Talks Machina 60: Midnight Espionage

"Talks Machina #60: Midnight Espionage"
Talks Machina episode
The thumbnail for "Talks Machina #60: Midnight Espionage" (TM2x12), featuring Brian Wayne Foster, Marisha Ray, the dakimakura of Matthew Mercer, and Matthew Mercer.
Episode no.Episode 60
AirdateApril 3, 2018 19:00 PDT
Running time1:22:03
Matthew Mercer as Himself
Marisha Ray as Herself
Brian Wayne Foster as Himself
Special guest
Joe Manganiello as Himself
Episode chronology
"Talks Machina #59: Live from WonderCon 2018" (TM2x11)
"Talks Machina #61: Lost & Found" (TM2x13)
Airdate order
"Midnight Espionage" (2x12)
"Lost & Found" (2x13)
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"Talks Machina #60: Midnight Espionage" (TM2x12) is the sixtieth episode of Talks Machina.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Both: How does it feel to be part of a show able to make porn a narrative resource? — Tharbedragons69

  • Joe Manganiello facetimes in from the Gary Gygax Memorial Dungeon in Beverly Hills. Brian encourages Joe to actually attend the show.

Marisha: What do you think Beau would have done had she been involved in the infirmary debacle? — @TheWritingDruid

Matt: How worried were you that the team was going to completely forget to bring Ulag? If Jester had not gone back for him, would Ulag have eventually attempted to infiltrate the High Richter's house by himself? — cacophonous_kazoo

Marisha: Beau took charge when it seemed like Ulag would jeopardize the mission. Have those leadership qualities always been present, or is this a side to her that she's just discovering? — @jesterstrongbut

Matt: Was the Rug of Smothering a bit of revenge for all the magic carpet related antics the party got up to in Campaign 1? — @snowypoet

Marisha: How excited were you when you heard that the carpet was giving off a magical aura? Conversely, how disappointed were you when it then tried to smother you to death? — @ladyearlofgray

Matt: Given the earlier joke, were you tempted to have a pigeon fly by cooing "Coo, coo... mage hand... coo", while the party bumbled around with the grapple? — Cardamonelaw

Marisha: What is your reaction to what Fjord did to Caleb and Nott in the house? What was it like to be between Travis and Liam with all that tension? — @kratrina

Matt: When Fjord gave Caleb an ultimatum, what would you have done if it turned south and devolved into PvP? — Chris Gatlin

Marisha: Beau seems to have a good working relationship with Fjord, and seems to mistrust Caleb. If conflict between those two escalates, will Beau intervene on Fjord's behalf? — @KravenHedge69

Matt: Did Ulag fully intend to kamikaze the High Rickter at the first chance he got? Or was it a secondary plan in case things went south, as they surely would? — @Argonaut1314

Marisha: Since Beau failed to stop Ulog from breaking from the plan, does she feel somewhat responsible for his untimely end? — MaximumMediocrity

Matt: Did you always intended for Caleb to get the scrolls or was it an invitation for good character drama? — @025_Ajax

Marisha: What was going through your and Beau's heads when you saw the explosion of dark energy from the tower? — @Jay_Biggs28

Matt: Allura's tower, Entropis, the Zauber Spire... what did towers ever do to you, man??? — @thebirdisjay

Marisha: Do you regard the attack on the tower as Chroma Conclave level of panic or does it seems like the situation is salvageable? — @trickycleric

Matt: How does it feel that your players will seek out smut to uncover future plot lines, since the Crick was alluded to in the outlawed book? — @CapsLockTribute

Marisha: After being teased for taking notes on the porn, how does it feel to be vindicated? — calicoJill

Matt: How does it feel having the timing work out that your big cataclysm-type event once again came right after Liam's character was starting to consider leaving the group? — @MissSunFlower94

Marisha: What are Beau's thoughts on edubation after everything that has happened? Will she now be the one asking to go to the smut shop in each town? — @SomeoneBelieved

Matt: What did you think when Sam joked about a fourth storyline that they didn't know about going on? Did that make you move up your timeline to converge with that? — @GrantPDesign

Marisha: How was finally getting to use some Cobalt Soul moves? Has Beau not used them due to circumstances or inexperience? — @cr_gates

Matt: Is Lord Sutan from the same family that used to own the Plate of the Dawnmartyr until they lost it in a game of cards? — BoatsBoats911

Marisha: How pissed is Beau that they probably won't get that 500 gold from Ulog? — @Axe_Lobo

Matt: When did the idea of leaving clues about the Crick in the smut book come to you? Was there an alternate plan for the party to learn about them? — @lindseymarie713

Marisha: Who does Beau trust the most in the Mighty Nein? — @RandomIndy

Matt: Given how relevant The Courting of the Crick ended up being to the plot, are we correct in assuming Tusk Love is a prophecy foreshadowing the epic 20th level battle at the end of the campaign? — Jaged1235

Marisha: Does Beauregard like being called Beau or does she just go with it? — @frankelstein_

Everyone: Did you run your ideas by Pillow Matt first before throwing such chaos at the party or was it all Pillow Matt's idea? — David Holly

Matt: By using a rug of smothering, you introduced the party to one of the more obscure and underrated D&D monsters. Will we see more of these underutilized monsters in this campaign? — @DMflyorfight

Marisha: So did you really scale a barbed wire fence in your youth? Is this a Kentucky thing? — @jushere4Marisha

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