Full nameShorecomb
Geographical information
PlaneMaterial Plane
Population"No more than a few thousand"[1]

Shorecomb is a coastal city/town[2] in Issylra, about 200 or 250 miles southwest of Vasselheim, beyond Pyrah.[3] Vox Machina traveled there on their way to the Core Anvil,[4] as it is about five miles from the volcanic island of Scaldseat.[5]

Shorecomb has "no more than a few thousand" residents[1] who are unaccustomed to see well-dressed, well-armed people.[6] It is a port settlement that does decent trade in this part of Issylra,[7] with a particularly healthy fishing export.[8] There are "a lot" of slender and a at least a "handful" of larger trees within the settlement.[9]

The central area of Shorecomb is "a couple of feet" from the sheer cliffside dropping 150 to 200 feet to pebbled beaches and a number of docks.[10] Wooden staircases are built into the cliffs to allow people to traverse them, and cranes to lift and lower heavier items, like large quantities of fish, from the boats below.[11] From the cliffside below to the water line "about 30 feet".[9]

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References[edit | edit source]

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