Timeline of Candela Obscura

Candela Obscura takes place in 1907 in a fictional turn-of-the-century inspired region called the Fairelands in Hale, largely in the city of Newfaire. It is three years after the end of the Last Great War, in which the country across the sea called Otherwhere attempted to invade Hale but was repelled after the development of electricity in Newfaire.

The following is a timeline of significant events in the Candela Obscura actual play series. It contains a number of significant events that occurred before the first episode of chapter one, "The Cold Embrace" (CO1x01), and events that may have happened between chapters.

Before Candela Obscura[edit | edit source]

-1605 CE

  • Invention of the Ancient Fairen alphabet, used for the language spoken in Oldfaire.[1]

-1474 CE

  • The ancient city of Farria is founded.[1]

-1302 CE

  • The oldest building still standing in the Fairelands (as of 1907 CE) is constructed. It has engravings that depict a creature with "barbed teeth" in the sky.[1]

-915 CE

  • The city of Farria falls and Oldfaire is established. The Ancient Fairen period begins.[1]

-337 CE

  • Ancient Fairens first begin to use magick.[1]

-268 CE

-249 CE

-44 CE

  • Empress Iomene has a ziggurat constructed in the center of Oldfaire.[1]

-18 CE

-2 CE

  • Empress Iomene the Vengeful[fn 1] mysteriously disappears and is replaced by Emperor Calinus.[1]

0 CE

  • A civilization in northern Hale now known as Oldfaire collapsed. Its society attempted to use magick in day-to-day life but was unable to manage Bleed, and its people were transformed by prolonged exposure. According to Halen lore, the city fell when a thinning to the Flare was torn open and created the Vastchasm, which in turn swept the city away and buried its ruins. Eventually, Newfaire was built on top of it.[2][1]

1219 CE

  • The War of Embers leads to refugees moving into the Fairelands and beginning to rebuild atop the Oldfairen ruins.
  • The Ascendancy becomes the primary religion within the region.[3]

1441 CE

  • Beginning of the Halen Renaissance.[3]

1578 CE

  • The largest known thinning is found in the Bridleborne Mountains. An attempt to construct a Candela Obscura lighthouse on it fails.[3]

1637 CE

  • The Charter of Confidence is signed, establishing the Triumvirate and making Newfaire the capital of the Fairelands.[3]

Unspecified date, likely in the late 1700s or very early 1800s

1822 CE

1825 CE

  • End of the Halen Civil War. The Fairelands is admitted as the twelfth region of Hale.[3]

1832 CE

  • Oscar and Cosmo Grimm first encounter The Serious Man, who makes Oscar immortal and unaging.[6]

1852 CE[7]

1855 CE[8]

1876 CE[9]

1881 or 1882 CE[10]

1886 CE

Approximately 1887 CE[12]

1888 CE[13]

Before 1889 CE[14]

  • Marion Collodi, 7, sleepwalks to his parents' garden and wakes to something trying to take his soul. The experience leaves him with a Bleed-based scar on his chest.[15]

Before 1891 CE[16]

1892 CE

  • Charlotte witnesses a magickal tear open in the sky. It pulls in her parents and home, but she survives. She begins living with Gertrude, who is ubeknownst to her at the time a Candela Obscura investigator. Charlotte is 16.[9]

Shortly before 1894 CE

  • The Northern Economic Alliance is formed.[3]

1894 CE[3]

  • The Shiver, a global cold snap, begins. For the next decade, it shortens growing seasons and devastates food supplies worldwide. The temperate climate of the Fairelands weathers the effects well, making its lands and resources valuable and a target over the next years.[18]
  • Charlotte becomes an investigator for Candela Obscura.[19]

1898 CE

  • Otherwhere sinks the HMS Brilliance, breaking the Northern Economic Alliance.[3] The Otherwhere military lands in Hallowharbor, Newfaire and launches an attempted invasion of Hale. The Last Great War begins.[20]
  • Auggie meets Charlotte, and they become friends.[21]

Unspecified date and order during the Last Great War

  • Sean illegally enlists at 16 or 17.[22]
  • While serving in the Northern Maritime Defense, Sean were in Otherwhere acting on intelligence from Dr. Nero and destroy a lab reportedly developing a Bleed weapon. Sean has not seen Marion in over a year, and his brothers are killed during this time.[23][24]
  • While in Echo Company, Marion Collodi experiences precognitive visions for the first time as the company retreated through a compromised route. He is able to use the visions to prevent Sean's death.[25]
  • Marion and Sean serve under Nathaniel, who is ranked a lieutenant.[26][27]
  • Jean Basar works as a field doctor.[28]
  • Malcolm Trills with his squad was sent to recover a strange artifact. Most of his squad was destroyed.[29]

