Sean Finnerty

Sean Finnerty
Player character
Official art of Sean Finnerty, by Lisa Fricke.[art 1]
Basic information
ActorBrennan Lee Mulligan
RoleMuscle (Soldier)
Biographical information
Full nameSean Michael Finnerty[1]
AgeMid 20s (Candela Obscura: Chapter 2; Summer 1907)
PlacesNewfaire, Hale
  • Margaret Mary Finnerty (mother)
  • Unnamed father (deceased)
  • Anthony and Jimmy (brothers, deceased)
AffiliationsCircle of Needle & Thread
Cause of deathStabbed in the neck by Beatrix Monroe ("Broken Path" (CO2x03))
First seen"Eye for an Eye" (CO2x01)
Last seen"Broken Path" (CO2x03)
StreamCandela Obscura (3 episodes)

Sean Finnerty is a member of the Circle of Needle & Thread and a former soldier during the Last Great War. He is played by Brennan Lee Mulligan.

Description[edit | edit source]

Sean is in his mid 20s. His exact age is unknown, but he would be 25 or 26 if enlisted at the beginning of the war. Brennan describes him as appearing to the casual observer as someone who is healthy and hale, but he carries signs in his grooming and clothing that suggests he lives alone. He wears plainer clothing; easier to replace items like shirt and pants are clean with only minor holes, and more difficult to replace items like suspenders and shoes are filthy.[2]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Sean has a devil-may-care attitude and approaches most situations with bluntness and humor. He is quick to attack perceived threats,[3] though what may appear as "quick to act" to others is always that Sean actually wants to kill many around him that he dislikes and has already surveyed the room to do so.[4] He will openly declare his intent to do so as a due diligence against accidentally shooting humans.[5] He does not exercise as much caution as others in his circle may: for example, hopping onto train tracks to entice Marion into doing so.[6]

He generally carries himself in an affectedly cheerful and loudly talkative manner.[7] However, Sean sees himself as monstrous, comparable to the creatures that he fights against, due to his actions during the war in NoMAD.[8][9]

Baseball is an important touchstone for Sean: he sings "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" to fill silence,[10] narrates his and other people's actions as if broadcasting a baseball game,[11][12] counts stitches on a baseball "like a rosary" to ground himself,[13] and hears the vamp to "Charge" as he dissociates.[14]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early life[edit | edit source]

Sean is from the South Soffit district of Newfaire[1] as the youngest son of Margaret Mary Finnerty, called Peggy.[15] He had two brothers, Anthony (nicknamed Tony) and Jimmy. He also grew up with Marion Collodi, whom he described as always "playing tag-along".[6] Beatrix Monroe is an old friend of Margaret's,[15] and she had at some point promised his mother to look after him.[16]

When Sean was six, he insisted that his brothers allow him to play baseball with them and the other children, who were ten to twelve years old. Sean was at bat in the bottom of the ninth, where his team the South Soffit Sidewinders was one run behind the opposing Red Lamp Raiders. Jimmy advised Sean not to swing so that he would be walked to first base. However, Danny Minnisalli successfully pitched into Sean's small strike zone, bringing him to two strikes. From third base, Tony silently encouraged Sean to swing on the third pitch. Sean hit the ball into a storm drain, a home run. Jimmy retrieved the ball because he believed it was the only home run Sean would ever hit; Sean would keep it as his lucky ball for the next decades.[17]

Sean and the other children in the neighborhood looked up to Tony and considered him a hero. At some point, Tony had fought in the Elselands War and "made a name for himself".[18]

During the Last Great War[edit | edit source]

Sean and his brothers enlisted to fight the Last Great War after they were recruited by Lieutenant Nathaniel Trapp;[19] because Sean was 16 or 17, it was illegal for him to do so.[2] The war began in 1898 and lasted about six years.[20] Sean says that he fought for three years, during which he recorded 24 confirmed kills.[21]

