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Candela Obscura settlement
Official map of Newfaire, by Marc Moureau from Candela Obscura: Quickstart Guide, p 13.[art 1]
Geographical information
Historical dates
EstablishedApproximately 2,000 years ago
Leader titleThe Premier
Notable locations
  • Briar Green
  • The Eaves
  • Hallowharbor
  • Groundswell
  • Nine Irons
  • Red Lamp
  • The Steam[1]
  • The Steel
  • The Shriveline
  • The Sidle
  • Silverslip
  • South Soffit
  • The Varnish

Newfaire is a city on the coast of the Fairelands region of Hale, and the main setting for Candela Obscura.

Description[edit | edit source]

Newfaire is located on the western coast of Hale, in the temperate Fairelands Valley, built upon the ruins of Oldfaire. It is large, with a diverse population. As of 1907,[2] electricity had recently been put to use in many aspects of the city infrastructure.[3] Newfaire's government is known as The Primacy, but it is more generally ruled by the Triumvirate which comprises The Primacy, a religion known as the Ascendancy, and a police and military force called The Periphery.[4] The city's architectural style is inspired by both Art Nouveau and Art Deco, and older buildings appear Brutalist.[5]

Newfaire has trolley routes.[6] Shortly prior to 1907, electric carriages started to appear in the city.[7] As of 1907, there was also a subway system known as the Trapp Transit Subway, built by Nathaniel Trapp's family.[8]

The Stentorian River flows through the city, separating the Steel and Silverslip from Briar Green and South Soffit and the Eaves, which is built on top of South Soffit. These districts are connected by a bridge.[9][10]

Points of interest[edit | edit source]

  • Saint Mannigan's Lodging House for Children, an orphanage.[11]
  • Good Gravy, a cafe.[12]

Briar Green[edit | edit source]

Briar Green is a wealthy area of the city with abundant green space.[5] It is adjacent to the Eaves.[13]

  • Briarbank College, a research and educational institution, is in Briar Green.[14] Howard Margrove lives in the college's campus housing.[15]
  • Black Estate, home to Arlo Black and her family[16]
  • Corsen's Curios from around the World and Beyond: Occult-themed shop owned and operated by the Red Hand, set up as a front for black market magick artifacts.[17]
  • Ferris resident, home to Onette Ferris, a chamberwoman of the Primacy, and her husband Aaron[16]
  • Regent Park, known to Briar Green residents as Revenant Park. Built by the Green City Commission decades ago, after a rain-heavy spring, human remains floated to the surface of the muddied land.[18]
  • Mara Winfield Botanical Conservatory, a hub for cultural, scientific, and political events in Newfaire. The botanicals it features are rare, unusual, and sourced from around the world.[18]

The Eaves[edit | edit source]

The Eaves are a very wealthy part of the city built directly on top of Oldfairean rooftops[5] and located adjacent to the river.[10] The Premier lives in this district.[19]

  • Danbury Estate, where Charlotte Eaves's elderly friend Gertrude lives[20]
  • Trapp residence, home to Christopher Francis Trapp, the father of Nathaniel Trapp[10]
  • Trills residence, home to Malcolm Trills' family.[21]
  • The High Steps, an ancient, ramped stairway and one of the only three ways up onto the Eaves.[22]
  • The Conveyor, another of the routes of entry to the Eaves and the most frequently use. The lift is guarded by the Periphery and requires either papers or a neighborhood pass to utilize.[22]
  • The High Terrace, a gated community that contains most of the homes built on the Eaves. The owner's of these homes often own the buildings below them in South Soffit where their staff live, forcing them to pay their wages back to them in the form of rent.[22]
  • Eternal Heart Spa, which offers a mysterious "regenerative treatment" that appears to make those who receive it younger. The spa is famous throughout Hale and only serves the most affluent clientele.[22]

Hallowharbor[edit | edit source]

The city's port and trade hub.[5] Charlotte's associate Deagan has a safehouse here.

