Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert
Full nameStephen Tyrone Colbert
Biographical information
BornMay 13, 1964 (age 60)
Washington, District of Columbia, USA
  • Writer
  • Producer
  • Actor
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Stephen Colbert (pronounced "col-BEAR") is an American comedian, writer, producer, political commentator, actor, and the host of "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" since 2015. He guest starred as half-elven bard Capo in "Stephen Colbert's D&D Adventure with Matthew Mercer" (OSx29) and as Lucky Jack in "Dignity: An Adventure with Stephen Colbert" (OSx47).

In 1977, Stephen Colbert developed an intense interest in fantasy role-playing games, especially Dungeons & Dragons, a pastime which he later characterized as an early experience in acting and improvisation.[1] Stephen also attended Gen Con in 1979 when the first Dungeon Master's Guide released and walked away with a copy signed by Gary Gygax, co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons. At some point it was owned by Stephen's friend, Haskel Futenberg.[2]

In "Dignity: An Adventure with Stephen Colbert" (OSx47), Stephen appeared in cosplay and brought two swords: one of the four existing hero versions of Sting and a replica of Andúril, both from The Lord of the Rings movies. Stephen mentioned that in May or June of 2022, he planned to attend his 40th high school reunion, and play Dungeons & Dragons with the friends who originally introduced him to the game in 1977. The game was planned to be based on the "Tomb of Horrors" module, the first D&D module the group played together.[3]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When Stephen was younger, he had hoped to study marine biology, but surgery intended to repair a severely perforated eardrum severely damaged his inner ear, leaving him deaf in his right ear, which precluded a career involving scuba diving.[1]
  • Starting with "Strangers with Candy" era in the late 90s, Matthew Mercer is a long time fan of Stephen Colbert[4] and had him on the dream guest list since July 2015.[5]

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