Infobox Adventure

Infobox Adventure
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Description[edit source]

This template creates an Infobox to place onto articles about adventures, i.e. a D&D narrative such as Unwelcome Spirits

Full code[edit source]

{{Infobox Adventure
|title = <!-- not necessary if same as article title -->
|image = 
|caption = 
<!-- Gameplay -->
|sourcebook = 
|level = 
|DDAL = 
<!-- Narrative Information -->
|date = 
|location = 
|NPCs =
|creatures = 
|related = 

Parameters[edit source]

  • title — The name of the adventure. This parameter is not necessary if the adventure has the same name as the article title.
  • image — Relevant image
  • caption — Image caption
  • sourcebook — Book that the adventure was published in, such as Explorer's Guide to Wildemount.
  • level — The intended level the adventure is written for. Try to avoid using dashes to ensure screenreaders are parsing the information correctly and indicate this in a format similar to "1 to 3" or "1 through 3".
  • DDAL — D&D Adventurers League code, if it has one. If
  • date — Any date information the adventure is set in. Feel free to add any major overarching events this adventure is specifically part of as a parenthetical, i.e. "835 PD (War of Ash and Light)" or "811 PD (Chroma Crisis)"
  • location — Setting or settings for the adventure
  • NPCs — Significant NPCs who are part of the adventure. For the most part, this will be named NPCs, but unnamed factions who play a significant part in the adventure, such "Righteous Brand soldiers" or "Concordian navy", can be considered.
  • creatures — Significant creatures in the adventure. This should be creatures who form a central part of the adventure's narrative, such as one the party is sent to kill or one that is functioning as a dungeon boss, rather than those appearing as smaller encounters.
  • related — Directly connected adventures, if such exist. For example, the way that Rise of Tiamat is a direct continuation of Hoard of the Dragon Queen.

Examples[edit source]

Infobox Adventure
This is an adventure I made up based on Campaign 3.
Gameplay information
SourcebookExample Critical Role Adventures
Party level5
Adventurers League codeCR3-13
Narrative information
Date842 PD
LocationJrusar, Marquet
Notable NPCs
Notable creaturesShade creepers
Related adventures
  • Make It Fashion
  • In Too Deep
{{Infobox Adventure
|title = A Dance of Deception
|image = Example.png
|caption = This is an adventure I made up based on Campaign 3.
<!-- Gameplay -->
|sourcebook = ''Example Critical Role Adventures''
|level = 5
|DDAL = CR3-13
<!-- Narrative Information -->
|date = 842 PD
|location = [[Jrusar]], [[Marquet]]
|NPCs = * [[Ariks Eshteross]]
* [[Emoth Kade]]
* [[Armand Treshi]]
* [[Paragon's Call]]
* [[Cyrus Wyvernwind]]
|creatures = [[Shade creeper]]s
|related = * ''Make It Fashion''
* ''In Too Deep''
Infobox Adventure
Gameplay information
SourcebookCritical Role: A Made Up Sourcebook
Party level8
Narrative information
Date835 PD (War of Ash and Light)
LocationFelderwin, Wildemount
Notable NPCs
{{Infobox Adventure
|title = A Game of Names
|image = Example.jpg
|caption = This is an adventure I made up based on Campaign 2.
<!-- Gameplay -->
|sourcebook = ''Critical Role: A Made Up Sourcebook''
|level = 8
<!-- Narrative Information -->
|date = 835 PD ([[War of Ash and Light]])
|location = [[Felderwin]], [[Wildemount]]
|NPCs = * [[Old Edith]]
* [[Righteous Brand]] soldiers
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