  • Chapter house of the Circle of Needle & Thread[23]
  • Halen Navy Shipyard, maintained by the Halen Armed Forces in case of moment's notice defense needs. The Primacy also rents out the ships for massive sums of money to partygoers.[24]
  • Glass Sea Docks, famous for their exceptional ship repairs and iron-fisted harbormaster, Grint Barrows (they/them).[24]
  • Brinewash Warehouses, which are used to inspect, catalogue, and hold all imports coming into Newfaire. The owners allegedly have close ties to the Halen West Railroad Company.[24]
  • Brinewash 7, one of the Brinewash Warehouses, which is under the control of the Red Hand. Dorna hid within it following the attack on the Alizarin Gallery.[25]

Groundswell[edit | edit source]

Groundswell district is built into the ruins of Oldfaire.[26] The people of Groundswell are mostly poorer. As of 1919 CE, most of the water in the district had become contaminated due to expansion projects that caused the groundwater from Westwreck to leech into the supply. Riots had begun, and a curfew was put in place to suppress them.[27]

  • Groundswell Station, a subway opened up two days before "Eye for an Eye" (CO2x01)[28]
  • Antonio Suarez's house[29]
  • Calinus Market, a historic market and attraction named for the final emperor of Oldfaire. A historic well in this market, dating back to the time of Oldfaire, was as of 1919 the only source of uncontaminated water in the district.[30]
  • The Counter Offer, a pawnshop owned by Idina Reinfeld (she/her) only a few blocks away from Calinus Market. Idina is a master counterfeiter. [31]
  • The Heritage Center, which offers kitschy but decently accurate reenactments of Oldfairen life.[31]

Nine Irons[edit | edit source]

Nine Irons is the home for the Periphery's headquarters, as well as a number of Newfaire's more destitute citizens.

  • Eastreek, a shantytown built around the landfill of the same name. The area has no electricity and is frequently raided by the Periphery.[32]
  • Brinkley Penitentiary, known for its extreme mistreatment of those imprisoned within. Known to citizens as "the Brink", only two inmates have ever been known to have escaped.[32]
  • Gallowgate, which lies northeast of Brinkley Penitentiary. Being hung here is viewed as the more favorable of Newfaire's two death penalties, the other of which is death by firing squad.[32]

Red Lamp[edit | edit source]

The city's red light and arts district. It is the center of the city's legalized sex work, and home to many scarlet speakeasies and gambling houses. It is also a place where artists or scientists can find affordable rent for larger studios or labs.[5]

  • The Sight Unseen Bar and Club is on the border of the Red Lamp and The Varnish, and is run by Charlotte Eaves.[33]
  • The Getaway Grand Hotel is a hotel that offers rooms for rent by the hour.[34]
  • Leo Amicus's apartment, which serves as chapter house for the Circle of the Crimson Mirror.[35]
  • The Endless Well, a coffee shop run by Charley, over which Leo's apartment is located. Named for the well in Calinus Market.[36]
  • Faire Play, a scarlet speakeasy that hosts wealthy locals, foreigners, and politicians.[37]
  • Seven Five Six, a warehouse controlled by the Red Hand and used to both store scarlet and host very exclusive parties.[37]
  • The Library, a coffee shop by day and a burlesque club and casino by night. The building is maze-like in construction and the establishments bears the tagline "Come In and Check Out".[37]
  • Glass Cat Casino, a casino and secret brothel run by Madam Glask.[38]

The Steam[edit | edit source]

The location of Newfaire's railyard.[39]

