The Mighty Nein Origins: Caduceus Clay

The Mighty Nein Origins: Caduceus Clay
The cover, featuring Caduceus Clay
SeriesCritical Role: The Mighty Nein Origins
Issue number8
Creative team
ArtistSelina Espiritu[1]
LettererAriana Maher[1]
ColoristEren Angiolini[1]
Cover artistGus Allen[1]
Publication information
PublisherDark Horse Comics
Publication dateJune 4, 2024
TimelineBetween 816 and 835 PD
Preceded byThe Mighty Nein Origins: Beauregard Lionett

The Mighty Nein Origins: Caduceus Clay is the eighth issue of Critical Role: The Mighty Nein Origins, written by Kendra Wells with direction from Matthew Mercer and Taliesin Jaffe and with art by Selina Espiritu. It will be published by Dark Horse Comics on June 4, 2024.[1] The comic explores the backstory of Jaffe's player character Caduceus Clay.

Publisher's summary[edit | edit source]

Generations of the Clay family have tended to the careful rituals in the Blooming Grove. But when corruption begins to creep in on their sacred space, the Clays depart one by one to seek answers. Soon young Caduceus and Clarabelle are the only ones left, and when a dangerous burial quest falls to Caduceus, he must leave the Grove to do the family's work.

— Publisher's summary[2]

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Returning[edit | edit source]

These characters previously appeared in Campaign 2.

Publication[edit | edit source]

The Mighty Nein Origins: Caduceus Clay is scheduled for publication by Dark Horse Comics with a June 4, 2024 release for book retailers and a June 5, 2024 release for comic shops.[1]

ISBN Released Publisher Format Price Ref.
June 4, 2023 Dark Horse Comics Hardcover $17.99 [1]

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