The Re-Slayer's Take (group)

The Re-Slayer's Take
Official art of the Re-Slayer's Take, by Elaine Tipping.[art 1] From left to right: Farah, Heera, Frog, Idrin, Timpani, and Poogs.
Organizational information
TypeAdventuring party
BaseTimpani's apartment, Vasselheim
GoalsDefeat the undead raised by The Timberblight
EstablishedBetween 837 and 843 PD
Total members6
LeaderTimpani Guff
Notable members
RivalsChosen of the Spectral Hand (unknowingly)

The Re-Slayer's Take is an adventuring party based in Issylra, active at some time between 837 and 843 PD, and the protagonists of The Re-Slayer's Take podcast. The party formed in order to fight the undead spirits raised by The Timberblight, and created their own party after being rejected by the Slayer's Take.

Adventures[edit | edit source]

The marionettes[edit | edit source]

The party first met in the town of Himblewood some time between 837 PD and 843 PD,[fn 1] where Timpani Guff and Poogs posed as members of the Slayer's Take in order to find recruits to their cause. Each member had their reasons for wanting to join the Take: Frog and Idrin Shadowstep wanted to learn more about the world, while Farah Vallari and Heera Agneheart were simply in it for the money. Timpani tested them against a gelatinous cube that he had captured and welcomed them to the "Slayer's Take" once they defeated it.[1]

At his camp outside of town, Timpani told them a ghost story about Putridius Festerkin, or The Timberblight, an evil druid who was once a member of the Slayer's Take and had been defeated while attempting a ritual to gain the power of rot and decay.[1] Suddenly, the party was caught in an avalanche, and when it settled they were beset by marionette ghosts controlling snowmen. One captured Poogs and carried him through a portal, which the others couldn't pass. Here Timpani admitted to the party that he wasn't with the Slayer's Take, and had recruited them to fight these ghosts, which he believes have been brought back in undeath by the Timberblight. [2]

Timpani then got the idea to visit Gurt Stumpstuck for help and transported the party Via Plants to his home. There Gurt assumed that the four party members were "the chosen ones", and bestowed upon them the Weapons of the Spectral Hand, artifacts designed to hunt spirits.[2] Back at the portal, the weapons allowed the party to pass through, where they arrived in the Zenwick Mountains at the abandoned lair of Rimefang. After rescuing Poogs, they were beset by eight marionette ghosts, which animated the skeletal remains of the white dragon.[3]

After defeating the skeletal puppet and the ghostly plant that controlled it, Timpani sent an Animal Message to the Slayer's Take. Outside of Himblewood they met with Heldwell and Igor, where Timpani showed them Rimefang's skull as proof that monsters previously slain by the Take had been returning. Heldwell once again however denied this as well as the rest of the party's testimonies. After they left, the rest of the party promised to help Timpani fight these spirits. At his apartment in Vasselheim, Timpani named the group The Re-Slayer's Take.[3]

The whisperer[edit | edit source]

The Re-Slayer's Take traveled to Josgren's Hollow, which was beset by a whispering mouther and its will-o'-whispers during the town's annual Potion Con. As they arrived in town to investigate, they were confronted by Igor, who reminded them that Heldwell had told them to stop. As his yells attracted will-o'-whispers and was spirited away, the party did battle with them.[4] In the fight, Frog discovered that the spirits were attracted to and harmed by loud noises.[5]

Once the ghosts were defeated, the town's comptroller, Vaughn Josgren Jr., thanked and bribed them to release Janet, a bard who came into town and warned them to cancel Potion Con because of the whispering mouther and was arrested by Vaughn for suggesting so. They also spoke with a young child, Delphine, and her father, who told them that Vaughn was corrupt and had been hoarding the town's income.[5]

After breaking Janet out of jail, he turned out to be an old friend of Timpani's, and brought them to his caravan. There he outfitted the Re-Slayer's Take with instruments so they could create a racket and distract the spirit. Janet brought them to the whispering mouther's lair, a boat in a lake that Janet had seen via Clairvoyance. There they defeated the whispering mouther and rescued the Potion Congregates, as well as Igor, who thanked them and promised to put in a good word with Heldwell. Returning to Josgren's Hollow, the party humiliated Vaughn, Farah redistributed his wealth to the people, and within a few days Janet had been elected as the town's new mayor.[6]

Members[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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  1. The web series is set after the end of the Mighty Nein's adventures and before the formation of Bells Hells.


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