  • Van Helter Junkyard, a scrap yard run by Maynard Van Helter that hides an entryway into the ruins of Oldfaire.[40]
  • Newfaire Central Railway Station, Newfaire's center of travel. Within the building, the ceiling is painted with constellations. Some of these paintings are not genuine stars and are instead alchemical symbols.[41]
  • Gattick Yard Subway Station, the construction of which began very quickly after the Last Great War was formally concluded. It currently only runs to Silverslip and the Varnish, though work is currently being done to add a line to the Sidle as well. Some workers have reported discovering tunnels that they did not dig in the process.[41]
  • The Offices of the Halen Star, the headquarters of the Halen Star newspaper, the only paper with enough funding and support to compete with the Civil Tribune. The publication is frequently at odds with the Periphery, though their editor, Zyair Adisa (they/them) has a connection within the OUP, allowing them to report on occult and magickal happenings with a degree of truth. Many of the Star's journalists are international.[41]

The Steel[edit | edit source]

The city's industrial district.[5]

  • The Evanoch Foundry, which experienced a supernatural event during the Circle of the Vassal & the Veil's first assignment.[42]
  • Donald Kinzel's apartment, where the magickal phenomenon from the scavenged charcoal first escaped.[43]
  • The Exoteric Order of New Sciences' lab, Galvanica Engineering Works.[44]
  • The Depot, a labyrinthine yard used to store and move supplies into and out of the Steel. It contains such a volume of goods that they form walls several stories high, which would make it a hotspot for criminal activity were it not for the Foreman's (they/them) keen eye.[45]
  • Scrimpney Market, a hub for both grifters and inventors. The ground level is a tangle of stalls and many of those that frequent the market live within the metal framework above it.[45]
  • Foundry Station, where raw materials imports enter Newfaire and finish product exports leave. EONS uses it for transportation of their inventions, as well as receiving them from beyond the city.[45]

The Shriveline[edit | edit source]

The base for the Ascendancy within the city and the Fairelands as a whole, and home to some devout practitioners. It is also a historic district and, as a result, a tourist attraction.[5]

  • Church of the Holy Mother, which draws both religious and secular tourists, as it is a grand tower cathedral.[46]
  • Shriveline Catacombs, which weave through the upper layers of Oldfaire's ruins. Pyre uses these tunnels for their rituals, as do many occultists.[46]
  • Sacred Ascension Cemetery, which houses both modern and ancient graves. Many of the old, now-nameless graves were dug up to account for new burials during the Last Great War.[46] There is a very old, disused church in one corner.[47]

The Sidle[edit | edit source]

A large middle-class primarily residential neighborhood. It is lit by electric street lamps and has a reputation for being a safe part of the city at night.[5]

  • Grayslate Sanatorium, an asylum built centuries before 1900s,[48] where the Office of Unexplained Phenomena often sends those experiencing significant effects due to bleed exposure.[49] It is rumored to be the place, where the affluent class and the Periphery lock up the figures who work against their interests.[48] Beatrix Monroe works as a laundress at Grayslate, and Peggy Finnerty is committed there.[50]
  • Stone Grove Zoo, from where Candela Obscura claimed a sickly bear escaped to cover up the incident at the Alizarin Gallery in "Ravage of Red Lamp" (CO1x02)[51]
  • The Antiquarian, an occult bookstore owned by Cosmo Grimm.[52]
  • Temper Boulevard, a large thoroughfare with both lanes for automobiles and cable cars. Sidle residents report minor earthquakes in the area as the cause of the boulevard's constantly cracking pavement, though experts have yet to find proof of these claims.[53]
  • Kline & Daughters Typewriter Shop, a charming shop that both academics and average citizens favor. The owner, Mr. Kline, has not been the same following his shop being barricaded for three months by the OUP.[53]

Silverslip[edit | edit source]

The headquarters of the Primacy, and home to many government and law buildings, as well as some large companies.[5]

  • Chapter house of the Circle of Silver Flame. It contained a rift to Fourth Pharos until it was corrupted, then sealed in "Flesh and Blood" (CO2x02).[54][55]
  • Grand Halen Hospital, famous for its integration of electricity into medicine. Physicians from beyond Newfaire often fill the operating theaters and vaccines are being developed within under the eye of Doctor Nadia Tekin (she/her).[56] Edgar Lycoris is a surgeon here.[57]
  • The Offices of the Civil Tribune, the headquarters of the Civil Tribune newspaper. The paper has a loose relationship with facts, frequently takes bribes from politicians, and is considered to be the Primacy's unofficial propaganda machine.[56]
  • The Great War Memorial, a triangular structure built from Oldfarien stone. At the center is a sculpture made from gold and shaped like a lightning bolt, meant to be symbolize the power that allowed Hale to emerge victorious from the Last Great War.[56]