1901 CE

  • The Conclave of Luminosity within Candela Obscura is convened to determine whether they will aid the war effort with magick; ultimately they decide to maintain a policy of neutrality and refrain from using magic in the war.[3]

1904 CE

  • After about six years, the Last Great War ends shortly following the development of electricity in Newfaire, which quickly spread through Hale.[20]

1905 CE

  • The first annual Newfaire World Exhibition is held.[3]

1906 CE

  • Howard kills a dean of Briarbank College during a drunken dispute, whose spirit immediately begins to haunt him.[30][31]

Unspecified, possibly a few years before 1907[32]

Chapter 1: Vassal & Veil[edit | edit source]

Unspecified day in 1907

  • Events of "The Cold Embrace" (CO1x01)
  • Donald Kinzel mistakes an Oldfairen relic for fuel and throws it into his wood stove; it releases a spirit, killing him and briefly throwing Auggie out of his body.
  • Auggie is recruited into Candela, and the Circle of the Vassal & the Veil is formed to investigate this incident. They track the fuel to Layla Orens, who has been collecting relics for a woman at the Alizarin Gallery and selling what can be used as fuel to others for weeks. The circle tracks the spirit to Evanoch Foundry, where they successfully re-seal it.

A few weeks after "The Cold Embrace" (CO1x01)[35]

  • Events of "Ravage of Red Lamp" (CO1x02)
  • Onette Ferris, a Primacy Chamberwoman, and her lover are attacked by a creature, later identified as a prisoner bound to a shard of a demon. The Circle of the Vassal & the Veil investigate her disappearance and eventually track a lead to the Alizarin Gallery. They destroy the creature in the sewers after it takes Dorna Ashefar from the gallery, but Dorna vanishes.

A weekend morning about a week after "Ravage of Red Lamp" (CO1x02)[36]

  • Events of "The Collectors" (CO1x03)
  • Candela asks the Circle of the Vassal & the Veil to speak to Onette's aide, Kara Belmon, and investigate her connections to the Red Hand. They find that she has been attacked by a Collector summoned by Lycus for drawing Candela's suspicion, and the creature attacks Dorna as well. The circle confronts Lycus and defeat the creature, discovered to be Eddie transformed by his time in the Flare. Eddie's defeat releases him and puts him at peace.

Chapter 2: Needle & Thread[edit | edit source]

Chapter 2 is presumed, though not confirmed, to take place after Chapter 1 because its assignment numbers (533) are higher than that of the first chapter (436, 442, 447).

A couple of months before "Eye for an Eye" (CO2x01)

  • Nathaniel, in the course of investigating disappearances related to building the Trapp Transit Subway, encounters a magickal creature. He is rescued by Candela investigator Allison Suarez, though she is transformed by the experience.[37]

Summer 12, 1907

  • A magickal creature with the face of Allison Suarez kills her husband Antonio in his home. Their son Lucas witnesses this.[38]

Summer 13, 1907

  • Events of "Eye for an Eye" (CO2x01)
  • The Circle of Needle & Thread takes an immature androphage from the Exoteric Order of New Sciences (EONS). During the assignment, Jean Basar resigns from EONS, and Avery Choi falls to their apparent death.
  • The circle is immediately sent to investigate Antonio's murder. They track the creature to a sealed maintenance tunnel near the Trapp Transit Subway Groundswell Station, which opened two days prior.[39] They discover a fallen Candela lighthouse inside the tunnel and seal a rift to the Flare at the top.
  • EONS scientist Violet Boucher, who was keeping Jean's father alive, allows him to die in retaliation against Jean.

After "Eye for an Eye" (CO2x01)

  • Events of "Flesh and Blood" (CO2x02)
  • Joshua Fisher, a member of Allison's circle, is killed by a creature.
  • A creature infiltrates the chapter house of the Circle of Needle & Thread, attacking their lightkeeper Draven Kingsley and stealing nearly all stored artifacts but not the androphage. It then takes Kingsley's visage to vengefully attack Nathaniel Trapp, but the circle stops it from killing him. They then set their chapter house on fire.
  • The Circle of Needle & Thread go to the chapter house of the Circle of Silver Flame. Marion closes an open rift into the Flare there, and Beatrix and Sean go to find the surviving members of the Circle of Silver Flame. Beatrix finds Farrah Morales, but Sean is attacked by the shapeshifting creature, who has taken the appearance of Duncan Walters.

