The Bog House

"The Bog House"
The Re-Slayer's Take episode
Episode no.Season 1, Episode 2
  • May 27, 2024
  • May 20, 2024 (subscribers)
Running time43:46
Episode chronology
"The Carnivorous Cube" (RST 1x01)
"The Frozen Puppet" (RST 1x03)
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"The Bog House" (RST 1x02) is the second episode of the first season of The Re-Slayer's Take. The party is assailed by sinister snowmen in the forest. After one of their rank is taken, they must venture further into the ghostly light for answers.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The avalanche careens down the mountain, chasing the party. Most of them are able to maneuver down the slope, Frog, Farah, and Timpani using their athleticism, Heera by analysis of the snow's path, and Idrin by using his hawk familiar to guide his path. Poogs however gets buried as the avalanche comes to a stop. Heera ties a rope to a crossbow bolt, accidentally shooting him in the butt while trying to give him a lifeline. Considering this good enough, she pulls him out of the snow.

The violet light bathing the forest dims and shifts to a sickly green, as whispers fill the air as something begins to approach. The party attempts to hide, though Poogs just freezes in place. Animated snowmen shamble towards them and attack. Timpani tells the party to attack the snowmen from the back, and Farah realizes that they are marionette ghosts using the snowmen as a weapon. The snowmen are quickly dispatched by Idrin's Firebolts and Heera's Hellish Rebuke, but the ghostly stems controlling them are completely immune to nonmagical damage. Idrin casts Magic Weapon on one of Farah's shortswords to compensate for this. As the snowmen and their controlling vines are dispatched, the final marionette abandons its snowman and captures Poogs, dragging him through the forest. Timpani laments how unlucky everyone in the group is, particularly himself, (which the others deny) as they chase after Poogs towards the source of the green light, an opaque dome of force. Frog tries to enter the barrier, but is explosively repelled, dampened by Idrin's Chronal Shift. They realize that the dome is meant to keep living things out.

Timpani catches up and sheepishly admits that he isn't actually a member of the Slayer's Take, having been repeatedly been denied membership. Over the last few years, he discovered that monsters previously slain by the Take had been returning as ghosts. He had gone to tell the Slayer's Take, but they didn't believe him. Thinking that nobody else would believe him either, he tricked the party by pretending to recruit for the Take. He then explained that he believes the ghost story he told about Putridius Festerkin is true, has come back in undeath, and is being covered up by the Take.

As Timpani shows the party his scrawled notes, he tells them that they're free to leave, but they affirm they're staying to help. Idrin had been casting Unseen Servant to see if it could enter the green dome, but has no success. Timpani suddenly realizes where they are and digs through the ground and uncovers a druidic carving denoting a secret entrance nearby. Admonishing himself for not thinking of this earlier, he leads the party away. Idrin voices his mistrust in Timpani's competency, but Heera reads that Timpani seems devoted to his cause. The party follows him up a hill to a willow tree. He performs a small ritual, then opens a portal through the tree.

As the party is Transported via Plants, they arrive in a bog, miles away from the Vesper Timberland, facing a thatch roofed hut. A sign outside the hut reads, "If ye be who ye be, and ye seek to claim destiny, knock as intended." They find the remains of a shattered door knocker. Idrin, with Frog's help, Mends the knocker, which leaps from his hands onto the door. Knocking on the door, they are met by a dwarf, Gurt Stumpstuck. Gurt brings them inside, leading them to a table with a painted translucent hand on a blue background. Gurt brings out four objects, a bladeless rapier, a crossbow, a necklace, and chain gloves. He breezily explains that they are the Weapons of the Spectral Hand, to be wielded by "the chosen ones". The party notices that the cloth the items were covered in has a depiction of four figures, nearly identical to themselves.

Gurt assumes that the party is already familiar with the prophecy, and encourages them to take the weapons, Frog taking the gloves, Farah the crossbow, Heera the rapier, and Idrin the necklace. Gurt places a glowing green lantern on the table, causing the items to resonate with magic, the crossbow and rapier gaining spectral ammunition and a blade respectively. Gurt tells them to hold hands and chants something, instantly attuning them to the items, and explains each of their abilities. Timpani leads the party out of the swamp and back into the Timberland. He says that he was only expecting Gurt to give them some advice and was surprised that the party was apparently part of a prophecy.

They approach the barrier, causing the weapons to resonate again, parting the barrier and entering inside.

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