He served in Echo Company alongside Marion under Lieutenant Trapp[22] in the trenches of Westwreck, west of Newfaire.[23] During a difficult retreat through a compromised exit path, Sean survived because Marion, just then discovering his precognitive abilities, had visions of Sean's death and used them to guide him safely through the trenches.[22] During a rout in which both lines collapsed, Marion was injured and Sean carried him back to Nathaniel; it is not clear if this was the same battle as the previous.[24] Following a battle, Sean was promoted apparently to the Northern Maritime Allied Defense (NoMAD),[25] in Bravo Company's third platoon Ghost under Lieutenant Alice Hayes.[9] NoMAD was a regular armed battalion part of the Northern Economic Alliance and was led by Dr. Oliver Nero.[26]

Over a year later, as he had not seen Marion in over a year, Ghost Platoon moved well beyond enemy lines in Otherwhere to act on intelligence from Nero about an alleged Bleed weapon in the Flare; Nero claimed that research had just begun, but the project had the potential to destroy Hale instantly. Dr. Nero advised that they may see "strange things" and that enemy combatants may appear to be frightened children. The precise order of events is unclear, but it is known that: Sean moved into the lab during the night to burn it down. The subjects escaped through an unlocked door and fled through a back window, and he found that they appeared to be human children as warned. Despite this, he ensured no survivors as ordered. He had also seen the children's capabilities. He attempted to convince one child to come with him; he panicked upon seeing a flash in the child's eye and became convinced the child could do something he did not understand, and Sean killed him. Following this, Sean was consumed with self-loathing and saw himself as monstrous.[8][9] Soldiers within NoMAD, including Sean, realized that Nero lied to them but were too afraid to act on the realization. Nero maintained what he told them into Summer 1907.[26]

While Sean was in Otherwhere, Tony was transferred and given command of a unit in Roswald. Douglas Vanderfeld commissioned the transfer at the behest of General William Clyburn, whose son was romantically interested in Tony's fiancée Jane Windermere, an upper-class woman. A battle broke out in Roswald, but support artillery never arrived, resulting in the deaths of Tony and two hundred other soldiers. Jimmy discovered this and brought a charge against Vanderfeld. He was unsuccessful, and Vanderfeld retaliated. Jimmy was found with planted evidence connecting him to espionage. Vanderfeld ordered him court-martialed and executed by firing squad. Sean stated that if he was present, he would have stopped Jimmy from saying anything.[18]

Margaret was protected by the fact that all of her sons were in the military, but around the end of the war after Tony's and Jimmy's deaths,[27] she was removed from their home and committed to Grayslate Sanatorium by an intentionally incorrect diagnosis by Dr. Sergei Orlov. Orlov was paid by Arthur Duffy, her landlord in South Soffit. Two months later, their tenement was repossessed by Duffy.[28][29]

After the war[edit | edit source]

When Sean returned to Newfaire, he lived on the street.[28] His mother was still in Grayslate three years later in 1907; Sean and Beatrix sought to get her out. Though his mother wrote letters to him, smuggled out by Beatrix, Sean refused to write back as he hoped to speak to her in person when she left the sanatorium.[30]

Sean became an investigator for Candela Obscura, and he, Marion, Nathaniel, Beatrix, and Jinnah "Jean" Basar formed the Circle of Needle & Thread with Draven Kingsley as their Lightkeeper at some point in the months before "Eye for an Eye" (CO2x01).[31][32] He started to live out of the circle's chapter house in Hallowharbor[28] and volunteered his time tidying the archives and dusting its shelves, which he considered the nicest part of his day.[33]

Candela Obscura: Chapter 2[edit | edit source]

"Eye for an Eye" (CO2x01)[edit | edit source]

On Summer 13, 1907,[34] the Circle of Needle & Thread was sent aboard a train to prevent the Exoteric Order of New Sciences (EONS) from having a magickal device, later identified as vial containing an immature androphage. Sean chased an EONS scientist with the vial, exchanging gunfire as they progressed to the engine. The scientist detached the engine from the remainder of the train, but Sean successfully crossed over and took the vial. He convinced the operator to brake, and the rest of the train was re-attached without incident.[35]