The same and following day as "Flesh and Blood" (CO2x02)

  • Events of "Broken Path" (CO2x03)
  • Sean is taken by the creature to Grayslate Sanatorium where he is given the opportunity to kill five people who had wronged him, which he does. The creature then reveals his mother, Peggy Finnerty, is present, and asks Sean to bring the rest of the circle to the Fourth Pharos. Sean agrees to the deal, unbeknownst to the others.
  • Marion and Jean arrive at Duncan's house and find him and his family transformed into blood-drinking creatures, which they kill. They are soon joined by Nathaniel, Beatrix, and Farrah. Jean finds a map of Westwreck that appears to lead to a secret entry to the Fourth Pharos.
  • Sean rejoins the party and they all find blimp-powered motorcycles to traverse Westwreck. They leave for Westwreck, pursued by EONS, and Violet Boucher sets off a landmine while trying to attack Jean, killing herself as well as Farrah and injuring Jean.
  • The circle finds the path to the Fourth Pharos via an underground river, and locate Allison within the vault. They are attacked by the creature. Additionally, an explosion planted by Sean goes off, destroying the Astrolabe and permitting The Mother to come through the rift.
  • Marion pulls his soul from his childhood self, depriving the mother of a vessel in which to enter the world. The rest of the party realize Sean's betrayal, and Bee kills him as Jean seals the rift. Doing so causes her to take a fatal amount of Bleed, but Marion puts his soul into Jean instead so that she may live.

Not long after the events of "Broken Path" (CO2x03)

  • Bee, with assistance from Nathaniel and the signed physician's note Sean obtained, secures Peggy's release from Grayslate.
  • Nathaniel and Bee retrieve Lucas Suarez from the Trapp estate and bring him to Peggy to care for.

Between Chapter 2 and Chapter 3[edit | edit source]

1912 or 1913 CE[40]

  • Emergence of cullet, a degenerative lung disease, especially in Newfaire's poorer populations.

Chapter 3: Tide & Bone[edit | edit source]

Late spring, 1919[41]

  • Events of "The Antiquarian" (CO3x01)
  • Silva Sarkis, a former OUP officer, seeks out the help of Candela Obscura regarding disappearances of patients from Grayslate Asylum, where he has been committed due to Bleed exposure. He believes the disappearances to be tied to Sister Iovar, a nun.
  • The Circle of Tide & Bone is formed to investigate Sarkis's claims.
  • The circle successfully infiltrates the asylum and find a note in Ancient Fairen in Director Greenvale's desk as well as a deep hole hidden in a cluster of trees on the asylum grounds.
  • Elsie Roberts, transformed into a beast, kills Oscar Grimm, who comes back to life.
  • The circle goes into the hole and finds themselves in Oldfairen ruins. Rajan Savarimuthu binds The Great Maw, who is killed by Elsie, and beats The Serious Man, whom Oscar carries out of the ruins.

Shortly after the events of "The Antiquarian" (CO3x01)

  • Events of "The Guardian of Groundswell" (CO3x02)
  • Eunice Park, a Periphery officer, is found drowned while inland in Groundswell, which has been experiencing water riots related to the use of a historic well in Calinus Market.
  • The Circle of Tide & Bone is permitted an hour to question The Serious Man, now identified as Toren Gevni. He is revealed to be Unabridged, and tells the circle he hopes to establish a new empire in the model of Iomene's rule of Oldfaire. When Oscar learns Gevni cannot fix his undying state, he begins to strangle him with a chain. Gevni breaks his own neck to avoid being taken to the Fourth Pharos.
  • The Circle takes Gevni's personal effects: a gold doorknob, a syringe Bleed containment vial, and a dagger similar to the one Cosmo uses.
  • The circle investigates the death of Officer Park and others in Groundswell and traces it to Mina, a young girl who like Madam Glask had made a bargain with the gods of the sea and is now protected by Arterax, an entity of seawater that she can summon from within her.
  • Mina agrees to go with the circle back to The Antiquarian.
  • Cosmo discovers the doorknob opens to Gevni's study, and finds that Gevni had collected information on him and Oscar.


  1. The history in the Core Rulebook is written as though it is from a mundane history text with annotations in longhand from a member of Candela Obscura. Per those annotations this is likely the same person as Iomene the Everlasting.

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