The Re-Slayer's Take (series)

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The Re-Slayer's Take
Created by
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Theme music by""80s" Theme Song" by Chill Carrier
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No. of seasons1
No. of episodes5
First airedMay 20, 2024

The Re-Slayer's Take is an actual play podcast. The series is set in Exandria and follows the adventures of six mercenaries who have been rejected from the Slayer's Take. They form their own party, named The Re-Slayer's Take and fight monsters and other magical beings in Issylra.[1]


The series follows a six mercenaries who have been rejected from the Slayer's Take. They instead form their own adventuring party, The Re-Slayer's Take, to kill creatures that have returned from the dead throughout Issylra and fight The Timberblight and its undead army.[1][2]

It is an audio actual play podcast intended for an all-ages demographic. Episodes are edited, rather than live-to-tape like Critical Role.[1][2]

Cast and crew

The main cast consists of:

The series will also feature guest players, including Christian Navarro, Sam Riegel, and Dominic Monaghan.[2]

Many non-player characters are also voiced by guest actors, including Hannah Fagerbakke, Matthew McCollum, and Dylan McCollum.


  • Created by Nick Williams & George Primavera
  • Produced by George Primavera, Nick Williams, and Kirby Winslow
  • Logo art by Jordyn Torrence
  • Character art by Elaine Tipping[3]
  • "80s" theme song by Chill Carrier
  • Additional music by Zach Carlson ("Famous Friend")

Episodes and production

The Re-Slayer's Take premiered on May 20, 2024 with its first episode on podcast networks and its first three episodes on Beacon. Following episodes premiere on Beacon two weeks ahead of their regular release and without ads.[1]



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