The circle was immediately sent on a second assignment to investigate the murder of Allison Suarez's husband Antonio the previous night. Sean shared Nathaniel's dislike of Candela's decision to tell Allison's family that she was dead when she was alive but unwell due to magickal influence. As they descended into the subway in search of the creature, Sean observed that Marion was quick that day to use his visions to protect others, including Sean, and questioned if Marion ever did not want to prevent a premonition. He additionally asked if Marion could tell if Sean was not okay but brushed it off when Marion asked in return if Sean would tell him if he wasn't. The circle discovered a steel plate sealing off a Candela lighthouse that had fallen into the tunnels during excavation and stopped functioning. Sean killed a creature sitting in a breach at the top of the plate and tossed up a grappling hook to climb through, but he and Nathaniel were still in the tunnel when a train arrived. Sean used a grenade to quickly destroy the plate. Though he found this thrilling, he was admonished by Beatrix, who reminded him of her promise to his mother. He fought off squid dogs by using his shotgun as a melee weapon to buy time to climb into the lighthouse. He became lost in the combat and failed to follow; he would have fought until death if not for Nathaniel ordering him to climb. At the top, they encountered a creature climbing through a rift to the Flare. Sean startled the creature with a shotgun, stopping it from taking Nathaniel's soul and giving Jean an opening to seal the rift. As he did so, he recalled the NoMAD mission. After, Sean comforted Marion, who was incapacitated during the encounter and woke sobbing.[35]

"Flesh and Blood" (CO2x02)[edit | edit source]

Not long after this mission, Sean met Auntie Bee by her old home in Seasway, where she gave him a letter his mother had given to him. Bee told him that she was worried about the toll Grayslate was taking on Peggy's mental well-being, and encouraged Sean to ask Nathaniel to use his connections to help, noting he owed him. Sean was angered by this implication, and disagreed with Bee over whether Nathaniel was responsible for his brother's deaths, but the two parted on good terms.[36] Sean then seemingly read the letter, in which his mother accused him of war crimes and blamed him for the deaths of his brothers, and flashed back to his time in the war.[37] Upon coming back to himself, he read the actual letter, in which his mother was kind and supportive, and began crying.[38] He then collected himself and returned to the chapter house, where he had been staying. There, he found Nathaniel sleeping in the armchair and woke him up. He asked Nathaniel about using his name to help get Peggy's diagnosis reviewed. Nathaniel immediately agreed. Sean admitted to him that he thought that Dr. Sergei Orlov had been paid off by their landlord Arthur Duffy to have her committed. Nathaniel expressed interest in looking into it.[39]

While tidying the archives, Sean was approached by Draven. Draven expressed compassion for Sean's situation as he had also lost his sister; he noted that the two were the same before going to the briefing.[40] This put Sean on edge, allowing him to react immediately when Draven was revealed to be the creature that killed Antonio. It attacked Nathaniel, and Sean and Marion prevented it from killing him. Sean shot it when it again told him they were the same, telling it: "I'm a monster too."[41] It fell through the window and escaped. As the circle regrouped and interrogated the real, dying Draven, Sean located Lucas Suarez, Allison's son whom Candela was caring for, in the downstairs bathroom. When Lucas asked about Mr. Kingsley, Sean told him the truth. Lucas caused Sean to have a flashback to his time with Ghost Company, in which he was told to kill creatures that may look like children, but Beatrix arrived and shook him out of it. Sean told Lucas how to better hide from the monsters, and Lucas told him that while Sean believes he is hurting the world, he is saving it. Sean, shaken, went outside. Bee followed him and found him not long after, where he was calming himself by counting the stitches on a baseball. She recounted the memory of the baseball game from his childhood, which initially calmed him but he became upset when she insisted he was a good person. He yelled at her, telling her not to ask him how he was doing. Both agreed it might be best if he left Candela after this case.[42]

