The Mighty Nein Reunited Part 1 – Unfinished Business

"The Mighty Nein Reunited Part 1 – Unfinished Business"
One-shot episode
Episode no.Episode 50
AirdateNovember 17, 2022 19:00 PT
Running time4:32:44
Game systemDungeons & Dragons
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"The Mighty Nein Reunited Part 2 – Uk'otoa Unleashed" (OSx51)
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"The Mighty Nein Reunited Part 1 – Unfinished Business" (OSx50) is the first of the two The Mighty Nein Reunited episodes and the 50th one-shot.

In addition to the regular broadcasts on Twitch and YouTube, both parts of The Mighty Nein Reunited will be broadcast in select Cinemark theaters in the United States and South America. Part two will broadcast December 1, 2022.[1] Picking up several months after the events in Cognouza, The Mighty Nein have all started new chapters in their lives. However, when some discover that there are still old chapters yet to be closed, our unsung heroes must reunite for more stories untold…

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Pre-show[edit | edit source]

The Welcome to Wildemount album is out now!

Part I[edit | edit source]

The following serves as a prologue for Part II and "The Mighty Nein Reunited Part 2 – Uk'otoa Unleashed" (OSx51):

It is six months after the fall of Cognouza and the arrest of Trent Ikithon, and the Mighty Nein have continued on in their separate lives.

Veth, living in Nicodranas, is preparing for her first batch of campers at the Wildemount Wildlings. It is a sleep-away camp aimed at young teenagers, and includes both athletic activities and alchemy...and is free, thanks to a money-laundering arrangement with The Gentleman. As she goes through the city with Luc, whom she reminds not to sneak around inappropriately with the campers, she passes by Yeza's new shop: Brenatto's Better Self. She and Yeza discuss grapefruits as an ingredient as Luc sneaks off across the street.

Beau comes through the teleportation circle in the Cobalt Soul Zadash archive, and brushes off a guardian asking her a question, telling them she is off the clock and wants to preserve her work-life boundaries, but will be back in at 8 am the next day. She hurries home to the house she lives in with Yasha. Yasha has been working on a garden with advice from Caduceus, and the interior decor is cozy. Their home is small but has an office for Beau and a "woman cave" for Yasha. Yasha mentions that their neighbor, Martina Steward, has helped her a lot in learning how to cook, though when Beau comes home, Martina insinuates she'd like to be invited over. Yasha describes the dinner she has been making to Beau, who puts her feet up and complains that she's been going back and forth to Rexxentrum for work but the Cerberus Assembly has been laying low since Trent's arrest. Yasha plans to help at Veth's camp soon, and the two enjoy an otherwise relaxing evening.

In the Swavain Islands, Fjord, Jester, and Kingsley are on the Nein Heroez. They are working on developing a shipping company that Fjord is calling "Stone's Throw Shipping", though Jester dislikes the name. Fjord and Jester have a small apartment, as the Lavish Chateau felt like a strange place to stay for Fjord. Orly Skiffback approaches Fjord asking for a destination, and Fjord casts Augury using seashells. The result for heading west is "weal and woe", so Jester advises they go north, and encourages Fjord to be more confident in front of his crew. Kingsley tells him to just keep the ship from sinking, and Jester assures Fjord he's a good captain. Kingsley chats with Nyla Ko, the crew's powder monkey, as the ship heads north.

Caleb is finishing up a lecture at the Soltryce Academy; while Astrid Becke is working on getting him tenure, he currently is only a guest lecturer. He asks the students to consider how they will use their transmutation capabilities, and urges them to learn history as well as simply magic. The gnomish professor thanks Caleb, and a student thanks him as well, telling him she hopes he comes back. After the students leave, the gnome remarks that while Caleb's lectures are somewhat dramatic for his tastes, the students seem to like them and pay more attention, which is notable. Caleb leaves for home, muttering that he's not quite ready to work at the Academy full time yet. He has a small cottage, and grows green beans in the window boxes, and teaches students who were not accepted by the Soltryce Academy in his off time. He often puts up Widogast's Nascent Nein-Sided Tower in his cottage, and wonders if he will get a visit from Essek, as he sometimes does.

Back on the ship, Orly points out a storm in the north to Fjord, who recommends they try to steer around it. Orly grumbles but agrees, though he warns Fjord that it's approaching very fast and it might not be possible. Fjord finds Jester and Kingsley and the crew begins to batten down the hatches. The temperature drops, but Fjord feels a more intense cold, and then finds he cannot sense the Wildmother. Jester prepares to Control Water and casts Thaumaturgy in the meantime to enhance Fjord's speech to the crew, while Kingsley encourages them as well. The storm hits them, and Jester and Fjord are able to split the first large wave each using Control Water. In the next wave, Kingsley notices a massive humanoid figure. It does not ping Fjord's Divine Sense. Fjord casts Water Breathing on the crew, and as the wave crashes onto the ship, he suddenly feels as if he's drowning, and hears a familiar voice tell him "I found you."[2] He sees a massive yellow eye begin to open in his vision, and is brought back to reality by a flash of lightning. Fjord tells Jester and Kingsley that Uk'otoa has found him.

