The Frozen Puppet

"The Frozen Puppet"
The Re-Slayer's Take episode
Episode no.Season 1, Episode 3
  • June 3, 2024
  • May 20, 2024 (subscribers)
Running time52:56
Special guest
Dylan McCollum as Spectral Hand Stranger
Episode chronology
"The Bog House" (RST 1x02)
"The Voiceless Village" (RST 1x04)
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"The Frozen Puppet" (RST 1x03) is the third episode of the first season of The Re-Slayer's Take. Finding themselves in a spectral tundra, the party delves deeper into caves once explored by the legendary adventurers, Vox Machina.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The party passes through the barrier, emerging not in the Vesper Timberland, but instead in a blizzard at the base of the Zenwick Mountains. Heera shivers in the cold, and Frog offers her poncho, inadvertently revealing her robotic body. Frog explains that she doesn't know what she is, and that the monks that took her in told her to conceal herself for safety. The party moves to rescue Poogs, and sees a lone marionette vine, which Farah shoots with her crossbow. It vanishes beneath the snow, but leaves a trail of red smoke that the party follows to a cave.

Seeing large gashes in the cave walls, they realize this is the abandoned lair of Rimefang, the white dragon slain by members of the Slayer's Take and Vox Machina nearly thirty years ago. Poogs cries for help from further in and the party enters, Timpani leading the way. They enter the dragon's den, which is bathed in a green light, and find Poogs trapped within the rib cage of Rimefang's skeleton. From behind a ledge, at the source of the green light, eight marionette tendrils emerge and puppet Rimefang's skeleton, though it is missing its wings, as well as the teeth and claws that Vox Machina harvested for the Take. Poogs falls from the rib cage as the marionettes hoist the skeleton onto the ledge.

As combat begins, Idrin casts Enlarge on Frog. Farah tries to shoot the skeleton, but it dodges and scrapes the ceiling, sending chucks of ice crashing down onto Farah. The skeleton unleashes a round of attacks on Timpani, thrashing him in its toothless mouth, then slamming him into the wall with its tail. Heera slashes at one of the vines with her rapier, destroying it as it retracts back over the ledge. Frog pummels another, her gloves creating an orb of light as the hit impacted, destroying a second vine. Poogs and Timpani free Farah from the ice, and Timpani casts Healing Spirit.

Spectral tendrils emerge from the walls attempting to restrain everyone, successfully capturing Farah. Idrin shoots Scorching Rays at two of the vines, destroying one of them. The dragon skeleton critically pummels the giant Frog, instantly knocking her unconscious from full health. Heera destroys another vine, bringing it down to only four. The skeleton comes apart, as each remaining vine controls the skull, each arm, and the tail respectively. Poogs and Timpani free Farah from the spectral vine, and Timpani heals Frog with his Healing Spirit.

The dragon skeleton makes a ghostly wail, frightening everyone except for Timpani and Idrin, who casts Mage Armor on himself and taunts the dragon to catch its attention. Farah fires twice with her crossbow, missing both times. The dragon claws slam into Idrin, which he partially cushions with Mage Armor. The skull bites onto Heera, and the tails slams into Poogs. Heera uses her Insightful Fighting to find a weak point in the vine controlling the skull, damaging but not destroying it. Frog repairs herself and takes a defensive stance. Poogs ineffectually throws a rock at one of the vines, while Timpani casts Mass Healing Word on the whole party.

The glow from behind the ledge emits a wave of necrotic energy, sapping life from the party, knocking Idrin down. He casts Magic Missile, destroying the skull's vine. Farah uses Rite of the Flame on her crossbow and fires twice at one of the claw's vine. The dragon's claw slams down on Heera, but misses Frog, allowing her to retaliate and destroy its vine. Heera slashes at the tail's vine. Frog attempts to hit but misses, allowing the dragon claw to retaliate in turn. Poogs flees while Timpani casts Cure Wounds on Frog. Idrin, nearly tapped on magic, casts Magic Missile again, destroying the second arm's vine. Fara fires and misses at the tail, which misses its attack against her in turn. Heera swipes the final vine destroying it as it retracts over the ledge as the others did, the green light now weakened. Timpani gives the party some crampons, helping them climb onto the ledge. They discover the source of the marionette vines, a ghostly carnivorous plant, which Heera destroys with a stab from her rapier.

Idrin finds a box held by a skeleton encased in the ice, which he melts with Shape Water. Inside the box, they find ten copper circles which they discover can be inserted into the ear (or magnetically attached to the side of the head in Frog's case) to allow the party to communicate over long distance. Idrin notices that the objects appear to be of a similar make and design to Frog's body. Frog tells the party that she has no memory of where she came from, and Heera says they may have just found their first clue. The party leaves the cave, Timpani dragging Rimefang's skull out with them as proof of the returning monsters. He casts Animal Messenger, sending a message via bluejay to the Slayer's Take, as they make their way back towards Himblewood. A cardinal delivers an Animal Message message in return, telling them to meet outside the town.

There they are met by Heldwell and Igor, members of the Take, and Timpani presents Rimefang's skull as proof. Heldwell however is entirely and obstinately unconvinced, even by the words and displayed bruises of the rest of the party. Heldwell threatens to send people after the party if they continue to "taint the good name of the Slayer's Take with their lies". As they leave, Idrin overhears Heldwell whisper to Igor to not tell Osysa about this meeting.

Once the Take members left, Idrin points out that because Timpani had lied before, for instance that he was a member of the Slayer's Take to recruit the party, it makes it all the more difficult for anyone to believe him now. Timpani tells them that he's tried telling the truth before about the returning undead, but that nobody's believed him, and resorted to such a lie as a drastic measure. He promises to tell only the truth going forward. The party resolves to join Timpani in his quest to uncover source of the undead being raised across Othanzia. The next day, Timpani takes them to his dirty apartment in Vasselheim, displaying a map he created of the Vesper Timbeland undead sightings, welcoming the party to The Re-Slayer's Take.

Meanwhile, Gurt Stumpstuck opens the door to his house, where he's met by a mysterious man who claims his party has been sent by the Spectral Hand to claim their weapons. Gurt closes the door without a word in a panic.

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