The Monster in the Mirror

"The Monster in the Mirror"
The Re-Slayer's Take episode
Episode no.Season 1, Episode 7
  • July 8, 2024
  • June 24, 2024 (subscribers)
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Episode chronology
"The Hungry Cloud" (RST 1x06)
"The Lost Light" (RST 1x08)
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"The Monster in the Mirror" (RST 1x07) is the 7th episode of the first season of The Re-Slayer's Take. Timpani leads the Re-Slayers to meet his old friend on a desolate, wind-blown island after receiving a distress call. The villagers in the island town seem friendly enough… maybe too friendly…

Summary[edit | edit source]

On a stormy evening, The Re-Slayer's Take arrives via Plants on Shoresight Isle. The party is tied together by ropes in case of another quicksand accident, but because the cliffside has eroded since Timpani was last on the island, the party nearly falls off the cliff as they step through the tree. Heera and Frog manage to catch the party onto the cliffside, and using them as an anchor the party is able to climb back up.

Timpani explains that they were called to the island by his friend Duderonomous, who said that ghosts haunt the whole town and "every ripple of the tides". As they travel through the village's empty streets towards the lighthouse to find Dudey, they pass by a villager. The man is lightly dressed and soaking wet, cheerily commenting on the inclement weather before continuing on. Farah muses that the man may be possessed by a ghost, though their weapons are inert, indicating no present spirits.

As they approach the lighthouse, they are met by Duderonomous, an older elf who seems scatterbrained and is surprised to see Timpani, having nearly forgotten he sent a message to him via seagull. As the party introduces themselves, another villager passes by, also lightly dressed and cheerfully commenting on the weather, saying the exact same thing as the other man, "Heck of a storm we're having!" Heera is deeply perturbed by this. Dudey mumbles to himself about the storm as well, before telling the party they should go to the Honeycomb Inn to get out of the storm.

The tavern is full of patrons, but only seemed to begin speaking as the Re-Slayers entered. Every patron greets them as they pass with the same "Heck of a storm we're having!" Duderonomous takes the party to a table at the back and tells them that Shoresight Isle's denizens are typically cranky loners and outcasts, but over the last month, villagers kept returning from the cliffs smiling pleasantly. He tells them that he's been seeing the spirit out of the corner of his eye and that it wants to take him. After researching in his library, he found that around 50 to 60 years ago the Slayer's Take came to Shoresight Isle to slay a monster in the depths below the island. The story is interrupted as a puddle of ale spills to their feet, the bartender sanding stock still while overfilling a glass. The patrons suddenly stand, and the Weapons of the Spectral Hand activate.

Farah, Idrin, and Frog see something shift in the ale's reflection: a tentacle resting on each of the villager's shoulders. Timpani and Dudey warn the party not to harm the villagers as they suddenly lunge forward. Idrin attempts to cast Sleep, but the villagers are immune to the spell. Farah shoots her crossbow at the invisible tentacle controlling one of the villagers, destroying it and knocking them out. The tracking gas fills the bar, making the shape of the invisible tentacles more visible. At Duderonomous and Timpani's suggestion, the party talks to the villagers throughout the battle, reminding them of their personal connections such as their family or hobbies. As they do, the villagers comes to their senses and immediately fall unconscious.

After the last villager is knocked out, Frog inspects the spilled ale seeing inside a three red lights, teeth, and tentacles barreling towards her. Her mind is suddenly wracked and is pulled into the puddle up to her waist, as though through a portal. Timpani and an Unseen Servant summoned by Dudey try to pull her out of the ale as Frog's mind continues to be wracked. The rest of the party pulls her out as Farah realizes this is a reflection ghost. Idrin tries to send his hawk familiar into the puddle, but it simply hits the wooden floor. Farah covers the puddle with rags.

As Frog recounts what she saw and draws it in her journal, Duderonomous recognizes the description and hurries the party back to the lighthouse. As they arrive inside, Duderonomous realizes in horror that the interior isn't his house. His head drops, then lifts to face the party, his eyes glowing red with a third on his forehead. He speaks in a new voice, saying that the house "is mine".

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Companions[edit | edit source]

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New[edit | edit source]

These characters have not previously appeared in The Re-Slayer's Take or any other Critical Role work, though they may have been previously mentioned.

  • Vilar and Pilar, brothers from Shoresight Isle

Mentioned[edit | edit source]

  • Persephone, daughter of a villager
  • Bernice, Vilar and Pilar's mother
  • Macchiato, Honeycomb Inn barkeeper's dog

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