Shadow of War – Part 2

"Shadow of War – Part 2"
One-shot episode
The thumbnail for "Shadow of War – Part 2" (OSx14), featuring Travis Willingham, Laura Bailey, Darin De Paul and Matthew Mercer
Episode no.Episode 14
AirdateOctober 9, 2017
Running time1:47:11
Game systemDungeons & Dragons
Laura Bailey as Arburuk the Unbreakable
Darin De Paul as Mozuu the Chosen
Sam Riegel as Ur-Eden Goodthink
Travis Willingham as Skak Scar-Artist
Matthew Mercer as the Dungeon Master
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"Shadow of War – Part 1" (OSx13)
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"Shadow of War – Part 2" (OSx14) is the fourteenth one-shot episode. This week, Critical Role sits down to play a special one-shot RPG inspired by the upcoming video game Middle-earth: Shadow of War. Join Dungeon Master and voice actor Matthew Mercer as he leads fellow voice actors Laura Bailey, Darin De Paul, Sam Riegel and Travis Willingham through Mordor as a group of Orcs from the Marauder tribe against a mysterious new enemy.

This episode is the second part of the one-shot. The first part is "Shadow of War – Part 1" (OSx13).

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Ready to realize their plan to assault the seven uruks camping nearby in a cavernous alcove, Forcs attempt to lure the sentinel uruk (the only awake uruk) and get him into a more vulnerable position: Skak breaks a branch creating a loud noise and Arburuk imitates owl sounds. However, the uruk instead starts waking up his sleeping comrades. Skak quickly shoots him down. Mozuu Misty Steps to the sleepy uruk and bites their neck several times, taking chunks out of the screaming uruk and disturbing the sleep of five other uruks. Skak puts to sleep two of them, and Arburuk jumps down into their camping spot, crushing two of them with her maul. Ur-Eden joins her, and the party finish the rest of them, leaving one of the sleeping uruks for questioning.

Initially Forcs use their traditional intimidation technique, speaking their demands in unison, which causes the captured uruk to instead laugh at their efforts. The party eventually manages to learn that the uruks's name is Borg. Borg promises to show them the path to Ur-Gram (the uruk they after), and describes Ur-Gram as fanatic and creepy. Borg also tells them about the Bright Lord who already recruited many uruks and goblins, including Ur-Gram, marking them with his hand. Forcs take a brief rest, heal their wounds, set off in the direction of Ur-Gram's encampment, guided through mountain pass by Borg. An hour passes. As they approach the fort, Forcs ask Borg to describe them how they can get inside. They deliberate, and Borg pulls out a grey tunic that was covered by his armor. The tunic has a handprint across the front of it, and Borg figures that this symbol serves as the passcode that will assure their passage inside the fortified site. As Forcs get closer, the two nearby caragors that roam the plains sense their presence and started to rapidly shorten the distance with the Forcs. Arburuk was able to pre-emptively spot them, hide behind a small rock formation, and hoping to run past them, throw a bell in the direction opposite to their destination to distract caragors. The larger of the caragors (almost 15 feet in length) jumps in its direction, leaping over Arburuk. Arburuk strikes it with her maul, initiating the battle and killing one of the caragos, when Skak finishes the other one.

Eden immediately looks around for the sign of Borg, noticing him ways down sprinting away toward the encampment, but Eden, activating Step of the Wind, catches up and grapples Borg. Borg claims he was escaping catagors and running for his life, which convinces and pacifies Eden without a quarrel. However, the forthcoming Skak, noticing Eden as he was grappling and struggling with Brog, prompted to shoot Borg, lethally injuring him. Eden hastily pulls out the bolt, applies bandages and spits on the wound, halting the bleeding and animating him. Before entering the fort through the main gates, Skak takes note of a "shrak hole" (cloaca) at the southern part of the wall and offers it as an alternative entry point. Forcs choose the shrak hole.

When Forcs get to the hole, stealthing as much as they can, the three archers who were patrolling the walls notice the party. Forcs attempt to deceive the guards, insisting that they were sent by the alchemist to gather materials for their exploding inventions. When deception fails and one of the guards lights up a torch, while heading towards an emergency brazier, Skak shoots him down with his crossbow, but unable to stop all of them. The brazier is lit alerting all sentries at the fort and gathers arms. Choiceless, Forcs jump through the shrak hole one by one and emerg not far from the archers. Short thereafter, they are encircled and approached by the furious Ur-Gram the Face-Eater. Mozuu the Chosen tells him that he has heard Bright Lord's voice, summoning him to this fortress and saying "The strong take what they want". Mozuu speaks with confidence and astounds Ur-Gram. Talion, Bright Lord, overhears this conversation and appears before Forcs, spurring them to come forward and be marked.

Mozuu, as the chosen, kneels before the Bright Lord, but Arburuk disrupts the rite and pushes the Bright Lord from Mozuu just in time before Mozuu was marked. Skak, terrified superior power of the enemy forces, switches sides and shoots Eden with his crossbow, which Eden deflects and sends back into Skak. Skak then hides behind the Talion and receives the mark. Acknowledging the overwhelming odds against him and remembering the promise of the reward from Barfta, Eden activates Step of the Wind and sprints back through the shrak hole, but, when hit by Skak's crossbow bolt, decides to return to the battlefield, saying "He's right. Forcs don't run. They stick in meat and they stay there forever".[1] Meanwhile, Mozuu, still kneeling, admits that he has never heard the voice of Sauron and continues to beseech the Bright Lord to mark him and adhere to his voice. The Bright Lord accepts his plea, marks Mozuu, and commands him to kill his ex-allies. Mozuu leaps onto Arby biting into her throat. Arburuk successfully take several hits against the Bright Lord and stays unbreakable (true to her name), until the Bright Lord knocks out the last of her strength. He attempts to dominate her as well, but she resisted. Talion ends her life instead. Eden fights until the last gasp, but ultimately succumbs to the Bright Lord. At the end, Talion makes a fiery speech to his soldiers and commands them to prepare for battle their way northwest toward Barad-dûr and end the rule of the Dark Lord.

Featured characters[edit | edit source]

Player characters (Forcs)[edit | edit source]

New[edit | edit source]

Talion character stats.[art 1]
  • Borg, captured uruk/"borderline goblin"
  • Talion, the Gravewalker, the Bright Lord.
  • Ur-Gram the Face-Eater, mutated olog-hai and the legendary boss from Shadow of War

Mentioned[edit | edit source]

  • Sauron
  • Barfta, warchief and the superior of Forcs

Quotations[edit | edit source]

  • Mozuu the Chosen: "There's two things I know. The Bright Lord is my new master and I am merely Mozuu unless you choose me."[2]
  • Talion: "You sow chaos and invite it. Bow or crumple before your Bright Lord. The choice matters not, for death has already found me once and lost."[3]
  • Arby: "I'm a boss fight, pig-skin!"[4]

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