The Verdict

The Verdict
Organizational information
TypeAdventuring party
BaseEvishi, Marquet[1]
EstablishedIn or before 843 PD
Total membersFive
Notable members
AllegiancesIsha Sabanis (employer)
RivalsBells Hells

The Verdict is a group of five adventurers based in northwest Marquet, active in 843 PD. They were hired by Isha Sabanis to perform a heist on Evon Hytroga's Twilight Mirror Museum in Heartmoor Hamlet as part of a three-way bet. As her entry, Jiana Hexum hired Bells Hells to compete in the heist.

History[edit | edit source]

"A Hungry Jungle" (3x18)[edit | edit source]

When nearing Heartmoor Hamlet on their journey along the Honored Trails of the Oderan Wilds from Jrusar, Bells Hells encountered a group of five travelers going the same way. Hutchin acted as their spokesperson, explaining that they were travelers who wandered the region, predominantly out of Evishi but traveling as far south as the Kanak Gulf in the Hellcatch Valley, taking work where they could and selling what they found as they went. When Orym proposed the two groups travel together for safety the rest of the way to the Hamlet, Hutchin accepted, specifying that they would travel in tandem rather than as a unified group. The two groups completed the journey to Heartmoor Hamlet uneventfully and separated at the town gates.[2]

"Omens Above" (3x19)[edit | edit source]

When making their preparations for the heist of the Twilight Mirror Museum, Bells Hells discovered that The Verdict had also been shopping that day, purchasing three tanglefoot bags, two smoke bombs, and a Potion of Gaseous Form.[3] Although the party attempted to learn where The Verdict was staying, they were unsuccessful. At the appointed hour for the heist, they confirmed that the group was indeed their competitors, and Hutchin said the party could call them The Verdict.[4]

"Breaking and Entering..." (3x20)[edit | edit source]

The Verdict split up at the beginning of the heist, with the katari and goblin breaking into the second floor of the manor while the others explored the music room on the ground level, eventually all finding their way into the museum in the basement.

"Fight at the Museum..." (3x21)[edit | edit source]

The Verdict used Laudna's immovable rod, which she'd used to jam a door and prevent their entry, to block the exit for Bells Hells. Bells Hells, after retrieving Wind Folly and defeating the clay golems, decided to rest in a side room and wait in the hopes of luring The Verdict into a room with a flamethrower trap, which Imogen could remotely trigger. This plan worked, and The Verdict took significant fire damage, many fleeing after the trap was tripped a second time. After a third and final use of the trap, Bells Hells went out and stabilized Hutchin. The Verdict asked the party if they had retrieved the earring, and Laudna successfully convinced them they had not, at which point Bells Hells continued on to Evon's bedroom. The Verdict had still not exited by the time Bell Hells left the museum grounds.

Members[edit | edit source]

Name Race Class Notes
Hutchin Dragonborn Probable rogue Spokesperson for the group. Carries a longsword or rapier, dagger, and crossbow.
Tejana Firbolg Unknown Carries no visible weapons
Unknown Katari Unknown Carries two shortswords
Unknown Human Unknown Carries a drum and a massive warhammer, wears no armor
Severo[5] Goblin Unknown Carries a light crossbow

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