The Mighty Nein Reunion: Echoes of the Solstice

"The Mighty Nein Reunion: Echoes of the Solstice"
One-shot episode
"The Mighty Nein Reunion: Echoes of the Solstice" (OSx54) thumbnail featuring Marisha Ray, Taliesin Jaffe, Laura Bailey, Sam Riegel, Travis Willingham, Ashley Johnson, Liam O'Brien, and Matthew Mercer.
Episode no.Episode 54
Live showOctober 25, 2023 6:30 BST
AirdateOctober 26, 2023 19:00 PT
Running time4:43:12
Game systemDungeons & Dragons
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"The Mighty Nein Reunion: Echoes of the Solstice" (OSx54) is a live show one-shot featuring the Mighty Nein that is concurrent with Campaign 3. It is set in 843 PD after the Apogee Solstice, depicted in "The Apogee Solstice" (3x51), set about six years after the Nein's previous appearance in "The Mighty Nein Reunited Part 1 – Unfinished Business" (OSx50) and "The Mighty Nein Reunited Part 2 – Uk'otoa Unleashed" (OSx51).

It was performed and recorded in London at OVO Arena Wembley,[1] and it was broadcast the following day on Critical Role channels and in Cinemark Theaters.[2] In the wake of the chaos after the Apogee Solstice, The Mighty Nein join forces yet again to deal with the rolling dangers suddenly unleashed...

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Pre-show[edit | edit source]

Daniel Sloss performs a brief set as everyone gets settled in; Ashley announces the Red Nose Day one shot with Sam Richardson and Tony Hale.

Part I[edit | edit source]

Beau and Caleb are transported from the Malleus Key in a flash of white light and are able to identify the location to which they have been transported as Incanter's Rest in Blightshore. Caleb finds that he is able to talk despite the Collar of Silence, and realizes it has been disenchanted. He and Beau argue briefly over whether she should punch it off, and he uses alchemy to change the material of the collar to wood so she can snap it instead, but he realizes this may mean similar items are disenchanted, such as the collar on Trent Ikithon. Caleb then Teleports them to the Blooming Grove, where Yasha was staying with Caduceus during the apogee solstice.

The Blooming Grove appeals healthy and thriving, and Calliope Clay greets them as Yasha runs out and has a warm reunion with Beau. Caduceus emerges from the house and immediately realizes he should pack a bag to leave as something is wrong. Constance Clay provides the group with a quick meal and Clarabelle Clay says she'll be "round 2" if they fall after Caleb describes the events at the Tishtan site and Ludinus's ritual. Beau, panicked, throws random items into her bag. They then Teleport again, to the deck of the Nein Heroez, which they find docked in Nicodranas. Fjord and Jester, below deck, hear their names being called, and Jester remarks that she has a headache as Sending is not working. They emerge and Caleb tells them that Ruidus has been tethered to a location in Marquet and that the Cerberus Assembly is lying to us. Jester wonders if Predathos would allow The Traveler to ascend, and Fjord points out the new ships owned by Stone's Throw Shipping as they continue on to the Brenatto residence. They notice that various escaped sea beasts have been out in the harbor and have been stabbed by the Zhelezo. Jester tries to cast Sending again to her mother and it fails, but the party runs into Bluud, who promises to convey her messages.

Veth is harried when she answers the door - not only is she dealing with a group of Wildemount Wildlings campers, Luc is now a teenager and is being extremely difficult. Yeza comes out and greets the group, and Caleb outlines the situation and asks Veth to join them so the Mighty Nein can reunite to face this threat. Jester attempts to Scry on Trent, but is unable to. The party discusses what to do and decides that starting with something small and manageable, like finding Trent, would be a good start. Veth apologizes but says she cannot leave the campers, at which point Luc bursts from his room and angrily tells her that she's being a coward. Caleb tells him to listen to his mother, though Jester is more supportive. Jester then tries Sending again, which fails, and she mentions Kingsley is probably worried, to which Veth notes that Kingsley helped bring back Luc when he ran away trying to adventure last month. Caleb begins to draw the Teleportation Circle to the Cobalt Soul in Rexxentrum, despite Veth not being able to join them, and the Nein enter the circle. Just as it is closing, Luc sprints across the room carrying a bag and leaps in after everyone else.

