The Voiceless Village

"The Voiceless Village"
The Re-Slayer's Take episode
Episode no.Season 1, Episode 4
  • June 10, 2024
  • April 27, 2024 (subscribers)
Running time35:30
Special guest
Liam O'Brien as Josgren's Hollow villager
Episode chronology
"The Frozen Puppet" (RST 1x03)
"The Whispers" (RST 1x05)
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"The Voiceless Village" (RST 1x04) is the fourth episode of the first season of The Re-Slayer's Take. Following a lead about travelers disappearing in swampland far to the west, the newly-formed Re-Slayer’s Take travel to the backwater town of Josgren's Hollow where nothing is as it seems.

Summary[edit | edit source]

In Timpani Guff's messy apartment in Vasselheim, he shows the party a map of towns around Othanzia, pointing to a town named Josgren's Hollow nearby to the Marrowglade Loch. He tells a story about how a few days ago, he met a deaf tabaxi who was begging the Slayer's Take for help. Through sign language, the tabaxi told Timpani that his friends were going to Josgren's Hollow for Potion Con, when his friends were beset by "the whispers" and dragged away by poisonous fog.

Farah determines that the ghost is likely to be a whisperer, an amalgamation of other ghosts. She asks Timpani if there will be any issue with the party continuing to use the name "The Re-Slayer's Take", and Timpani reminds them that Heldwell said he would send people after them if they continued to operate, but is undeterred.

The party searches for supplies from the junk in Timpani's house. Farah finds and breaks a bejeweled egg. Frog finds a screwdriver from Timpani's cousin, which she takes to supplement her tinkerer's tools. Heera makes Timpani's bed, encouraging him in vain to clean up. Idrin find a small vial of holy water, blessed at a temple of the Dawnfather.

Poogs enters and gives the party some homemade cupcakes, explaining that a baker lets him use their oven after hours. Idrin discovers that they are extremely salty. Poogs explains that he put his sweat in it, since "good cupcakes are made from blood, sweat, and tears" (he couldn't manage the other two). The party probes and Poogs reveals that he's actually breaking into the bakery to use the oven. Out of the goblin's earshot, Idrin tells the others that they may be able to use the salty cupcakes to fight spirits. The party travels towards a small park, where he casts Transport via Plants to take them to the Marrowglade Loch.

They emerge in a marsh, directly into a quicksand bog. Poogs sinks immediately, and Timpani gets his arms stuck trying to pull him out. Frog manages to pull them out, while Heera manages to make her way out of the quicksand. With help from Heera's rope, Frog carries Poogs out. Idrin casts Vortex Warp to teleport Farah to shore, just after something brushes by her feet beneath the surface. A dire frog emerges from the quicksand. Idrin throws a salty cupcake into the frog's mouth, distracting it so he and Timpani can make their escape.

The party travels through the marsh, following Timpani's map to Josgren's Hollow. They arrive to find a sign posted at the town's entrance reading, "Silence will save you. Beware the whispers. Turn back now." The town's streets are empty and covered in necrotic mold, and fungal spores float through the air. Sheets of cloth are placed over the moldy boardwalks.

Heera and Idrin find an abandoned herb processing plant, where Idrin finds two spoiled potions: a Potion of Fabric Cleaning, and a Glownose potion. Heera notices somebody inside their house peeking through the window. She approaches, determining that the cloth paths on the boardwalk is to dampen the sound as she walks over it. At the window she meets a child and her father, who warns them to be quiet and to leave town. Heera tells them that they're here to help. Timpani, deducing the opposite of the cloth's purpose, walks directly onto the mold. Doors fly open as residence hurry to hush him. The spores cause Farah to sneeze, and as the sound echoes through the swamp, whispers begin to fill the area.

Behind them, the wereboar Igor appears at the town's entrance, calling out to them that Heldwell told them to stop. His yells agitate the whispers. Heera uses Thaumaturgy to loudly shush him. As Igor threatens them, a cloud of will-o'-whispers descends upon him, spiriting him away into the swamp. Gatherings of will-o'-whispers break away from the cloud, and shoot toward the party.

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