of the skirath, but is in turn attacked in retaliation by the other and pushed off the ship, hitting the sail as he falls. Laudna sees it happen and casts Feather Fall on him but the boat continues to sail away. Ashton kills the remaining creature with a hammer blow. The group urges the captain to turn the ship around to rescue Orym, but Imogen's eyes suddenly flare white and she floats upward, without even really understanding what's happening. She is able to fly to reach the slowly tumbling Orym, and fly with him back to the ship.

They harvest various body parts from the downed skirath before night falls. FCG catches Imogen alone and tells her that if she wants, he thinks he might be able to psychically connect her with Laudna so that Laudna could enter Imogen's dreams with her. Imogen and Laudna are both interested, and Imogen will think about it. Laudna points out that Ruidus is near zenith, and since Imogen's dreams get worse around that time, they can try it then. They also talk about FCG's persisting belief that the world is flat, and the possibility that people are living on the flip side of the coin-shaped world he imagines.

Later, Fearne sneaks into Laudna's room and puts a wig she's crafted from her leg hair on Sashimi, Laudna's marionette partner for Pate de Rolo. Fearne leaves them in a sexy position. In the morning, Laudna is thrilled they were roleplaying together.

The day is uneventful. Toward evening, Laudna pulls Imogen aside to ask if she's all right. Imogen tells her she still has the gnarlrock and it makes her feel safe, but she doesn't think that's healthy. She's thought about getting rid of it, but she doesn't want to. Laudna feels uneasy at those words, as it reminds her of her own acquisition of power from an unsettling source, and she admits to Imogen that Delilah spoke to her while they were in the Heartmoor.[2] The stone's presence continues to disturb Laudna, and she eventually asks to hold it, promising not to do anything with it. As she touches it, she feels a growing pulse and the stone grows warmer as Laudna's vision fades and Delilah's voice in her mind says, "Child, this is far too dangerous in your hands. I'll handle this." The heat strengthens till the stone is searing, the warmth traveling up her arms. Laudna demands to know what the stone is, but Delilah shushes her, saying, "I've taken care of it for you." As the warmth hits Laudna's chest, the cold pulsing becomes a warm heartbeat. Her fingers open. The gem is cold and broken.

Imogen is at first speechless, then whispers, "You lied!" Laudna tries to explain, and promises to fix it, but Imogen just wants to go to bed. Laudna screams into the night, "What did you do?!" and feels the dull heartbeat and the warmth receding. Delilah's voice says, "Don't worry, I've taken care of it. And thank you."

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Quotations[edit | edit source]

  • Marisha: (as Chetney grabs at the shopkeeper) I wouldn't want to see him in a Whole Foods.
  • Imogen: You're a very good person. There's not a lot of people that are, and you are.
    Lord Eshteross: We've only known each other for a short time. You do not know the breadth of things I have done that might change your mind. But I spend my later years trying to make up for them, and to live on the memory of Mistress Prudaj, who was my patron for so long, whose house this was. So. I guess all I have to say is: Keep that heart pure, as long as you can. So much of this world tries to pull it away. So much of it.
  • Orym: Do you prefer "Captain", or "Captain Xandis", or...
    Xandis: "Captain" works for me, could say "Cap", could say "Cool Person". You could call me "Leader". You can call me "Most Gorgeous Thing You Ever Seen Before". You can call me "Savior". I'll get you a list tomorrow.
  • Laudna: (introducing the party) I feel like we all have specialties. We all have, like heads of our own department, you know? You go to Fearne in terms of itemization and organization. You go to FCG for counseling, morale. Our morale booster. You go to me for anything art department, arts and crafts related. Chetney, of course, he's an MC.
    Chetney: Master craftsman. I can help with the ship repairs or artistry as well.[ ... ]
    Xandis: And what is your specialty?
    Imogen: Um...
    FCG: People.
    Laudna: She's like our human resources department.[ ... ]
    Xandis: And you're the small one?
    Orym: Security detail.
  • Xandis: All right, all hands on deck! Heading to the Hellcatch Valley. Ho, boy.
  • Ashton: (to Imogen) You're scarier than I am. You know that, right?
  • Xandis: I was told that there was an immediate rush for time, and it's much safer than going by foot. If you wanted to go ahead and follow a caravan, take a few weeks to get there. Maybe you wanted to go by yourselves and, I don't know, get robbed on the highway or something, get put up on pikes or put up as a warning for other people. Totally up to you. You could, I don't know, burrow underground. You got big claws. You could just dig your way. Take a few months. You have options at your disposal. So if you're going to go there, you don't have to take this skyship. But I was notified by my boss that you wanted to go soon, 'cause you're chasing a person.
  • Xandis: (being urged to turn the ship to rescue the falling Orym) Okay! Normally this is a one and done thing when they fall overboard, but I'll go and make my way!
  • FCG: (about the severely wounded Terana) Oh, no, are you okay? I'll— You want to heal her?
    Fearne: No. I don't even know her.
  • Imogen: (after Laudna destroys the gnarlrock) You lied.

Inventory[edit | edit source]

Adjustment Count Item Source Destination Notes
Transferred 1 Healer's kit Chetney Tuyen Otwana Tossed to her after Chetney seriously wounded her.
Transferred 1 Portable hole the party Fearne Fearne was assigned to track items put into the hole.
Transferred 1 Horn of Silent Alarm Orym Chetney
Transferred 1 Carved wooden box Chetney Orym Intricately carved with images of the moons surrounded by flowers.
Transferred 1 Carved wooden bowl Chetney Imogen Smoothly carved in the shape of a crescent moon, Chetney had made it for Orym but replaced it with the box.
Transferred 1 Ginger cookies Ariks Eshteross The party About four dozen.
Transferred 1 Enchanted bust Ariks Eshteross The party Fearne put it in the portable hole.
Acquired several Skirath barbs dead skirath FCG and Fearne The barbs were about as big around as a pool cue.
Acquired 1 Skirath fin dead skirath Laudna
Acquired 3 vials Skirath poison dead skirath Chetney
Acquired 1 Skirath eye dead skirath Fearne

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References[edit | edit source]

  1. "Chasing Nightmares" (3x11) at 3:45:13. Chetney had earlier visited the Prism Emporium to buy a wood chisel. Tuyen quoted him a price of 10 gold for a full set of carpentry tools, which Chetney apparently felt was excessive.
  2. "A Hungry Jungle" (3x18) at 1:07:09. When Laudna was brought back by her Cling to Life ability, she heard Delilah's voice in her head saying, "Not yet. There's too much to do."