Sean went with the circle to the chapter house of Allison's circle, the Circle of Silver Flame. There, he and Nathaniel fought off the creatures coming through the corrupted rift until Marion was able to seal it. When the rift began to pull Marion in, Sean and Nathaniel pulled him back. After Jean returned from taking Lucas away and stabilized Marion, the three of them shared an emotional moment regarding Marion's abilities. Sean suggested Marion rest with Jean and Nathaniel protecting him, then left for The Steel to find Duncan Walters to warn him about the creature. He found Duncan's home dark and unlocked, and when he entered, Duncan aimed a gun at him. Sean dropped his shotgun and the two had a tense conversation, in which Duncan told Sean he would face the threat alone. Sean agreed, gave Duncan his gun when requested, and backed away. Duncan then told him they were the same, revealing himself to be the creature, and shot him. Sean was able to mostly dodge the first shot and hit the creature with a piece of wood. It then took on Sean's appearance and shot him successfully, knocking him unconscious.[42]

"Broken Path" (CO2x03)[edit | edit source]

Sean awoke in darkness, with the wound in his stomach patched with black ichor, and the shapeshifter pointed out that they both wanted revenge and to be reunited with their mothers and could work together if Sean let him in. Sean provided the names of the people he sought revenge against, allowed the creature into him, and fell unconscious again. He woke up in a dark room with Duffy, Orlov, Nero, Vanderfeld, and Clyburn restrained to chairs in front of him. Sean detailed each of their crimes (see § During the Last Great War) before killing them: Duffy put his mother in Grayslate and is shot first. Sean promised Orlov he would be released if he wrote a letter retracting Peggy's diagnosis, but after receiving the note, he shot him as well. He shot Nero after describing how as head of NoMAD he lied to the soldiers. Finally, he turned to Vanderfeld and Clyburn, who engineered Tony's death and wrongfully court-martialed and executed Jimmy. Finding it improper that Vanderfeld should die in the same manner as Jimmy, Sean beat Vanderfeld to death with a chair leg. He finally turned to Clyburn and told him the story of his lucky baseball, with which he had hit a home run as a young child after Tony encouraged him. He put the baseball in Clyburn's mouth and swung the chair leg into it. The shapeshifter, delighted, then turned on the lights to reveal that they were in the basement of Grayslate and that Peggy had been bound and watching from the corner.[43]

Sean asked the shapeshifter if he could take Peggy and leave, and the creature told him he could if he promised to bring the Circle, which contained a vessel, to the Fourth Pharos. Sean agreed.[fn 1] He then rejoined the rest of the Circle back in The Steel, and rode on the hoverbikes with them towards the Fourth Pharos entrance in Westwreck, assisting in fighting off EONS but falling unconscious due to mental shock after the landmine went off. Bee and Nathaniel brought him back to consciousness, and after a brief rest in the cenote the circle continued towards the Fourth Pharos, with Sean leading the way through the tunnel. They entered the Fourth Pharos, and Sean, unseen by the others, set up explosives at the astrolabe, which went off while the circle was in the vault. This permitted the Mother to tear a rift to get through to the Fourth Pharos. Sean began hunting the party, but Jean realized Sean's betrayal, and the two shot towards each other, both missing. Sean continued after the party, and encountered Bee, who tried to get him to embrace her. He told her "She's at Marion's. Don't let her wash the ball." The two both attacked each other and hit, Sean injuring Bee and Bee fatally stabbing him in the neck.[44]

As he died, Sean saw his mother at Marion's apartment, holding the baseball, and he told her that he was like his brothers and could not come home from the war, but that the Circle would take care of her.[45]

Character information[edit | edit source]

Notable items[edit | edit source]

