Seeking Sedition

"Seeking Sedition"
Campaign 3 episode
"Seeking Sedition" (3x88) thumbnail featuring Ashley Johnson.
Episode no.Episode 88
AirdateMarch 14, 2024 19:00 PT
Running time3:24:44
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"Seeking Sedition" (3x88) is the 88th episode of the third campaign of Critical Role. While seeking contact with the Volition rebellion, Bells Hells find themselves cornered with no way out of their underground hideaway as enemies close in...

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Pre-show[edit | edit source]

Happy nine year anniversary!

Part I[edit | edit source]

Bells Hells sit in the Darkness spell Laudna just cast, in the storage room of The Jagged Edge, and can hear fragments of conversation; some of it is spoken but much of it seems silent, and they realize some of the people searching them are likely Reilora or Ruby Vanguard members with telepathic abilities. Orym can make out six different footsteps, as well as a creature that is growling and making some other strange sounds. The party discusses their options if they are found, but realize the room they are in is too small to open the portable hole in. Ashton offers their hammer, which can be activated to serve as a tripwire towards the bottom of the stairs. Laudna, the only person who can see, also puts her Immovable rod through the latch of the door. All but one of the people investigating the shop approach the hatch leading down to where the party is hidden. When they find it, they attempt to open it, and when it will not open, it sounds as though they begin to beat Zhesh, at which point Laudna removes the rod and hides in the darkness with the others. One of the Sasquatch-like creatures and one of the hovering creatures covered in teeth the party had seen outside Kreviris comes in, and the person, confused by the strange darkness, sends in the creatures. All of the party attempts to hide, with Chetney jumping up on a crate. Laudna, communicating what she sees via the Telepathic Bond FCG had cast, sees it dive into the stone of the floor and come out through the walls of their small chamber. Two slithers just miss detecting Fearne and Ashton and leave the room, but a third finds Imogen and begins gnawing on her head. She attempts to keep quiet as Laudna similarly, as quietly as she can, throws a piece of one of the juggernauts they had killed to distract it. The creature takes the bait, but once it is done, returns to Imogen and opens its jaws wide, engulfing the top half of her body. After some rapid telepathic communication, Fearne Wildshapes into a slither and leaves as well, leading the Vanguard and Imperium members to believe there is nothing in the room and getting them to leave the shop. Bells Hells, as quietly as possible, kill the slither attempting to eat Imogen.

Laudna drops Darkness and FCG heals Imogen as Orym goes upstairs. Zhesh warns him to be quiet and begins closing the curtains, but tells them she wasn't hurt too badly and was surprised the party had not been found. She is shocked by the party's defeat of the slither, and they hide the body in the portable hole. Meanwhile, Fearne, who is connected to the party via Telepathic Bond, leads the Imperium and Vanguard members and their slithers and acts as though she has lost the scent. After one of the Imperium whips her, she pretends to have found the scent at a random door. When the other slithers burrow, she does the same and attempts to burrow away from the others, but gets lost. She communicates this to the party, and FCG casts Locate Creature to find her and is able, with a lot of work, to guide her back to The Jagged Edge.

Meanwhile, Bells Hells ask Zhesh where they can hide, and she allows them to stay a few more hours as it's unlikely the Imperium will return. Ashton asks her about her craft, and she describes her work with the Ruidian glass. He shows her his hammer and the glass in his head, and she is intrigued. She tells the party that Ruidus has very few natural resources for crafting other than bone, and their glass must be mined. Some of the glass is sensitive to creatures with psionic abilities, and glows faintly while around them, which Zhesh, as a reilora, demonstrates. She is appreciative of the metal coins from Chetney, who asks a few questions about the natural glass. Ashton compliments her work and offers some gems, which Zhesh accepts, and Orym purchases a sword in exchange for some Druidcrafted strawberries. Laudna purchases a stiletto dagger and asks Chetney if he can use affix it to Sashimi. Chetney also crafts another toy, and Ashton looks for a glove and finds an old burnt gauntlet for work in the furnace. They also ask for some glass jewelry, and FCG requests a saw and a mood indicator made of glass for their chest.

As they wait for dusk, keeping an eye on the door, Fearne casts Dispel Magic on the box they had looted from the reilora they killed. Chetney is able to pick the lock and finds something wrapped in dark velvet. After verifying there are no further traps, he looks at the device inside, which is hexagonal and covered in runes; it reminds him of the dispelling devices at the Malleus Key that the party had destroyed. Laudna is able to recognize some of the runes as disruptive, almost in opposition to abjurative magic. She also realizes they are similar to those found inside FCG, from when they had opened up FCG at Imahara Joe's workshop, and from that, determines the device is likely Aeorian in make.