Official art of the Mighty Nein, by Wesley Griffith.[art 1]

The Mighty Nein are greeted by the guards of the Rexxentrum Archive, who tell Beau that Yudala Fon is busy in Castle Ungebroch and then ask who's with her, at which point the party realizes Luc's presence. They angrily tell him Veth will kill him. Luc tries to show he's ready to fight alongside them, but Yasha catches his fist and Caleb Counterspells his cantrip and encases him in a Wall of Force. Luc argues his case, and manages to convince Jester and Fjord. Caduceus finally tells Luc that if he's with them, he may as well help. Caleb tells Luc he will be keeping an eye on him and reserves the right to send him home at any time, and Caduceus casts Death Ward on Luc.

One of the Cobalt Soul guards, Ovedo, comes over to Beau and tells her that the disenchanted vault appears to have been infiltrated, but it is heavily trapped: would she and her friends be able to investigate? He directs her to another guard, Vlithear, whose eisfuura companion tells her that he sent Aggy to deal with it but hasn't heard back. Beau is unfamiliar with Aggy, but the guards do seem truthful and worried, so the Mighty Nein enter the vaults. They are immediately met by a Magic Mouth in Trent's voice, who taunts Caleb (using the name Bren) and tells him he is now refined and renewed by his time in prison, and invites him to discover the secrets in this library.

The Mighty Nein hear a small explosion and find a dwarf monk. Beau is unable to overtake him and instead takes the tonic wine he offers, and asks if he's Aggy, to which he responds he is. He is unsure what to do next, but Fjord uses the Star Razor to cast See Invisibility and notices a hidden door, which he attacks with an Eldritch Blast. Aggy follows Fjord's lead and headbutts the wall. The door opens, but a rune deals signficant necrotic damage to Aggy, which causes him to vomit. Caduceus heals him, to which Aggy responds by asking if he's a horse; Aggy also notices Luc and tries to appear more cool to him. In the next hallway, another Magic Mouth appears, this time threatening Essek: Trent tells Caleb that he will tell the Bright Queen of Essek's betrayal, at which point Caleb remarks to the rest of the party that perhaps they went too easy on Trent before. The Mighty Nein continue into the vault, where there are a number of lockboxes. Aggy ignores Beau's warning about further dangerous runes, and falls down the stairs as another is activated, avoids a second rune of a ghostly demonic face that attempts to bite him, and then headbutts one of the lockboxes. He is immediately Disintegrated by the rune upon it.

Caleb investigates the room and finds footprints and a slightly ajar lockbox. Luc offers to help check for traps, and, as he does have Veth's Mage Hand abilities, Caleb permits him to do so. The open box is not trapped, and has a piece of paper inside. The Magic Mouths start up again, praising pain as a teaching tool but warning against recklessness, and Caleb and Beau both notice an open entryway. Luc verifies the trap on this door was already dispelled, and they continue in. There is an illusion of Caleb's childhood home in Blumenthal, burning, and the voice tells him that dinner will be waiting.

The Mighty Nein comfort Caleb, who tells them he is fine, but he thinks it is time to finally kill Trent. However, first, he wants to talk to Luc. Luc makes his case: he has a potion he stole from his father, and the Aeorian Security Cannon he took from Veth. This convinces some of the Mighty Nein, but not Caleb. Meanwhile, Caduceus casts Truesight on Beau and she investigates the room, and locates the two items that appear to have been taken. Their names are still on the boxes from which they were stolen: Athtiri Menthal, and Adrenus Sap. The former is a silver object that is used to contain powerful beings; the latter, an ichor tied to abyssal lords that can be used to bind oneself to them or vice versa. Beau relays this to the group, and they go to Beau's office in the archive, where Caleb casts Widogast's Nascent Nein-Sided Tower so they can rest and prepare.

