The Legend of Zelda One-Shot: Lookout, Here We Come!

"The Legend of Zelda One-Shot: Lookout, Here We Come!"
One-shot episode
"The Legend of Zelda One-Shot: Lookout, Here We Come!" (OSx52) thumbnail.
Episode no.Episode 52
AirdateMay 30, 2023 19:00 PT
Running time5:05:01
Game systemPowered by the Apocalypse hack
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"The Legend of Zelda One-Shot: Lookout, Here We Come!" (OSx52) is a one-shot that takes place in the world of Hyrule from The Legend of Zelda. The one-shot uses a homebrew system based on Powered by the Apocalypse, adapted in collaboration with Nintendo Treehouse, the product development division of Nintendo of America.[1]

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Part I[edit | edit source]

It's been some time since the hero Link vanquished Calamity Ganon after his 100-year reign of terror, and the lands of Hyrule have enjoyed a relative peace since. In this environment, the researcher Purah and her colleagues have set up at the fort in Lookout Landing and begun investigating some of the remaining mysteries of Hylian history, including the ancient Zonai people. Purah tasks the Rito researcher Marga with leading an expedition into the Faron jungle to investigate Zonai ruins that have been discovered there. Marga brings with her Rito friend and protector Tota, her closest friend Yolo, a Zora soldier and jock, the Goron soldier Dink, an eager lad in his late teens or early 20s, and Babson (or "Babs" for short), a Hylian builder proud to work for Hudson Construction, who will create a base of operations for their survey team.

As the team crests the mountain and first gazes upon the valley of Zonai ruins, they find that three lizalfos armed with polearms have arrived before them and set up camp around a fire. Giving up any possibility for stealth or surprise, Dink quickly runs and rolls down the hill with Tota in close pursuit. Yolo kills two keese that attempt to attack Marga and him. Dink swings his sword in a wide circle, killing one of the lizalfos. Babson kills the other two after imitating Dink's strategy.

The party is hungry and decides to cook food at the fire. They scavenge for ingredients around the ruins. Dink finds and eats a rock. He and Babs each find an acorn. Babs has some good luck cooking the acorn together with a mighty thistle from Marga, but Dink fails to cook his acorn. Marga feels pity for Dink and pretends that her meal is what he cooked. He feels generous in response and offers her some pebbles that she gamely attempts to swallow. Yolo can't figure out how to cook his mealy apple and so consumes it raw.

Suddenly the earth trembles and quakes and the sky turns a dark purple. They hear sounds of tearing as well as heavy, distant thuds. It starts raining and islands descend through the clouds and hover in the sky, with one piece from an island breaking off and nearly hitting the group as it plummets to the ground. Yolo observes the stone has Zonai carvings and was part of a subterranean structure, and contained several Zonai artifacts. The air tastes sour and rotten, and the party realizes that their weapons have decayed and are more fragile.

A Zonai soldier construct emerges from the stone and attacks Marga, who notices it has a power source in its belly before killing it with her bow and arrow. Three fire chuchus emerge from the bushes to join the fight, two of which Babs quickly kills. Dink stabs the third chuchu in its heart. Yolo is bleeding out and Dink tries to heal him by stuffing rocks in his mouth. Dink confides in Tota that he liked killing the chuchu, weirding out Tota, who flies over the land to survey the changes. In addition to the islands in the sky, there are now fissures and chasms in the ground. Hyrule Castle is suspended in the air, buoyed by Gloom energy, and the lands of Hyrule have grown more treacherous. Tota senses it is more important that they get to safety than continue their research.

Part II[edit | edit source]

Tota reports back and says they need to leave the ruins immediately. Marga combines the Zonai cart, power source, and big wheel to move them quickly out of the valley and through the jungle, with Tota scouting ahead. As they approach the Finra Woods, Tota whistles an alarm as a cluster of bokoblins emerges and begins hurling balls of electrical energy at them. After Marga goes unconscious when a fire chuchu jelly she attaches to Tota's arrows backfires, Babson takes control of the cart and leads them through enemies scattered amongst the trees. The bokoblins mostly can't keep up with the Zonai powered cart. Two fire on Tota but Yolo hurls a shock fruit at them, allowing Tota to spiral out of the way and land next to Yolo, quietly thanking him while staying vigilant.

