Spire by Fire Inn

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The Spire by Fire Inn is a tavern located in the Core Spire in Jrusar.

Building description[edit | edit source]

Exterior[edit | edit source]

The tavern is housed in a building described as a labyrinthine makeshift stronghold. It is six-stories tall and built into the edge of the rock of the Core Spire, with a strange layout that takes advantage of the natural rock. It features a number of balconies and is always lit with multiple torches, regardless of the time of day.[4]

Interior[edit | edit source]

One of the upper floors has a space for quieter conversations for patrons who do not wish to be on the louder and more energetic first floor.[5]

Clientele[edit | edit source]

The clientele is described as eclectic and reflective of the city's diversity, with everyone from well-outfitted wealthy patrons to the working people of Jrusar coming to the inn.[4]

History[edit | edit source]

"The Draw of Destiny" (3x01)[edit | edit source]

Ashton and Fresh Cut Grass went to the inn after Ashton woke up to get breakfast beer and ask for possible jobs. The bartender didn't have any in mind other than Fresh Cut Grass perhaps eating metal to entertain the clientele, but told Ashton to check back in a week.

Dorian was familiar with the Spire by Fire from his time in Jrusar, and lead his companions, Orym and Fearne, there for a meal after the three arrived in town via skyship. The animated furniture attack occured just outside of the tavern, bringing the various groups that would make up Bells Hells together, and they all entered the tavern together after the attack to discuss what had happened. Bertrand told the group of Lord Eshteross and convinced them all to see Eshteross in the morning. After this conversation, Dorian attempted to play some music for a bit of coin, but a string on his lute broke. The party members who did not have a place to live in Jrusar stayed in the inn and left for Eshteross's the next morning.

Other visits[edit | edit source]

Bells Hells frequently returned to the Spire by Fire while in Jrusar, given its convenient location not far from Eshteross's manor. Notably, it was Bertrand Bell's last visit prior to his murder;[6] the site of their first game of "What the fuck is up with that?";[7] where they first got to know Chetney Pock O'Pea after he encountered them near the Dreamscape Theater;[8] and where Imogen and FCG multiple times probed into Ashton's lost memories from the night he nearly died outside Jiana Hexum's manor.[9][10] They stayed there again after Eshteross's murder, and were apprehended there by the Green Seekers after they sent word to Orlana Seshadri.[11]

The two halves of the party, after being split due to the events of the apogee solstice, reunited at the Spire by Fire. Chetney attempted to get some information about the many soldiers in the inn, but was unsuccessful. Fearne had more luck by spying while Wildshaped, and learned that Jrusar was being used as a starting point from which the military forces were marching to the Tishtan excavation site.[12] There, the two groups caught each other up, discussed their next steps, and parted ways with Deanna, FRIDA, and Prism.[13]

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