South Soffit[edit | edit source]

Often called "The Soffit".[58] A working and lower class neighborhood built into the Oldfairean ruins, located directly underneath The Eaves.[5] It is situated adjacent to the river.[9] The most well-to-do people of the district settle in the ground, the lowest layer of this ward. Most people of the Soffit are employed by the more wealthy Newfairians on the surface districts.[59]

The electric wires that fuel The Eaves make their way through the South Soffit without proper organization, which makes passage throughout the district rather unsafe, especially at the topmost levels. The highest levels also suffer from air pollution.[59]

  • The Clara House: Shelter with several dozen beds and a soup kitchen, run by a woman named Clara, who offers a bed and a meal to those with no other place to stay. She is also firm in keeping her work separate from the Ascendancy.[59] Auggie James has stayed here, as did Layla.[60]
  • Thread & Fur Taxidermy: Establishment run by Professor Oliver Berrada (he/him) who did his best to open up another branches of his shop, but to no avail. He also claims to sell a taxidermied Krakidon.[59]
  • The Margin Pub: One of the most notable pubs of the district managed by Kailey Zhang (she/they). The establishment offers beers, hard liquors, and vibrant array of wines. Kailey also runs a library of banned books in the back of the building.[59]
  • The Blue Derby Diner, which serves as a front for Candela Obscura.[61]

The Varnish[edit | edit source]

The city's downtown. It is a common destination for tourists and for wealthier citizens looking for shopping, dining, and entertainment. It is also the hub of the city's cable car system.[5] It is on the same side of the river as the Steel and Silverslip.[62]

  • Alizarin Gallery, an art gallery, is on the outskirts of the Varnish. Layla Orens has a contact there who will pay for interesting artifacts.[63] It has a secret reputation as a place to see and acquire works from across the Vastchasm and from Otherwhere, which are difficult to find and between taboo or illegal following the war.[64] One of the known exhibits was called "The Shadows of Memory".[65]
  • The Gilded Rainbow is a bookstore on the outskirts of the Varnish that serves as a Candela Obscura safehouse.[66]
  • Hayden House, a lavish mansion used for galas and other events, including a Red Hand-run auction.[67]
  • The Revisionary is an upscale restaurant that features live music, founded by Rasa Petrova (she/her).[68]
  • The Meridian Theater, a hotspot for Halen silent film stars.[69]
  • Seren Street Station, downtown Newfaire's main cable car stop. The twentieth anniversary of its opening is on the horizon as of 1907.[69]

Society[edit | edit source]

Demographics[edit | edit source]

Newfaire is a diverse city, and, following the Last Great War, as of 1907 has received a recent influx of war refugees as well.[5]

Factions[edit | edit source]

The Triumvirate[edit | edit source]

The three major powers within the city, known as the Triumvirate, are its government, The Primacy; its religion, the Ascendancy; and its police force, The Periphery. All three are very corrupt.

  • The Ascendancy: The official religion of the Fairelands, led by an appointee known as the Divine Herald, who is chosen by Hale's Cardinals. A cardinal is assigned to each region of Hale. Follower's of the Ascendancy are known to themselves as the Ascendants.[70] The order is well-connected with the governing bodies of the Fairelands.[17]
    • Pyre: Fanatical, secretive sect of the Ascendancy led by the High Inquisitor. They condemn the use of magick, but reluctantly choose to use it to drive away the phenomena from the world. Despite sharing the similar goals, the Pyre has its disagreement with Candela Obscura, often taking "dark, inhuman methods and the violent zealotry".[17]
  • The Primacy: The governing body of Newfaire, led by the Premier, an elected official.[4]
  • The Periphery: The police force of Newfaire. Its Captain is appointed by the Premier, and as of 1907, the Periphery is in possession of wartime military technology.[4]
    • The Office of Unexplained Phenomena (OUP) is an obscure and ill-funded department within the Periphery dedicated to preventing the public from learning about supernatural phenomena.[49]

