Tal Levitas

Tal Levitas
Critical Role Productions work
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  • Post Production Supervisor
  • Editor
  • Producer
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Tal Levitas is the Post Production Supervisor[1] and an editor at Critical Role Productions, working for the company since September 2018.[2]

Tal was confirmed to serving as the Post Production Supervisor for All Work No Play, Crit Recap Animated, and producing the first episode opening for Campaign 3. He edited "Travis Willingham's Spooktacular"[3] and "Every Critter Insult from Yee-Haw Game Ranch" video.[4] Tal also made an appearance in "Talks Machina #100: Xhorhas" (TM2x51).

Before joining Critical Role Productions he worked as a freelance editor at Maker Studios, Buzzfeed, and Disney.[1]

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