Ruby Vanguard

Ruby Vanguard
Organizational information
TypeSecret organization
Favored deityPredathos
GoalsRelease Predathos from Ruidus and destroy Exandria's gods
LeaderLudinus Da'leth
Notable members

The Ruby Vanguard is a secret organization that seeks to release Predathos from its prison in Ruidus and allow it to destroy all of Exandria's gods "to ensure a better future for all of Exandria". It is led by Ludinus Da'leth, who ostensibly communicates with Predathos.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Ruby Vanguard believes that by achieving its goal of setting Predathos free from Ruidus and allowing it to destroy the gods, it is "letting nature to run its course" and restoring a natural cycle, thus "ensuring a better future" for Exandria. Its members characterize Predathos as a natural predator of the gods; they additionally believe that, in turn, the gods see mortals as their own prey, rather than as their children.[1] They claim the gods have lost the right to call themselves such, and they wish to live "untethered" from the gods, believing that it is currently impossible to live free from their influence now.[2]

Their leader, Ludinus Da'leth, ostensibly communicates to Predathos, and through him, the members are confident that Predathos does not threaten life on Exandria, only the gods, as they believe that Predathos feeds only on divinity.[3] Members also do not see themselves as worshiping Predathos as their god, seeing it specifically as a "liberator".[4]

The Vanguard considers itself "not aligned but not necessarily opposing" the Grim Verity,[5] though they find the Grim Verity "lacks vision" and their ultimate goals are diametrically opposed,[6] but the Grim Verity actively seeks to stop the Vanguard. Like the Grim Verity, members of the Ruby Vanguard are opposed by the temples of Vasselheim, and are being hunted by their Judicators.[7]

History[edit | edit source]

Before Campaign 3[edit | edit source]

By 836 PD, seven years before Campaign 3,[8] the Ruby Vanguard was building three Malleus Keys,[9] devices relating to Ruidus, in the Feywild and the Shadowfell, at the point where these planes overlapped with the nexus point in Marquet for the Apogee Solstice in 843 PD.[10] Ludinus was collaborating with Otohan Thull and the Unseelie Court on the project in the Feywild. Ira Wendagoth subsequently left this project and began working against Ludinus and Otohan; Birdie and Oleander Calloway additionally stole the Moontide Crown from this device, delaying progress.[11]

At an unspecified time, likely not long before 843 PD, Bor'Dor Dog'Son was recruited by members of the Ruby Vanguard in the Cyrios Mountains, and joined them.[12]

Campaign 3: Bells Hells[edit | edit source]

In 843 PD, Bells Hells discovered that Ludinus was working with Otohan Thull and the Unseelie Court on work relating to Ruidus through Ira, who left the Unseelie Court project.[11] They learned more details of the Vanguard's work in Marquet, the Feywild, the Shadowfell through members of the Grim Verity.[10]

Tuldus and two other members of the Ruby Vanguard attacked Bells Hells at the home of Ebenold Kai in Yios;[13] the Vanguard had been searching for Ebenold for a while and, seeing Bells Hells behaving suspiciously, followed the group into the house.[6] Bells Hells captured Tuldus and, by magically charming him and reading his thoughts, learned of the Ruby Vanguard, its goals, and the name of the Malleus Keys. They contacted Ryn, a member of the Grim Verity, and turned him over to her.[14]

Ahead of the Apogee Solstice, cults allied with the Vanguard acted as distractions to draw attention away from the Vanguard's work with the Malleus Keys. This included the Elder Cross Cult, the new Carrion Breach, and a splinter group within the Children of Malice.[15] Keyleth discovered and stopped another such group, the Cult of the Dark Heart, at Terrah.[16]

When Bells Hells infiltrated the Tishtan excavation site, they found that many of the workers and guards were either Paragon's Call or Ruby Vanguard.[17] A number of the Ruby Vanguard members on site were themselves Ruidusborn, some Exaltant, and it was common for them to speak telepathically.[18]

A large number of Vanguard members were killed at Tishtan site when Ira and Xandis, at the behest of Bells Hells, attempted to crash the Silver Sun into the Malleus Key.[19] Bor'Dor Dog'Son survived and was teleported to Issylra along with Ashton, Laudna, and Orym. He initially lied to them and told him he was a shepherd from the Cyrios Mountains.[20] After Deni$e, who had also been teleported to Issylra during the solstice, became suspicious, Bor'Dor revealed that he was a member of the Vanguard and cast Vitriolic Sphere at the party.[21]

Keyleth heard that after the solstice there's been a lot of rising insurgency among the Ruby Vanguard allies, many Exandrian temples have been attacked and mobilized their forces. Some of the temples were destroyed.[22]

Ludinus brought two Ruby Vanguard members, as well as two Reilora, when he sent a Simulacrum to Igthuldus where Bells Hells had just retrieved the spark of Rau'shan.[23] Bells Hells killed them both and looted the one they had not pushed into the lava, taking their money, longsword, shield, and Ruby Vanguard garments.[24] They later used these garments as disguises when they approached the Bloody Bridge, though they still fought many Vanguard members.[25] They were met with, and fought, more Vanguard members at the Ruidus side of the bridge before escaping.[26]

In Razora, Elder Barthie told Bells Hells that a number of "Dreamers" from the Ruby Vanguard, allied with the Kreviris Imperium, had passed through as of late.[27] Soon after, Willmaster Edmuda, joined by several Vanguard members, attacked Bells Hells. They were knocked unconscious.[28] The party later interrogated the two Vanguard members, Petrov Godo and Verdo, and convinced them they were also Vanguard members sent on a mission to expose Edmuda as a traitor to the cause.[29]

Ruby Vanguard members, taken out by Bells Hells in the Clutch of Kreviris were transporting a magically locked container,[30] which Bells Hells later opened using Dispel Magic. Inside they found an arcane, hexagonal device wrapped in velvets. It was similar to the devices set at the base of the Exandrian Malleus Key, but much more refined. Reading the runes that cover it, Laudna learned that the device is a detail in a greater machine that dispels magic, and its technology has Aeorian roots.[31]

Known members and allies[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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