Other factions[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

Oldfaire[edit | edit source]

The city of Oldfaire, upon which Newfaire is built, perished approximately 2,000 years prior to 1907 after their attempts to harness magick led to uncontrolled bleed. It is believed that a thinning in the Flare was torn open, which also tore a rift, the Vastchasm, into the Glass Sea, leading to a massive flood that destroyed Oldfaire. [4] Candela Obscura is believed to have been founded shortly before this destruction.[79]

The Last Great War[edit | edit source]

In 1898, Otherwhere, a country across the ocean, invaded the Fairelands via Hallowharbor in Newfaire. This was possibly motivated by the effects of The Shiver, a world-wide cold snap that affected food supply which had begun a year or so prior; the Fairelands' climate permitted Hale to still grow sufficient food for the populace. The war lasted for six years and led to both technological advancement, notably Newfaire's use of electricity, and the current influx of refugees.[3] The war was initially referred as "The Second Great War", but with the decree of Premier Mallingson the conflict gained its current name "The Last Great War". In 1905 CE people of Newfaire celebrated their first yearly "Newfaire World Exhibition", demonstrating achievements of postwar development.[80]

Candela Obscura[edit | edit source]

Chapter 1[edit | edit source]

In 1907, while Auggie James was visiting him, Donald Kinzel burned a piece of charcoal sold to him by Layla Orens, a scavenger who had found the material in the Oldfaire ruins. This piece of charcoal exploded, destroying the furnace, and forcing both Donald and Auggie from their bodies.[81] Auggie returned and survived the explosion and found the apartment frozen over with ice, but Donald was killed, remaining as a ghost.[82] After the OUP attempted to control the scene and sent Auggie away, he was recruited by Lightkeeper Alexandra Elise O'Neill to join the Circle of the Vassal & the Veil.[83] The circle investigated the phenomenon, tracing the charcoal to Layla, who upon being questioned told them she had sold a second piece of odd charcoal to the Evanoch Foundry.[84] They headed to the foundry, and en route saw the Periphery dealing with several frozen victims of the magickal entity.[85] The foundry experienced a steam explosion with similar icy effects to the charcoal in Donald's apartment. The circle went into the foundry and were able to contain the entity, which appeared to be a spirit of Oldfaire.[86] They then returned the contained phenomenon to Lightkeeper O'Neill.[87]

A month later, the circle investigated an attack at the Getaway Grand Hotel on Onette Ferris, a government official.[88] Both the Periphery and the OUP division specifically investigated the scene. The creature attacked the Alizarin Gallery the following evening, and took Dorna, a curator, with it as it escaped into the sewers. Auggie was able to shoot its source of power, and Arlo to contain it,[89] but not before it had shed a number of strips of flesh across the city that were able to burrow into people.[90] Onette's husband Aaron appeared to potentially be infected.[91] They followed up on this case a week later, and after traveling out of town to recover Kara Belmon, found Dorna hiding out at Brinewash 7. This meeting was interrupted when creature known as a Collector, which had been summoned by Dorna and other members of the Red Hand, attacked. Using maps stolen from this warehouse, the circle followed the trail into Oldfaire, where they were able to destroy the Collector. It was revealed upon its death to be Arlo's fiance Eddie, who was transformed by his time beyond the Flare.[92]

Chapter 2[edit | edit source]