Part II[edit | edit source]

Jester casts Heroes' Feast, which everyone enjoys, and Caleb then takes Luc to the top of the tower and gives him his Stone of Good Luck, attuning himself back to his Ring of Evasion instead. He tells Luc to stay close. and then casts Wish to replicate the effect of the spell Simulacrum and divvies up his components. Luc compliments Caleb on his teaching, at which Caleb casts Mind Blank on himself, and goes to bed. Beau and Yasha, and Fjord and Jester, each spend passionate nights together; Caduceus prays for earplugs. They awaken the next morning and Beau warns Caleb to keep his head. Luc drinks the potion and finds himself filled with skill and confidence.

The party prepares for their entry: Fjord casts Crown of Stars on himself and invokes the Marine Layer; Jester casts Pass Without Trace and casts a Death Ward on Fjord. Caduceus puts a new Death Ward on Luc. Caleb casts Fortune's Favor on everyone. The simulacrum of Caleb Polymorphs into a saber tooth tiger, and they all approach the house in the early dawn. It appears exactly as Caleb remembers it...despite it having burned. Caleb uses his Ring of Telepathy to tell Trent he is here; Trent remarks that it's a little later than expected but invites him in. Caleb tells Trent he has his own lesson for him. He realizes magic has reshaped the current building. Before he enters, he tells Beau that if something happens to him, get Luc out of here. Beau tells him not to talk like that, and Caleb enters.

The interior is exactly as Caleb remembers it from his childhood; it smells like breakfast and has a few well-worn books, including Der Katzenprinz. Fjord uses Divine Sense and can sense two undead presences, and the rest of the Mighty Nein take positions: Caduceus stays outside with Luc, Beau and Yasha go around the back, and Fjord and Jester enter the building. Caleb goes into the dining room and sees his parents, along with Trent, who appears older and more gaunt. Leofric and Una both address and greet Caleb, who responds that it is good to see them, but don't they think it's strange that they appear the same even though he is over 20 years older? His insight check reveals that these are not his parents, and he asks Trent what this is for. Trent tells him it is to better each other, as his parents tell him they're proud. Jester apologizes before Turning Undead, which both the creatures that look like Caleb's parents fail to resist. Trent says this is unkind, and the table in the house blows up in a fireball. All three members of the Mighty Nein within the house succeed on the save, and Fjord's Blast Scepter and Jester's Ring of Fire Resistance further reduce the damage to them. Combat begins.

Jester Invokes Duplicity and casts Spiritual Weapon, which hits Trent and yet he seems to dodge it. Yasha brings out her wings and flies into the house and sees the scene; Beau walks in and punches Trent which he again seems to oddly dodge. She then turns to the undead and is able to successfully hit them instead, though she takes a small amount of fire damage on melee hits. She calls out to the others that Trent isn't really here; this is just a projection or similar. The image of Trent flies into the air and casts Meteor Swarm, dealing both fire and bludgeoning damage; only Caduceus takes the full brunt of the damage, but it is considerable to all. Fjord puts his Hexblade's Curse on Trent but Trent still dodges the first Eldritch Blast so Fjord instead shoots the rest at the undead Leofric, who is beginning to look rough. When he tries to move, Beau uses her sentinel attack, then attacks again with her additional reaction from Mind of Mercury when he turns his attacks on her, and is able to finish off the undead creature. Trent attacks with Chain Lightning, which Caleb tries to Counterspell but cannot as the spell's source is hidden. The original Caleb is knocked unconscious, but his simulacrum, on whom Luc is riding, changes into a Tyrannosaurus Rex. The T-Rex attacks the undead Una. Jester notices a flash of light in the vicinity of a tree, and Luc casts See Invisibility and is able to see the real Trent behind the tree, which he calls out to the rest of the party. Caduceus, badly injured and aware Caleb is knocked out, casts Mass Heal which brings the party up to full health.

