Ruidus (episode)

Campaign 3 episode
"Ruidus" (3x83) thumbnail featuring Marisha Ray and Liam O'Brien.
Episode no.Episode 83
AirdateFebruary 1, 2024 19:00 PT
Running time3:54:10
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"Rush for the Bloody Bridge" (3x82)
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"Ruidus" (3x83) is the 83rd episode of the third campaign of Critical Role. Bells Hells take their first steps on Ruidus and begin their investigation of the mysterious ruddy moon…

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Part I[edit | edit source]

Bells Hells end their trip on the Bloody Bridge in an encampment on Ruidus built of bone, glass, and stone. The vegetation around them is red scrub brush, and there are sharp spires of rock that appear to be a recent effect of this tethering. This encampment is surrounded by a fence, and the party considers how they might be able to get out. Orym notices two Reilora nearby, and Chetney approaches a tent, but his sense of smell is overwhelmed by all the new experiences, and all he can tell is that there is a Reilora within it. FCG checks the Polymorphed possum that had been a Juggernaut Reilora, and he and Fearne push it into the bag of holding. Bells Hells hide within the enclosure.

The Thought-Eater and remaining Juggernaut who had been at the Exandrian base camp arrive at the top of the bridge, having followed the party. Laudna casts Phantasmal Force on the Juggernaut, making it think it sees several of the party members jumping the fence, but the Thought-Eater rings the alarm. Bells Hells hear the howls of animals as they enter initiative. The party is somewhat indecisive in how they wish to escape. Laudna casts Darkness around the tent Chetney had investigated so that the party could pass through that area to the opposite fence. The Juggernaut realizes as Phantasmal Force drops that it had been tricked, and the Reilora within the tent briefly looks out, then goes back into the tent without engaging. The party passes through the area of Darkness towards the other fence, and when they get there, FCG casts Passwall with the Staff of Dark Odyssey. Orym is able to escape through it on his turn, and Ashton runs through as well, carrying FCG. Imogen casts Invisibility on herself and also goes through. The Thought-Eater uses its telekinetic abilities to throw a large rock into the area of darkness, which injures the three remaining party members within it, as well as Little Mister. However, they are able to each escape out the hole in the fence.

Bells Hells notice more Reilora arriving around the encampment, some with headless panther-like creatures that they realize were the source of the howling noises they had previously heard. They also notice a gate within the fence that they had previously missed, as more members of the Ruby Vanguard arrive from the bridge. Imogen casts Seething Storm within the area of Darkness to distract the Reilora. The Thought-Eater prepares to throw another rock, but FCG casts Banishment successfully on it. Most of the gathered forces focus on the Darkness spell, but one notices the party, though they are still disguised as the Ruby Vanguard. FCG uses Command to convince them that they are indeed Ruby Vanguard allies, and then Bells Hells attempts to blend in with the gathering crowd of Reilora and Vanguard, FCG using their Coin of the Changebringer to bring them luck in this attempt. They are able to find an empty tent and hide in it for the minute it takes to transform into wind as part of the Wind Walk spell. FCG casts Telepathic Bond again so they can communicate while in this form, and just before the transformation completes, Laudna checks the tracker orb, which lights up, indicating Otohan Thull is close by. They can hear sounds of destruction as they wait, and when they leave the tent in their wind form, find that they are surrounded by soldiers. They begin to fly away.

Break[edit | edit source]

It's a mid-episode level-up! Bells Hells are now level 12. Of the multiclassed characters, Chetney takes an 11th level in Blood Hunter; Laudna a 9th level in Sorcerer, and Fearne takes a third level of Rogue with a subclass of Arcane Trickster.

Part II[edit | edit source]

Orym and Chetney, having been to Ruidus through Imogen's dreams, are able to roughly locate where the city they had previously seen might be, and the party travels towards it. Bells Hells notice a small herd of buffalo-like creatures with mane-like wreaths of horns running free, and FCG and Fearne approach but quickly leave as a dust storm approaches and the herd runs into it. The party finds a cavern in which to shelter and rest within a nearby mountain range while the storm passes, and revert to their regular forms. They notice that this cave appears to have been used before and shows evidence of a fire pit, and Chetney uses Grim Psychometry to learn more about the past people who have sheltered there. He has a vision of someone being attacked by a massive shadowy creature emerging from beneath the ground, and relates this to the party as they rest.

Imogen notices that there seems to be a hazy red tether of energy between her and Fearne, and the two of them realize that as Ruidusborn, they are able to share some of their magical resources. The two discuss the implications, particularly whether this must be a willing exchange, or if Otohan, Liliana, and other powerful Ruidusborn could forcibly use their magical energy. Imogen then tries to connect to Predathos as she had in her dreams. When a deep voice welcomes her, she finds herself pulled in somewhat involuntarily into a network of what she realizes are other Ruidusborn. Many of the nodes are relatively dim, but she and other Exaltants appear bright. They urge her to wake them, but she resists and manages to escape and come back to herself. The rest of the party sees her lightning scars flash and then fade to their usual appearance as she does. Imogen tells the party that it seems that Predathos has not yet awakened, but is indeed stirring, assisted by other Ruidusborn. Bells Hells discuss whether Imogen is uniquely special within the Ruidusborn, or merely one of the handful of Exaltants. Orym tells her that they are here on an intelligence gathering mission, and that it is important that she continue to gather this information so that they know how to fight it. Imogen tells him that her mother has always told her to run from the storm, perhaps because she was caught by it. Laudna tells him to stop pressuring her, and Orym admits that he is pressuring her, but only because it's vitally important for their mission. Ashton agrees with Orym, telling Imogen it's likely inevitable that she will be drawn in whether or not she wants. Chetney notes that it's possible Imogen is a key missing piece of the Vanguard's plan and they should take that into account.

Bells Hells then discusses their next steps, particularly surrounding finding Reilora unconnected to the Imperium (such as the ones Imogen can summon). Laudna, having re-summoned Pâté, puts him the bag of holding so that he can travel with them while they are in their wind forms. While doing this, she realizes the Juggernaut Reilora, dead and no longer a possum now that the spell has dissipated, is too large to pull out of the bag. She and FCG cut it up and pull some of the pieces out. They also keep its weapon, a bone cestus. Before they transform into wind, Ashton and Imogen consider planting the Brood Pit in the cave, but Imogen decides it should be put further underground. The party then, back as gusts of wind, continue their journey. They fly over the mountain range and various ravines and chasms within it, and see more of the bison-like creatures. Eventually, they come upon what appears to be a ranch for these bison, in a small town of about a thousand people. When they go closer to scout, they notice that most of the population are not Reilora, but rather a smaller, stockier race of people they have not seen before. They do not see anyone from the Ruby Vanguard, but do see some Reilora that appear to be in positions of authority and are commanding others in the town. After some discussion, Bells Hells decide to send Imogen and Laudna to speak to one of the people from the shorter race, and locate one in a small shed. Orym and Chetney stay in their wind form to serve as scouts, and Fearne, FCG ,and Ashton prepare to transform to their regular forms as well, with FCG prepared to cast Tongues as needed.

As they approach the person, who is round-faced, with large, almost entirely black eyes, he does something to his necklace that causes it to provide a blue light, and notices them. He is shocked, and asks them in Common who they are.

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