Babson leads them to a Zonai excavation site in a cavern nearby that they can use as a shortcut back to Lookout Landing. As they arrive in its dark interior, they see a larger Zonai captain construct on patrol and inspecting the relics, blocking their path to the exit on the opposite side. Yolo and Dink manage to sneak by and retrieve some ancient devices on a platform. Tota distracts the captain by activating a bullet-shaped rocket that ricochets into the opposite wall, while Marga fires an arrow with a Zonai stake into its shoulder. Babson runs up to pin the construct by slamming the stake into the wall behind it. Marga fires up their getaway vehicle, and Dink narrowly grabs Babs as they rush up the ramp of the opposite tunnel. As they reach the outside, the construct fires another rocket that cracks the back of the cart, sending them tumbling into a road with a full view of the Bridge of Hylia that leads to their destination.

They approach the bridge where they can see other geographic changes from the Upheaval: though the waterfalls still cascade down into the lake, one hillside has a giant glowing glyph carved into it and the lake on their right has a gargantuan whirlpool spiraling into the depths. Babs has salvaged a piece of hover stone from the cart's main slab, and Marga combines it with the battery and a large fan. They all climb onto the hover stone and whir across the bridge. At the halfway point, a three-headed fire-breathing gleeok leaps off a nearby pillar to intercept them. Tota flies up and fires an explosive arrow at one head but is blasted by fireballs in the back by the other two, and falls over the side of the bridge unconscious. Babson maneuvers the hover stone over the side to try to catch them, but it impacts the water hard and dislodges Dink who immediately begins to sink. Yolo dons his goggles and dives in to save him as Marga rescues Tota and attaches a rocket to their cart. Three balls of fire impact on the water behind them as they blast to the opposite shore, the gleeok relinquishing pursuit. The rocket peters out and the hover stone crashes, sending them all flying and rolling on the ground.

An older Hylian man, Kadav, comes running towards the party. He's part of a Monster-Control Crew, and his other three crewmates have been taken hostage in a nearby Bokoblin stronghold at the Gatepost Town Ruins. The party accompanies him there, where the structure has three major platforms with huts and baskets of weapons. They can see two of the crewmembers tied up and being harassed by bokoblins and two aerocudas, large flying frog-like creatures.

Yolo slinks up through the grass and takes out the two patrollers circling around the base with his polearm while Babs and Dink rush up together and take out another. Tota kills an aerocuda with fire arrows as the other attacks them with its claws. Marga kills that aerocuda by stabbing it in the back of its neck with an electric arrow. Yolo takes out another bokoblin at point blank range with a boomerang to the face.

Three more bokoblins emerge from the structure, including their very large leader. He uses the smaller bokoblins as projectiles and blunt weapons without a care for their safety, knocking Tota, Yolo, and Babson unconscious. After Marga feeds them a healing golden apple, Tota stabs the leader with a sword that shatters inside his chest. Marga explodes the tent directly behind the boss bokoblin with an electric arrow that hits a combustible barrel inside. She runs to the top level of the structure and jumps down onto the leader, bringing a two-handed hammer onto his head while yelling "YOLO!", knocking him to the ground. He laughs, takes the hammer from her grasp and knocks her unconscious with it, before charging back up the structure. Protecting Babs' body, Dink swings his sword at the leader in an out-of-control wide circle, sending the boss bokoblin plummeting into the grass on his back, dead.

Dink and Kadav rouse the three unconscious party members and untie and free the other Monster-Control Crew. All return to the fort at Lookout Landing, where they're met by the Hudson Construction crew, researchers, and soldiers and brought to an interior resting place with blankets, food and hot drinks. They enjoy some respite and reflect on their adventures. Babs and Dink plan to go on a date with her two sets of twin boys. Marga and Tota also decide to rekindle their old relationship. The sun breaks through the storm as a glimmer of hope, while an unnamed swordsman with muddy boots arrives at Lookout Landing.

Featured characters[edit | edit source]

Player characters[edit | edit source]

NPCs[edit | edit source]

  • Kadav, Hylian member of the Monster Control Crew

Mentioned NPCs[edit | edit source]

  • Purah, Sheikah researcher and leader of Lookout Landing
  • Hudson, Hylian head of Hudson Construction
  • Kilton, Hylian monster enthusiast
  • Droson, captured Monster Control Crew member
  • Rattak, captured Monster Control Crew member
  • Tudo, captured Monster Control Crew member

Quotations[edit | edit source]

  • Yolo: The Zora have an ancient saying. "You only live a single time in Hyrule." Except for that one guy.[2]
  • Babs: Sometimes proximity to danger can be delicious.[3]

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