Orly takes the helm, Kingsley runs to the cannons, and Fjord uses the Star Razor to cast Fly on himself, all right before the storm giant's hand slams onto the deck. Kingsley fires the cannons, dealing a large amount of damage, but the giant is undeterred, and, after throwing lightning bolts at both Fjord and Jester, is joined by a number of deep scions. A scion mage asks for the traitor and the key, and they, the other scions, and the giant continue to attack. While Kingsley and Jester both get in good hits, Kingsley with his sword and Rite and Jester with Inflict Wounds, Jester is quickly knocked unconscious. Fjord uses his turn to cast Cure Wounds on her and then pulls the Cloven Crystal out of the Bag of Holding and holds it out. The giant tells him to give up the key, which Fjord does. The scion mage leaves, with Fjord telling them he'll see them again.

The giant then goes beneath the ship, and the lower decks begin to splinter. Jester prepares to cast Word of Recall but realizes that she can't take the whole crew. Kingsley throws his folding boat into the water and speaks the command word, telling the crew to all get in. All but Shelda Delles are able to make it in successfully, though Marius LePual needs a rescue from Kingsley. They begin to head towards the Twinward Isles, about half a day's travel away. The storm subsides unnaturally rapidly. Jester heals everyone who needs healing, and Fjord asks her if she can also cast Sending, recommending she contact Caleb first. The two worry about the power of Uk'otoa's servants, and whether their friends will be able to find them.

As we go to break, the Your Turn to Roll intro plays.

Part II[edit | edit source]

Jester casts Sending to Caleb, telling him that the ship sank and that Fjord gave away the last key to release Uk'otoa, and asks him to come and possibly bring Essek. Caleb messages her back asking where they are, and Jester sends him another message, telling him they're heading to the Twinward Isles, and to bring Beau and Yasha as well.

Jester then asks Fjord if she should contact Veth as well, and he noncommittally indicates it might be good, so she casts Sending to Veth. Veth is...busy, but tells her she will meet them there shortly.

Not long after, the crew of the sunken Nein Heroez reaches land. Orly tells Fjord that there are materials and that the crew can manage, but Fjord refuses to leave them. Orly immediately goes to sleep. Jester asks Fjord what the plan is and what he thinks will happen, and he tells her that they are far behind the storm giant, but their friends will eventually arrive, and if she wants to go back to Nicodranas, she can. Kingsley then asks who Uk'otoa is, since the incident felt like a personal vendetta against Fjord. Fjord tells him about his former pact with Uk'otoa and the seals. Kingsley remarks that it might have been wise to stay away from the ocean. Fjord admits he was carrying around the Cloven Crystal despite that, which Kingsley respects. Jester apologizes for getting knocked unconscious, but Fjord tells her that it's not her fault and that the storm giant would have killed them all. Kingsley leaves, realizing the conversation is getting intense, and Jester asks Fjord if he's okay, to which he responds that he's feeling disheartened, and that he still has terrible nightmares. Orly wakes up and leaves them alone as well as Jester tells Fjord that they've handled dangerous missions before and will be able to fix this.

Back in Rexxentrum, immediately after receiving the message from Jester, Caleb contacts Beau on a sending stone. Beau is...also busy, but quickly picks up and he catches her up on the events. After realizing what this means, Beau and Yasha become excited for the upcoming trip, and Caleb tells him he will be there in an hour. He then teleports to the Brenatto household. Veth meets him outside and grabs her things, and after she and Yeza have a slightly panicked conversation in which she asks him to cover the camp for the next day or two, Caleb brings her to Zadash. There, they meet Beau and Yasha and discuss their plans. They recall what they can about the Twinward Isles, which are sparsely populated but not deserted, and whether they should contact Essek or Caduceus. Yasha attempts to contact Caduceus, but nothing happens. Caleb tells them he'd rather rest before teleporting again, but Beau insists, so he uses his highest spell slot to teleport. Because he is not terribly familiar with the islands, they end up in the water about half a mile away; Beau and Yasha are able to swim, with Veth on Yasha's back, and Caleb Polymorphs into a shark. They all make it ashore and shout for Fjord and Jester.

Jester responds, and the Mighty Nein are reunited, with many hugs between Jester and the rest of the party. Fjord is staring into the fire. Jester tells the party that Fjord is upset having handed over the crystal, and Fjord tells the party the full story. Veth reassures him that fighting a vast supernatural force that could destroy the world and that no one else knows about is exactly in the Mighty Nein's wheelhouse. Fjord then uses Major Image to show them the third temple's location, in a jungle, behind three lights. Beau asks Fjord if he can ask the Wildmother for help, but he tells her that his relationship with Melora has not been good as of late. After some investigation and consulting the map, Fjord determines the final temple is on land, in the Cyrios End Forest.