Also in 1907, the Circle of Needle & Thread began to operate. Immediately following their successful recovery of an EONS device containing a creature known as an androphage, they were sent to investigate the death of Antonio Suarez, husband of former investigator Allison Suarez. The scene at the Suarez's home, as well as information from Nathaniel Trapp's past encounter with Allison, led them into the newest subway station, where they found a collapsed Candela Obscura lighthouse with a broken astrolabe and open rift. Jinnah Basar was able to repair the rift, though not before Nathaniel and Marion Collodi took scars from the Bleed there.[93]

Not long after, the circle reconvened only to find during the briefing on the death of a member of Allison's circle, the Circle of Silver Flame, Draven Kingsley had been attacked by the shapeshifting monster, who was now posing as him. The creature escaped, and the circle, after getting what information they could from the nearly-dead Kingsley, burned down their chapter house and went to the Circle of Silver Flame's house in Silverslip. There, they found an open rift with monsters pouring out. Marion sealed the rift, and Beatrix Monroe and Sean Finnerty went to find the two surviving members of the Circle of Silver Flame, Farrah Morales and Duncan Walters, respectively. Bee found Farrah, but the shapeshifter had already reached Duncan and impersonated him before attacking Sean. Marion had a premonition of Sean falling.[94]

Bee and Farrah were attacked but fought off the threat before reuniting with Nathaniel, who had gone after them, and all three went to Duncan's home, where Jean and Marion had gone to find Sean. Sean, meanwhile, was taken by the creature, who pointed out they both wished for revenge. The creature put Sean before five people who had wronged him, and Sean murdered them all, only for the shapeshifter to reveal this had taken place in Grayslate and his mother, Peggy Finnerty, was present and had been watching. It then asked Sean to make a deal to bring the vessel to the Fourth Pharos, to which he agreed. Sean reunited with the others at Duncan's home, where they found a number of hoverbikes and a map through Westwreck to a secret Fourth Pharos entrance. They and Farrah planned to leave, but were met by EONS agents here to collect on payment. The circle fled with EONS in tow through Westwreck, losing most of them. Violet Boucher, in attempting to attack Jean, set off a landmine, killing her and Farrah and badly injuring Jean. The circle reached a small cenote and rested before continuing through an underwater portal to the Flare and the Fourth Pharos.[95]

Chapter 3[edit | edit source]

In spring of 1919, the Circle of Tide & Bone was formed to investigate the claims of Silva Sarkis, a former OUP agent who had "gone gray" and had escaped Grayslate after noting that patients appeared to be going missing. On his information and the knowledge of Rajan Savarimuthu, who recognized the source of Silva's bleed and the tactics of The Great Maw from his story, they infiltrated the asylum. Elsie Roberts recovered a paper in Ancient Fairen from Director Greenvales office as Rajan and Oscar Grimm found a deep hole dug seemingly by the former patients. The circle eventually descended down into the hole into the ruins of Oldfaire, and defeated The Great Maw.[96]

Due to suspicions that the water supply in Groundswell was transmitting cullet, the people of Groundswell began using the well in Calinus Market, but because of its historical import the Periphery attempted to control access to the well, leading to water riots. After several people were seemingly drowned in Groundswell on dry land, the Circle of Tide & Bone was sent to investigate. They traced the deaths to Arterax, a being of seawater bound to Mina, an orphaned young woman who had lost her family to cullet and the riots. Madam Glask was able to deescalate the situation and convince her to stay with her. Elsie, meanwhile, recognized that the people of Groundswell were correct; expansions of The Sidle into Westwreck had led to contamination of the water supply.[97]

Because of the circle's choice not to neutralize nor destroy the phenomenon associated with Mina, the council of Lightkeepers went after the circle. Nokari was able to warn Rajan, and he, Elsie, and Cosmo left for the Glass Cat. Meanwhile, six Candela agents arrived at the Glass Cat and began to attack, and Elsie transformed into her Beast while driving, causing her to crash the car. Madam Glask and Oscar were able to fight their way out, Mina was able to escape out the back, and Oscar was able to rescue the others from the crashed car. They all fled to Groundswell, where a full-scale riot was occurring, and created a distraction so that they could descend down the well into Oldfaire.[98]

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