The Wing

The Wing
Official art of the Wing, by Olivia Samson from Vox Machina Origins I #2.[art 1]
Organizational information
TypeAdventuring party
Total members2 (formerly 5)
Notable members
EnemiesThe Myriad

The Wing[1] is an adventuring party that appeared in Vox Machina Origins Series I. Scanlan Shorthalt and Grog Strongjaw are former members of this group.

History[edit | edit source]

The group was first seen delving in an ancient temple to a shark god, which was built on top of an older temple to a frog god. They had been tasked with locating an artifact and bring it back to a church. They fought of a horde of angry sahuagin and some giant frogs, then recovered precious gems from the eyes of a statue along with many other artifacts: a Wand of Lignum Viate, magical boots, an arcane necklace, and a mysterious potion. They headed to the nearby town of Stilben to ask an alchemist to identify the potion. However, his shop was filled with members of the Myriad, who demanded that they hand over the potion to them and attacked. The Wing managed to get rid of them, but Vash was killed in the fight.[2]

The group went to the local tavern, where Scanlan began boasting loudly about killing the fish god and retrieving all its treasure, which Thurista and Arnicor didn't appreciate. At the bar, Scanlan was accosted by Tiberius Stormwind, who bought the strange potion from Scanlan. When he returned to the table, the others were discussing where to go next, planning to leave town as early as that same night. They believed they were a target of the Clasp and wanted to leave before another attack. Scanlan was opposed to the idea, wanting to stay in town to enjoy his newfound hero status. As they were arguing, a watchman approached them to arrest them, but refused to tell them why until they followed him. Scanlan argued with the watchman, who agreed to let them go free in exchange for the potion. Scanlan agreed to a drop-off that night, hiding the fact that he no longer had the vial.[2]

Scanlan, who could tell something fishy was going on, convinced the others to stay in town a little longer, and left to scout the drop-off area with Grog. There, they ran into Vex'ahlia, Vax'ildan, Keyleth and Tiberius, and they were attacked by the same Myriad members they had killed previously. After disposing of them again, they faced Iselda.[3] Once she was gone, Keyleth suggested they all team up to fight whatever was terrifying the town, but Grog and Scanlan turned her down and returned to meet the rest of their group.[4]

Later at the tavern, Vex'ahlia came to see the Wing to ask for their help in finding Vax after he was kidnapped by the Myriad. Thurista and Arnicor suggested that she come with them to their temple to ask for help, but Vex'ahlia turned around and left. Arnicor and Thurista decided it was time to return to their temple, but Scanlan thought that wouldn't make for a very good story, and he decided to leave the others to go help Vex, followed by Grog.[4]

Members[edit | edit source]

Name Class Status
Grog Strongjaw Barbarian Alive, joined Vox Machina
Scanlan Shorthalt Bard Alive, joined Vox Machina
Arnicor Paladin[5] Alive
Thurista Cleric[6] Alive
Vash Wizard Deceased

References[edit | edit source]

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  1. Official art of the Wing, by Olivia Samson from Vox Machina Origins I #2. This file is a copyrighted work. Its use in this article is asserted to qualify as fair use of the material under United States copyright law.