  • Handcuffs: Used to detain a member of EONS on a mission in "Eye for an Eye" (CO2x01).[46]
  • Rope with attached grappling hook[47]
  • Explosives: Option for gear he may choose during an assignment. In "Eye for an Eye" (CO2x01), he produced a grenade saved from the war.[48] In "Broken Path" (CO2x03), he produced TNT to damage the Fourth Pharos' astrolabe.[49]
  • Shotgun: Willing to use it as melee weapon unloaded.[50]
  • Letter from his mother: Delivered to him by Beatrix Monroe.[51]
  • Assorted artifacts: Stolen from the Circle of Needle and Thread's chapter house.[52]
  • Golden artifact: A necklace with two golden rings on a golden thread, reminiscent of an astrolabe. Given to him by Jean.[53] It allows the user to take a bleed mark to add an extra gilded die to a roll.[54]
  • Baseball: Considered his "lucky baseball", it was hit for a home run at age six when playing with his brothers, and kept for decades. After Sean killed Clyburn, he gave the baseball to his mother.[45]
  • Dr. Sergei Orlov's doctor's note: A signed note from Dr. Orlov stating that there was "an error regarding the commitment of Mary Margaret Finnerty into Grayslate Sanatorium".[55] After Sean killed Dr. Orlov, he gave the note to his mother.[45] It was later found by Beatrix Monroe and used to help release Peggy from the Sanatorium.[56]

Muscle abilities[edit | edit source]

Sean is known to have taken the following abilities. His Muscle role allows him to take the following:

  • Adrenaline Rush: Each time he takes a Mark, he immediately refreshes one point of Drive of his choice. Brennan always chooses to refresh Nerve.[57]

He additionally took the following abilities available to him through the Soldier role:

  • Sharpshooter: Spend a Nerve drive to steady a gunshot against a target and add two dice to that roll.[58] This may be used more than once on a single shot.[59]

Sean also possibly has the Volunteer Duty ability from his Soldier specialty, in which he may forgo spending a resource to aid a Lightkeeper between assignments and refresh one circle resource;[60] Sean spends time organizing the archives at the chapter house between assignments and does not actually take the Stitch that he originally took at the end of "Eye for an Eye" (CO2x01).[61]

Because the circle has the Interdisciplinary ability, each member may choose one ability outside of their role or specialty in character advancement. Sean has an ability from the Explorer specialty:

  • Tenacious: If he has at least one Bleed mark, he gilds an additional Move, Strike, or Control die for rolls made while endangered.[62][63]

Actions[edit | edit source]

Action Rating Ref.
Original After Body scar After Bleed scar After Brain scar After second Body scar
Move 2 2 2 Dead [64]
Strike (Gilded) At least 1 (+1) At least 1 [65][66]
Control 2 [67]
Sway 0 0 0 Dead [68]
Hide 1 1 0 (-1) [69]
Survey 1 0 (-1) 0 Dead [70]
Focus At least one (+1) [66]

Appearances and mentions[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In early playtesting for the Candela Obscura game, Sam Riegel played an era-appropriate former Major League Baseball player. Taliesin Jaffe and Marisha Ray described working with the character within the boundaries of the game as not easy, but the character was "not bad".[71]
  • Critical Role Productions posted themed cocktails for the Circle of Needle & Thread. Sean's Sidewinder Special is gin (or non-alcoholic gin spirits), dry vermouth (or white grape juice), orange juice or orange liquor, and a spritz of lime to taste and served cold "with an air of confidence as if stepping up to home plate".[72] A sidewinder is a relatively uncommon baseball pitch where the ball is thrown in a horizontal sidebarm motion rather than a vertical overhand one. The cocktail is a variant on the Bronx cocktail that omits the sweet vermouth; the Bronx is where the New York Yankees is based, and Sean's accent is a traditional New York accent.

Footnotes[edit | edit source]


  1. In-game, Sean's decision and outcome were played out privately between Brennan and Spenser; the rest of the table and the audience were not aware if Sean had taken the deal, had defeated the shapeshifter, or had been taken over by the shapeshifter until much later.

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