The Glorious Ones

The Glorious Ones
Official art of The Glorious Ones, by Annalise Jensen.[art 1] From left to right: Sarge and Ethel, Bobby, Bramble, Ranthiel, and Scanlan.
Organizational information
TypeAdventuring Party
Established~790 PD
Total members5
Notable members

The Glorious Ones are an adventuring party formed on Athova-Rae in the Shattered Teeth to provide security for a festival.

History[edit | edit source]

The Musetide Festival[edit | edit source]

Elder Aldafud hired the group to provide security for the Musetide Festival in Drobanagos, after they came to his defense in a bar brawl. A few days prior to the festival, a strange woman named Ligeia approached the group looking for help finding her sister, who had possibly been taken by people from a strange ship docked near the coastal caves of the island. They agreed, and began their journey through the jungle. On the way, an egg that Bobby Socks had found began to crack, and when Ranthiel Volthor hit it with an Eldritch Blast, the force knocked it towards a small clearing known as the Grove of Enlightenment. In this grove, they found an apple that could speak to them telepathically, and after judging it to be a boon, Sarge took it.

They continued, and then came upon a trap, which led to a brief fight in which they killed three of the kobolds who had set it and let the last one live. Around this time, Sarge saw a face in the mists which belonged to a merchant whom he had wrongfully been accused of murdering. The group reached the coast, at which point two women emerged from the caves and told the party there were bad men within, but Sarge became suspicious. When The Glorious Ones hesitated, the women revealed themselves to be sirens looking for a sacrifice and charmed Bobby, who followed them into the cave. The others followed stealthily and found the sirens in the process of a ritual to control a massive crab they referred to as the Dreamer. Ranthiel interrupted a portion of the ceremony, and after Bramble cast Faerie Fire, a fight broke out. Sarge focused his attacks on the crab. Ranthiel killed Ligeia, and Bramble the two other women; Scanlan was knocked unconscious. With the spirit calling for vengeance and the apple promising guidance, Sarge ate the apple, which screamed the entire time, and with the massive strength he gained, killed the crab.

They then returned with the crab meat to the festival, only to realize at the end that they had killed the guardian of the village. Dr. Dranzel told Scanlan he had passage for the band to Tal'Dorei, and the others decided to join them.[1]

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