The Endless Descent

The Endless Descent is a massive staircase that descends from a public square in Oldfaire.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Endless Descent can be found through one of the arches of a brick square in Oldfaire.[1] It consists of massive steps over 20 feet tall each, and is traversed via rope ladders.[2] As of 1907, it had been mapped to 118 stairs down; the true length of the staircase is unknown.[3]

There are several stairs with unique features that serve as landmarks. The sixth step's vertical wall has a honeycomb-like pattern, and within the hexagonal carvings are smaller carvings of cityscapes that do not appear Oldfairen in nature.[4] Those who camp on this stair overnight say they hear voices.[3]

The thirty-sixth step has an encampment with sealed tent, with packs and other materials strewn around. One of the packs bears an old Steedwell logo, and in 1907, the camp was judged to be at least 40 years old.[5] Alessandra Gregory was unsure if the camp was a Candela Obscura circle or treasure hunters.[6] There are bullets embedded in the wall of the stair above it, well above the height of a person.[3]

The seventy-second step, also called the First Landing,[3] is massive and contains an underground forest.[7] People who enter the forest find it seems to be the Scarlet Wood by moonlight.[3]

The ancient vault of Calinus can be reached via a crack in the staircase walls past the seventy-second stair.[8]

History[edit | edit source]

The Circle of the Wyrm regularly descended The Endless Descent to reach the vault they were excavating, and when most of the circle went missing, the remaining member, Professor Alessandra Gregory, led the Circle of the Crimson Mirror down the staircase in an assignment to rescue or locate her circle.[1] Leo Amicus noticed the carvings on the sixth step.[4] The party saw ghostly shadows within the tents of the thirty-sixth step when they shown lantern light on them, and Grimoria heard voices calling her to stay with them.[9] They continued on past the forest to the crack in the wall leading to the vault.[10]

References[edit | edit source]

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