The Carnivorous Cube

"The Carnivorous Cube"
The Re-Slayer's Take episode
Episode no.Season 1, Episode 1
AirdateMay 20, 2024
Running time47:37
Special guests
  • Hannah Fagerbakke as Grocer Woman
  • Matthew McCollum as Derek
Episode chronology
"The Bog House" (RST 1x02)
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"The Carnivorous Cube" (RST 1x01) is the first episode of the first season of The Re-Slayer's Take. Four adventurers journey to the humble town of Himblewood in hopes of joining the legendary Slayer's Take. But when their goal seems just within reach, mayhem breaks loose at the market.

Summary[edit | edit source]

On a chilly day, the town of Himblewood in the Vesper Timberland holds its monthly market fair. Frog, a tall aeormaton, accidentally startles a child with her glowing blue eyes. She turns to the band playing and makes illustrations of the instruments they're playing. She comes to an eatery, noticing a gruff half-elf sitting alone, and decides to join them. Farah Vallari attempts to ignore her, but notices that Frog has an invitation to join the Slayer's Take in her pocket. She inquires and Frog explains that she wants to join in order to learn more about the world.

At a fishmonger's, Idrin Shadowstep, an uniya wizard, examines a strangely colored swordfish. Idrin attempts to buy it but can't afford it. As the fishmonger, Mickey "Horselaugh" Tallison, sells him some other fish, he tells an embellished story about how he caught "Old Bertha" two days ago. As Horselaugh rambles, Idrin ponders how a swordfish ended up in a lake. Idrin compliments the fisherman, relating him to a story about his mother once lifted a boulder with her mind. As Idrin turns to leave, Horselaugh throws a crab in his direction "on the house", which is caught by Idrin's hawk familiar. Idrin overhears a tiefling woman, Heera Agneheart, arguing with an old woman running a jewelry stand. Heera is attempting to sell the service of stealing from the stand in order to test it's security system. Idrin approaches and offers to share his fish with Heera, who hasn't eaten in days, heartily agrees. As they travel through the market, they learn that they both are going to try out to join the Slayer's Take, and Idrin cooks the fish using Create Bonfire.

At midday the two pairs gather with others to sign up for the Slayer's Take tryout. Farah gives Frog advice for how to stand out and get picked. Heera attempts to thin out the competition, noticing that the person in front of them works at the grocery and convinces her that the store needs her. At the booth, run by a goblin named Poogs, each of them sign their names and give their reasoning wanting to join. Everyone notices Poogs' shiny straight teeth, and he explains that they're dentures given to him by a wizard, though they're a bit large and gives him a lisp. Idrin attempts to fix them by breaking them and using Mending to fit them together smaller. He initially fails, but uses Chronal Shift to reverse time and try again, succeeding instead.

The group goes to sit in front of a stage, where Poogs introduces a firbolg representative of the Slayer's Take, Timpani Guff. Timpani explains that the Slayer's Take purpose is to protect the innocent from the dangerous monsters that live in the Vesper Timberlands. Timpani picks out the group to join him on stage as volunteers. Poogs then wheels out a curtained box containing a monster, as Timpani explains that this is an example of a monster that they might face once they join the Take. The box is unveiled, and inside is a gelatinous cube contained within a glass box. As Timpani continues his spiel, he trips into the glass, breaking it and releasing the gelatinous cube, which slides through the wooden slats of the stage.

Onlookers flee as the cube starts devouring everything in its path, from cheeses and cakes on display, to the statue of the town's founder. It makes a beeline towards the fishmonger's, where Horselaugh stands his ground to defend his catch. The group springs into action to defeat the cube. Idrin blasts it with Scorching Rays and Firebolts. Frog pummels it with her fists, attempting to discern its weaknesses and stun it. Heera stabs it with her rapier, and Farah slashes it with her shortswords, enhanced with flame by her Crimson Rite. Frog successfully stuns the cube inches from the fish market, and is cut down by Heera.

Timpani, who was hiding during the fight, congratulates the group and inducts them to the Take. Heera calls him a coward for hiding, but Timpani retorts that it was all just part of the test. As he shakes their hands, Heera pickpockets his coin purse, and Timpani tells them to meet him at dusk on the outskirts of town. Captain Horselaugh rewards the group with cuts from Old Bertha and regales them with an even more embellished tale of how he caught the fish. At dusk, the party travels outside of town to the base of the nearby mountain and meet Timpani and Poogs at a campsite. Timpani gives each of them Slayer's Take badges. After they have dinner, Timpani tells the group a ghost story, the Timberblight of Dead Man's Table.

A few hundred years ago a powerful druid in the Slayer's Take named Putridius Festerkin became envious of the powers of nature that he couldn't control. Denied power from the spirits, he turned to forbidden magic. One night, Putridius went to the Dead Man's Table, a flat boulder in a clearing in the Vesper Timberlands, and performed a ritual to gain the power of decay itself. Other members of the Take fell in battle attempting to stop him. As Putridius nearly finished the ritual, the forest's spirits interrupted the ritual and turned the blight against him, as he disappeared. Dead Man's Table remains barren to this day, and it is said that the Timberblight's screams can still be heard.

A howling cry punctuates the tale. Timpani thinks that it was Poogs, but it wasn't. As he ponders this a boom emits from the mountain, illuminating the forest in a violet light, and an avalanche barrels towards the party.

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