The party then tries to figure out what to do next. Fjord gives Orly 100 gold to make their time on the Twinward Isles comfortable, but Caleb then realizes he can use the teleportation circle in Yussa Errenis's tower to transport everyone. Jester contacts Yussa, who tells her it's fine as long as they don't bother him, as it's the middle of the night. Caleb brings them to Tidepeak Tower, where they are quickly greeted by and ushered out by Wensforth. Dawn is breaking in Nicodranas, and Kingsley suggests they put up the crew at the finest establishment in town, so Jester directs them to the Lavish Chateau. She then brings the Mighty Nein to her and Fjord's home, which is beneath a water tower. Kingsley remarks that it's romantic that they can drown even upon land. Everyone then goes to sleep for their long rest, and wakes up in the afternoon.

After everyone remarks that Sprinkle seems to be thriving, and Jester picks up some pastries, they begin planning. The Cyrios End Forest is about three days away on foot and a day and a half or so on horseback; after much deliberation about Caleb's ability to teleport somewhere unfamiliar, they decide to go to the Wuyun Gates, with which they are familiar, and then Fjord, Jester, and Caleb can Polymorph into giant birds and carry the others. Jester then Scries, with commentary from Artagan, on the scion mage. She sees him with the Cloven Crystal and the storm giant; she cannot tell where they are, but they are on land and have not reached the jungle yet.

The party goes forward with their plans; the teleportation is uneventful and they begin flying. Kingsley notices a large humanoid figure reaching the outskirts of the forest. The party lands; Caleb (in eagle form) crashes into a tree whereas Beau, Veth, and Kingsley all attempt to one-up each other by landing in an elaborate stack. Yasha, Fjord, and Jester all land normally. Kingsley then updates the rest of the Mighty Nein on the giant's location. They begin their trek through the forest, with Veth offering scouting tips as practice for when she returns to her campers. It begins to rain, which they note seems tied to the storm giant and not natural weather patterns.

They come upon a camp that appears to have been violently attacked quite some time ago. Beau investigates, and in addition to the ruined tent and various skeletal remains, she finds an unused potion of greater healing and a mostly rotted journal, from which she retrieves two scraps: one which indicates something about the sun being dead, and another warning about venomous snakes and the light of "M". The party continues on, taking these into account.

They next come across a vine-covered, weathered statue of a female figure that Caleb and Fjord realizes is the Wildmother, and Fjord feels a small amount of warmth return. Jester is able to remove some of the vines, revealing a green jade stone in the statue's chest. Caleb casts Identify as a ritual; Jester tells Fjord that this may help him, though he is less sure, and Veth and Yasha discuss hanging food to keep it from bears. Caleb tells the group that the gem carries a blessing, and after some discussion Fjord takes it. It feels warm to him, but not to Veth or Kingsley.

They continue on, now followed by a somewhat loud monkey. They try to get away from it, realizing it might alert the giant and scions. As they do, Beau steps in some fungus, releasing poisonous spores that deal a small amount of damage to the party and poison Jester. Yasha carries Jester, who uses her Rod of the Solitary Scout to record the monkey, then leaves it in a tree to hopefully draw the monkeys, or the giant, away from them.

The Mighty Nein then come upon ruins that appear even older than the statue. Fjord notices them leading northwest. They also hear large footsteps to the west of them, and begin to run towards what they believe to be the temple. Jester casts Lesser Restoration to remove her poisoned condition. They find the temple, but when Beau attempts to climb a tree to get a better vantage point, she falls from the rotted tree, making a loud noise. The party rushes to hide in the temple, with Veth scouting ahead. She notices a path deeper in, flanked by falling trees, and also sees suns carved into the stone of the temple, which she avoids per the notes that Beau found. She Messages Fjord, but as she does, the storm giant's hand pushes into the temple entrance.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

This episode shares part of its title with the Campaign 1 episode "Unfinished Business" (1x100).

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

This is the first episode featuring the Mighty Nein with the cast together at the table since "High Seas, High Stakes" (2x99) was broadcast on March 12, 2020, over two and a half years prior. Immediately after "High Seas, High Stakes" (2x99), production was temporarily suspended to enact COVID-19 precautions, beginning the COVID-19 hiatus.[3] When Campaign 2 resumed, all episodes to the end of the campaign were recorded on a socially distanced set.[4]

Because Matt uses Otohan's echo miniatures in "The Mighty Nein Reunited Part 2 – Uk'otoa Unleashed" (OSx51) to represent Jester's duplicates,[5] both parts of this two-shot were likely filmed after the filming of "Blood and Dust" (3x33), in which Otohan first uses her echoes against Bells Hells. Furthermore, they were filmed before "The Momentum of Murder" (3x39), as in that episode Laura references the Wildemount Wildlings chant.[6]

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