Stubborn Stock

Stubborn Stock
Organizational information
Total members6
LeaderDarrow Allocke
RivalsMighty Nein (friendly competitors)

The Stubborn Stock is a mercenary group active around 835 PD. They originally hailed from Gwardan on the Menagerie Coast of Wildemount. Their leader is Darrow Allocke.[1]

Members[edit | edit source]

  • Darrow Allocke (leader),[2] paladin[3] of Pelor.[4]
  • Unnamed dwarven ranger with a crossbow and a big poofy beard.[5]
  • Unnamed half-elf woman with two warhammers[5] who was in some sort of relationship with the dwarven man.[6]
  • Unnamed tattooed halfling bard[5] who performed Haka-like chanting.[7]
  • Unnamed human archer with a longbow[5] and the ability to imbue arrows with bright, blue-green, arcane energy.[8]
  • Unnamed, very old, wrinkly, prospector-looking cleric who wore armor[9] and laced boots. He had a skullet that grew past his shoulders, and wrinkled slits for eyes.[5] His Spiritual Weapon was that of a large stone club.[10]

Brand Image[edit | edit source]

Made by one of the group's members, the group carried and gave out business card-like coins that were a little larger than a copper piece and which had the group's name printed on them.[11]

Members of the Stubborn Stock wore green and brown armor.[12]

History[edit | edit source]

"Harvest Close" (2x17)[edit | edit source]

First having traveled to the Dwendalian Empire from the Menagerie Coast early in 835 PD,[13] this group was hired on a seven-month retainer by the Empire.[14] While stationed in Nogvurot, they would, when called upon, hunt things down and kill them, and tasks the Empire couldn't bring the Righteous Brand to do or that the Crownsguards were unable to do due to having to stay in the city. Most of the time the group sat around waiting for work.

The Mighty Nein encountered this group in Zadash during the Harvest Close Festival. The Stubborn Stock had been given a week's leave to compete in the Victory Pit.[1][15] As the fourth group to be called out in the first round,[16] they fought and defeated a 15-foot long giant crocodile.[17]

Upon advancing into the second round of the tournament the group faced off against and successfully defeated a pair of displacer beasts.[18]

"Whispers of War" (2x18)[edit | edit source]

With the Mighty Nein having been the only other group to advance into the final round of the tournament, the Stubborn Stock entered the arena and, in an exhausting battle, defeated[19] a large 20-foot wyvern that had its wings purposefully carved and cut so as to prevent it from flying.[20]

"Bathhouses and Bastions" (2x90)[edit | edit source]

The Mighty Nein ran into Darrow in Rexxentrum and invited him to join them at the spa. While there, Beau asked him what the group had been up to. He told them that work had been steady due to the ongoing conflict, and that currently the group was acting as bodyguards for a client in the city. He was not able to reveal who this client was.[21]

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