Jester runs to the tree and casts Anti-Magic Field, which reveals the invisible Trent to everyone. Yasha dashes over; she cannot attack but she does use her battle cry to inspire the others. Beau runs over, and while her initial attacks do not hit, her Flurry of Blows does. Trent resists her attempts to Stun, but she is able to determine he is resistant to spells and magical damage, and tells this to the party. Trent, unable to spellcast within Jester's range, pulls out the egg of Omentis and cracks it. He becomes bound to it and the rapid appearance of the creature deals force damage to Jester and Yasha. The creature begins marching towards the center of Blumenthal. Fjord casts Fly on himself with his sword and moves his hex to the new creature; Caleb, waking up from unconsciousness, Shapechanges into the form of Gelidon and gets into melee with Omentis. Luc casts Enlarge on the T-Rex he is riding. Omentis lashes out at Fjord, who dodges it with his Armor of Hexes. Caduceus casts Holy Weapon on Yasha's sword. The people of Blumenthal run screaming away from the event.

Jester casts Gate and brings Artagan through to assist them. He casts Chain Lightning, which hits, but does not do significant damage. Yasha hits twice, dealing a massive amount of damage each time. Beau lands two hits and in doing so makes Omentis no longer resistant to cold damage, setting up Caleb (as Gelidon). Omentis emits a pulse of necrotic damage, which kills the people of Blumenthal in the vicinity outright, and deals damage to the members of the Mighty Nein. It then uses Ire of Oblivion and deals significant damage to Yasha, though Beau gets in a reaction attack as a result. Caleb is able to see Trent hanging like a puppet within this creature. Beau gets a second reaction, though she cannot stop Omentis as it moves. Fjord, on its back, deals two strikes with the Star Razor and uses a Divine Smite, which deals significant damage to the undead and Abyssal Omentis. It strikes at Fjord again, but Armor of Hexes continues to prevent it from hitting him. Caleb, still a white dragon, uses his ice breath to deal significant cold damage to the creature. He also uses his ability to frighten the people of Blumenthal so that they will run away to safety rather than be frozen in dread. The T-Rex version of Caleb then attacks and gets in several hits, and Luc notices the egg in Omentis's chest and shoots it along with a Brenatto's Voltaic Bolt. It causes the form of Omentis to waver, though does not destroy it yet, and Luc tells the party to aim for the egg. Caduceus prays to the Wildmother and makes the form of Omentis clear, so that everyone can see Trent and the egg easily within, then deals radiant damage to both Trent and the egg; Trent is not in his body and so is immune to the blindness of this ability, but does take damage.

Jester tries to cast Guiding Bolt with Artagan's help, but misses. Yasha tries to attack the egg, but misses it as well. Beau then leaps and is able to pull the egg from Omentis's chest and throw it into the dragon's mouth, which kills the creature. Trent's essence is pulled into the egg, and Caleb breaths on and smashes the artifact, though the egg remains, sealed. Caleb drops his dragon form to find that while some in Blumenthal have fallen, many more have been saved by the Mighty Nein. Jester uses her Divine Intervention to ask Artagan to hang out with them and help clean up the village, which he does. Caleb casts Demiplane and seals the egg inside it. The party welcomes Luc to the Mighty Nein, though they warn him he is still probably grounded. Luc is elated, but also admits he was terrified and wants to go home and join them again at a later time. Beau promises to take him back after they celebrate tonight. Fjord proposes to Jester, who accepts. Caleb casts the tower again and the cats begin preparing a feast for Blumenthal, and a party begins, though overhead, the visible leylines of the ongoing apogee solstice are visible, indicating more work is yet to come.

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Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

  • Before this one-shot, where all characters were level 20, the cast had 2-3 test battles playing as the Mighty Nein at level 20.[3]
  • When preparing for the episode, Matt planned for Trent to escape his encounter with the Nein. Trent was going to throw Omentis egg into the middle of Blumenthal, forcing the party to choose between capturing/killing Trent or saving the village. However, he was unable to escape due to Jester's Antimagic Field, collectively with the approaching Yasha and Beau (who had Sentinel feat that halts the escape of an adjacent enemy). Trent was forced to absorb the egg and tether himself to Omentis, swaying the chance in his favor.[4]
  • CR Productions booked Wembley Arena until 11:00 PM, but the show delayed and the company had to pay a fine.[5]

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