Part II[edit | edit source]

Bells Hells hide the arcane object back in the portable hole. Chetney hands out sheaths for the Ruidian glass daggers; FCG wraps theirs in a black negligee. Zhesh wishes them luck and locks the doors behind them. Fearne casts Pass Without Trace, and Laudna checks the tracker orb which indicates that Otohan is beneath the surface. The party pretends to be members of the Vanguard as they travel through the streets of Kreviris, and are unbothered by the people stargazing and looking at the Blue Promise. They reach the Banners and discuss their plan: Chetney gives one of the toys he had recently carved, hidden beneath a cloth, to Imogen, and warns her to keep it beneath the cloth. Imogen and Laudna decide to go scout from the tower. A younger reilora Imperium patrol approaches Imogen and Laudna and mistakes Imogen for Liliana, which Imogen does not correct. She tells them she needs to go to the top and not to be bothered, and she and Laudna continue without issue on the spiral staircase up the Overspoke tower. As they approach the crow's nest-like structure at the top, Earot, an older reilora, speaks in their heads asking them what their business is. Imogen successfully convinces him to let her in, still pretending to be Liliana, and she tells him not to tell anyone she was here. She also asks Earot for his spyglass, which he hands over. Laudna, who had been pretending to be Imogen's guard, takes the spyglass and looks out for the purple flag Zhesh had mentioned was the Volition's pass house signal. She notices it towards the outskirts of the city, close to the mountain range Kreviris is built into, and shows Imogen its location. She returns the spyglass and she and Laudna return to the rest of the party, who meanwhile have noticed that some of the guards are trying to get a look at Imogen, who they believe to be Liliana.

The party continues to pretend to be Vanguard as they head towards the pass house Laudna had located, after confirming Otohan is still below ground. Once they get out of easy view of the tower, they become more stealthy and begin to take side streets. They locate the house near what appears to be a new mining operation with a large gate.. A older member of the fuzzy humanoid race, wearing a cowl and holding a bone weapon, steps out from the house and tells Bells Hells to leave unless they are here on Imperium business. FCG and Orym tell the man they are acquaintances of Zhesh; Imogen's Detect Thoughts reveals that he is very nervous. Orym mentions they have criticism of the Imperium, and Imogen asks him if he is loyal. He also mistakes her for Liliana and becomes panicked, until she reveals she is Liliana's daughter instead. Orym suggests they all go inside, and the man agrees and takes them into a hut by the entrance to the mine. He asks for more information. FCG tells him they are friends of the Volition and were sent here, and the man introduces himself as Watcher Amido before asking for their intentions. FCG, Orym, and Laudna all share that they hope to oppose the Imperium and aid the Volition, as the Imperium has caused strife on Exandria in their work with the Ruby Vanguard. Amido is convinced, and tells them they should speak to Rashinna of the Golden Hammer, the current leader of the Volition, and Gaz Tomo, though he must stay at his post. He brings them outside and whistles, and another person opens the metal gate. Amido tells the party to go in smaller groups, and to take off their Vanguard robes once they are inside. Orym thanks him and gives him a number of Druidcrafted blueberries.

After Bells Hells have gone through the gate, it is quickly shut behind them. They go down a long and winding tunnel until they reach an unseen guard, who asks who they are. When they tell them they are friends, the person asks for proof, and they open up the portable hole and show them the head of a juggernaut. After returning the head to the hole, the guard tells them to walk along to see Rashinna. Like Amido, they carry a bone hand cannon tipped with glass crystal. The tunnel they go through now appears freshly dug, braced in places with bone, and the guard remains in shadow. After about fifteen minutes of walking, they reach a door that appears to be made of still-living wood. The guard knocks once with the cannon, and after someone peeks through a small window, the guard, who is now revealed to be a shrike reilora, tells the party they will go in and be killed if they are lying. The door appears to retreat; Chetney inspects it and realizes it is made of roots.

Inside, they find an antichamber, with guards in each corner, each with glass and bone weapons. More people begin to emerge, surrounding the party until there are about 40 people in addition to Bells Hells. The Volition members appear to be a mix of reilora, bormodos, the fuzzy humanoid race, as well as some Exandrian peoples such as dragonborn, halflings, and gnomes. They part, and Rashinna, a reilora woman in a metal breastplate, an iron chain headdress, and carrying a gold or brass hammer, steps towards them. Speaking verbally, she asks for their leader, and Orym pushes Imogen forward. Everyone notices her resemblance to Liliana and Imogen admits she is her daughter, and the Volition all ready their weapons. Imogen tells them that she is not loyal to her mother's cause, and, when Rashinna asks why she is here, Imogen tells her that Bells Hells wishes to destroy Ludinus, Otohan, and Liliana, along with their allies. Imogen asks Rashinna for her intent, but Rashinna instead asks her if she is controlled by the Weave Mind. Imogen promises she is not. The party is inspected by the Volition, including by those with psychic abilities, and judged to at least believe themselves to have these intentions. Rashinna then reveals the goals of the Volition. She is joined by a massive juggernaut and leads them to a large panel of opaque glass in the chamber wall. As they approach, the glass becomes transparent, revealing an enormous, seemingly bottomless subterranean chamber, revealing the underground city. It is full of the same lanterns as Caeluma Kreviris, but is much more vibrant, with architecture loosely influenced by that of Exandria. In the center, there is a massive spire a quarter mile high, made of glass that glows slightly.

Rashinna tells Bells Hells that the five minds of the Weave Mind, who have dominated the rest of Ruidus, are within that spire, and the goal of the Volition is to bring it down.

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Imogen, regarding Liliana: "There is no loyalty that comes with this blood."[1]

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