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The Menagerie
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The Menagerie is an adventuring party based in the world of Lochspire. They are the protagonists of the Daggerheart One-Shot miniseries.

Adventures[edit | edit source]

"Critical Role plays Daggerheart" (OSx57)[edit | edit source]

The Menagerie, while looking for work in Fort Overmarsh, took a job from several members of the Velvet Grove to investigate a corruption of the water and strange behavior from the animals there. In the Emerald Sky timberland, they met with a retired adventurer, Everett Cole, who provided them with directions to reach the Velvet Grove and recommends they find Wild Cullen, a ranger and friend of his. The party set off, where they saw signs of corruption on their path and encountered Echo, an owl, who told them this was a place of Ondra. Xarlo, a follower of Ondra, showed it his holy symbol, and Echo left after asking questions of other party members and being pleased with their honesty. They then fought three hedge bears, killing two and healing one of the corruption that caused it to attack. Pango and Bunnie both found the river, and noted the similarities of its corruption to the Seep and the red mists that affected their respective homes. As the party traveled along the river, Xarlo found the body of Wild Cullen, seemingly killed in a surprise attack. The party was quickly attacked by crab-like skitterfish and a Timber Serpent, which they defeated before laying Cullen to rest and continuing on. Upon locating the Grove, Kexon recalled that the fane itself must be damaged or corrupted, leaving it unprotected. As the group explored, Xarlo beseeched Ondra again and Boko, the guardian of the fane, came to life. The party also noticed the Seep Abscess in the spring, tainting it. After a fight, Danté and Pango were able to destroy the abscess, and Boko immediately recovered. It apologized, and when Sweetpea asked for more detail it told the group that a strange pilgrim had come by the previous week. When it took on the form of the pilgrim to show them, Bunnie recognized the person as Dyson[fn 1] Brouche, a regular at the Lily Locket Lounge where she worked.

"The Menagerie Returns!" (OSx58)[edit | edit source]

The Menagerie traveled towards Bunnie's home of Luhlvale in pursuit of Dyson, though Pango split off to search for more information on the Seep. Upon reaching the city, they went to the Lily Locket Lounge where Bunnie learned her idol Mafauna was back in town and her friend Lamont had been injured. Bunnie's boss permitted her to take Lamont's slot in the night's revue. The group spoke with Lamont, who told them Dyson was in town, gambling at the various casinos, and Sweetpea was able to locate him. The group went to the Back and Bones Casino, where Bunnie was able to trick Dyson into following her into the bathrooms, where she interrogated him, learning that Mortimer of the Crowatona family had paid him to deposit an item at the Velvet Grove. She then used Recant to wipe his memory. As they exited the bathroom, a number of guards approached Dyson, and the party fled, escaping a tail from more guards. Xarlo used his connection with Ondra to have a vision of Mortimer and found he was in a subterranean basement, and the group decided to go into the city's sewers to find him. There, they were able to get past a grate via Oppy's magic and came to a brick enclosure, which, when they tapped on it, opened, revealing the basement, as well as a number of guards ready to attack. The Menagerie fought the guards, and when Mortimer came out, Bunnie put him to sleep and Xarlo stole a gem he was wearing around his neck. When Mortimer was awakened he became furious and tried to take back the gem, but Xarlo, entranced by it, was able to escape and hide. Bunnie, using Recant again, was able with the help of the rest of the party to convince Mortimer they were searching for jewel thieves and were there to help him, and they left, but Mortimer's sister, who had been in the fight and gathered more reinforcements, told him the truth. Most of the Menagerie were able to flee back past the grate with Kexon and Oppy's magic and escape to the surface, but they were unable to take Bunnie, and Sweetpea stayed behind with her. The two were caught by the Crowatonas and woke up, restrained, in the basement.

"Ménagerie a Trois" (OSx60)[edit | edit source]

Danté, Kexon, Oppy, and Xarlo decided, after Xarlo discovered the properties of the amulet he had stolen, to try and find Sweetpea and Bunnie through another route on the ground level. Meanwhile, Mortimer interrogated his two captives, threatening them with death. Sweetpea and Bunnie told him they were not sent by anyone specifically and merely were investigating the Seep. Mortimer revealed that he had been given a Seep gem by a mysterious baron, which he used to infect the Gulch Bottom Mine, a competitor, and was then tasked to place a similar gem in the Velvet Grove, hence hiring Dyson. When he moved to kill them, Bunnie slipped her bonds, attacked him, and teleported to the exit of the sewers where they were reunited with the others in their party. Sweetpea used a spell to disguise them all as Lily Locket Lounge dancers to avoid the Crowatonas, and they went back to the lounge for Bunnie's performance. Kexon and Oppy infiltrated the crowd to learn more and located Clive, a foreman; Bunnie and the others performed, despite multiple attempts at sabotage onstage including grease on the floor, cut silks for aerial work, and ball bearings released at the finale. Mafauna then went on for the finale, and Sweetpea in turn sabotaged her by shaking the staircase on which she was singing, causing her to fall. A fight broke out between The Menagerie and Mafauna and her dancers; after knocking out her dancers and stunning Mafauna, the party fled for the mine. There, they convinced a guard to let them in and slipped past him. As they went through the mine, they noticed the crystals within had gone dark, and came upon a crushed mercenary whom Sweetpea determined had been killed by a wall collapse while fleeing a hydra-like creature. They then came upon another crystalseep abscess like the one in the Velvet Grove, as well as the hydra. After a brutal fight, they were able to defeat both the abscess and the hydra, clearing the mine of its corruption.

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  1. Called Dylan in this episode, but Dyson in the following one.