Steve Failows

Steve Failows
Official art of Steve Failows, by Megzilla87.[art 1]
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  • Senior Producer
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  • Director of Photography
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Steve Failows is a director and the Senior Producer at Critical Role Productions, "involved in the development and execution of most all programming on the channel",[1] working for the company since 5 June 2018,[2] and at least until August 2018, was a Director of Photography.[3]

With other companies, Steve was directing short form branded content for Maker Studios, gaming content for Polaris and "feel good shows" for Soulpancake, with a focus on human connection.[1]

Critical Role production[edit | edit source]

Steve Failows co-produced the Exandria Unlimited and Exandria Unlimited: Kymal, the Director of Photography and operated a camera on Talks Machina,[4] directed the Mini Primetime, and both directed and co-produced All Work No Play, as well as co-producing, directing, and editing the first episode opening for Campaign 3, featuring It's Thursday Night song.

Steve also co-performed the sea chanty in the ad promo for the Uk'otoa game.

As of August 2018, Steve tweaked the camera and lighting every Thursday of Critical Role to make it a "little better than it was the week before".[5]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Steve is fond of hockey.[1]
  • At some point, he played a half-elf paladin named Sandor.[1]

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